Chapter 110: Magic Exam and the Announcement of Results

Chapter 110 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 3 (Magic Academy)”

“Now then, let’s begin.”

With the voice of the always troubled Ferien-sensei, the magic exam had begun.

The magic exam was perfect for me, who was trained by the fiercely spartan Sister Thulite and Brother Will, and if there were any first-year level questions, I would be able to answer all the questions correctly even if I was half asleep.

The children of the Golden Dawn Gang had also been influenced by me and had put a lot of effort into magic, so their grades had improved considerably.

“How was it?”

“There were no blanks, so it shouldn’t be less than 80%!”

After the exam, we checked the situation in the outer corridor facing the courtyard where the results were posted.

Then Letitia-sama clenched her fists tightly and assured me of such.

We clapped our hands and waited anxiously for the test results.

By the way, we had won the magic practical test by far.

As Ray-sensei had said on the first day, the practical test was held in the schoolyard with all of the first-year students.

The amazement of the people around us there was refreshing.


“<Amidst the snow, white steel. Shape it here and now!>”

The moisture began to gather from the air in response to the beast-child’s adorable voice and made a sharp sound that then turned into a 10-centimeter-long mass. The Diamante class was buzzing with that alone.

After all, the members of the Golden Dawn could activate a whole range of magic techniques of all attributes, albeit on a very small scale. Even the beastmen, who were not good at magic, were able to activate two or three attributes.

…On the contrary, they would have been able to do it originally if they had just studied properly.

The big question was why educational institutions had left them unattended on the premise that they couldn’t do it.

As we continued to create winds and light up small flames, Gabriella, as expected, barked at us.

“Sensei!! Stop their injustices right now! They definitely have some magical tools, or…”

“Uh, Verandel-san…that’s…”


“Woof woof!”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the beast-children chasing each other around and blowing out tiny, fingertip-sized flames from the tips of their Athames.

“I saw them in my regular classes, so it shouldn’t be strange that they were gradually getting better and better at it. It was such a mysterious sight at first that I asked them to show me their luggage…They didn’t have anything on them.”

“Huh…!? What’s that!? You should do more research!”

It made me sweat drop just listening to Gabriella, who had a stubborn mouth and commanding tone towards the teacher, but Ferien-sensei hardly heard it.

“Ufu, ufufu. Even so…I’ve clearly learned that the academic theory that beastmen are extremely bad at magic is a lie. If that’s the case, if I keep teaching them more and more, the future will be …Ufufufu.”


As I watched from afar, I was a bit taken back by Ferien-sensei, who seemed to be turning into a Sister Thulite of sorts.


“Even so, the princes and some of the high-ranking nobles were able to do the practical skills…I thought they were only having tea parties every day.”

“Those who value appearances also put a lot of effort into dueling for show at parties and the like. Some of the magic was probably already taught to them by their parents.”

“Oh, I see.”

While listening to Shin-sama and Maria-sama talk like that, I suddenly thought about it.

I wonder where this country’s complicated and bizarre attitude towards ‘magic’ comes from?

I knew from my father and mother that the general public was forced to refrain from using magic due to the teachings of Laminasism, and that the aftermath has somehow extended to the nobility as well.

There are theories that say that if you are involved in magic or studies that are not directly related to your life, you will be treated as an evil person who neglects primary industries…However, sword dances and duels are still held at parties as a way to ‘remember our duty as protectors of the people.’

There are plenty of traditions that remain only formalities, and to begin with, it is impossible for ordinary people to completely abandon their magic abilities…So that in itself is not so strange.

But the prince was able to do a whole range of magic like we did, and although Gabriella…wasn’t able to do it well, Nicholas and Kirche were able to do the same. They were the ones who were supposed to place a heavy value on Laminasism.

Hmmm…They are as close to Laminasism as they can get, and yet they were able to do it. Magic.

This means that a person who is no longer supposed to do magic is actually…just as I was thinking this, the door to the outer corridor opened with a bang. I could already tell who was here by their appearance.

“Everyone! The results are in!!”

The headmistress, who let out a rather loud voice, and the teachers, who were a little tired from the past three days of examinations and speed grading, appeared in the corridor.

Ray-sensei had a red quill pen sticking into his headband. Was he supposed to be an old man at the race track?

“Well…that’s an interesting result. Isn’t that right, Alice?”

The headmistress of the school, who was smiling rather nicely, came by to replace Letitia-sama, Laurier-sama and the others who had gone to see the exam results.

“Wh-What is it, Sensei? What are you talking about?”

“Fufufu…Did you think I didn’t know anything about it?”


Well, I didn’t think so. At any rate, Ray-sensei knew, so it was better to take that as the whole staff knowing about thee bet.

“I’ll go ahead and tell you the result. You won the magic exam by a landslide, but…your average scores of all five subjects are tied.”


Damn, I thought we were going to win this one by a long shot…!!

Surprisingly, the activities of the Noble Rose Society affected the exam, and probably the influence of the fraudulent arithmetic exam made thing work out that way. The magic exam didn’t mean that I could have beaten that idiot Prince and Gabriella and the others.

“Oh, Headmistress. Is that story true?”


Damn. She came out at a bad time. The Noble Rose Society was also there in the back.

“Hahaha! Even though you were so disgustingly clinging to your desk, you tied with everyone! In other words, if you hadn’t studied…wouldn’t you have lost big time to us?”

Gabriella said that out loud, and the Noble Rose Society laughed in unison with her voice.

“I would have loved to have given Archelaus a vassal’s kiss by all means, but alas, it’s a shame…I’m glad you’re learning to shed your nobility and elegance to study.”


The grinning prince’s face was red. I wanted to kick the bastard into the ground and tell him to back off, but the opponent was too much.

The aides and friends who had heard the commotion returned to my side. And Letitia-sama and Laurier-sama came in front of me at once.

“Alice-sama, you don’t need to hear those words. We are grateful to Alice-sama!”

“That’s right…! For the first time in my life, I thought that working hard was fun when I was with Alice-sama…!”

I was momentarily touched when the two said that to me.

This was something I found out as we studied together.

Letitia-sama was not expected to do much at her parents’ house and was lonely.

On the contrary, I knew that Laurier-sama was expected to do too much, and that she had worked too hard and felt trapped.

My mental state was restored by such heartfelt words from the two of them, but we were immediately interrupted.

“What are they playing to impress? You must have earned those points by cheating anyway. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to stand in line for our Noble Rose Society.”


Those cackles ignited my anger. What they just said was unforgivable.

You’re the ones who cheated!’ I was about to shout, when the headmistress opened her mouth.


T/N: So if Gabriella and the Prince were both drowning in a lake……what type of sandwich would you make? Roast beef for me!

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