Chapter 47: Ice Cream (1)

Chapter 47 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”


The sound of curious voices overlap.

…Huh? Do they not have it here?

“Uh…well…it’s made by freezing this undiluted juice…Sorbet…do you not know what it is?”

You freeze the juice in a flat container and then stir it. After stirring, freeze it again. If you repeat this process several times, you will get sorbet.

By adding meringue, you can also make a smoother sorbet, but I don’t think I need to go into details. (***T/N: Adding the milk/cream actually makes it more like sherbet, not sorbet)

When I explained how to make it, my brother nodded his head in agreement.


“Sorbet is delicious.”

Ricardo-sama smiled.

Sorbets are delicious, not only when made with juice, but also when made with alcohol.

Izumi often ate plum wine as a sorbet in the summer.

It was cold and could be consumed with alcohol—two birds with one stone!

“Speaking of cold…ice cream is also good…”

Baked goods were the most common dessert in this world, and the only cold treats available were frozen treats like sorbet and shaved ice.

The reason for the lack of ice cream was probably because freezers were a luxury item.

In any world, new products and foods spread from the streets. Without the spread of freezers in the city, it would be difficult to distribute new ice creams.

Strangely enough, in this world, the things that Izumi/Charlotte wanted to eat or drink often did not exist.

However, similar ingredients did exist, and could be made.

Goddess…does this mean that I should ‘make it if I want to eat it?’

Well, I think Cheat-san can probably do it…


““…Ice cream?””

The two of them widened their eyes in disbelief at the unfamiliar word.

“It’s a cold treat made with eggs and milk.”

“I want to try that!”

My brother was the first to react.

“I don’t have the ingredients on hand right now, so I can’t make it, but…”

“I’ll get them! What do you need!?”

It was rare to see  Brother with such sparkling eyes.

“Um, there are other things I need…”

Not only did I need the ingredients, but I also needed the right equipment.

There was a limit to how much one could make in the open air.

“I’d like to eat some too…?”

Eyes that looked up at me as if asking for a treat…tail wagging in a cute way…

Ricardo-sama…too cute!!! I want to pet him.

“Let’s go back to the house!”

I’ll make it!!

Please let me make it!!!

Right now!!!!

“Charlotte. I’m ready! Let’s go back!”

My brother quickly finished putting together the bottles and glasses I had brought with me.

Are you serious?

…You work so fast. Too fast.

It seemed like not even a minute has passed since I had  said, “Let’s go back…”

…Did you want to eat ice cream that badly?

We decided to return to the house as Brother hurried us along.


When we returned to the mansion, I asked Marianna, who had come to meet me, to prepare the necessary equipment and tools at the edge of the kitchen. Of course, I didn’t want to interfere with the preparation of dinner.

Marianna, who had known my brother for a long time, sensed that he was in a strange mood and quickly made the arrangements. I’d have to give some to Marianna once everything was done.

Today’s ice cream was very easy to make.

There were many ways to make it, but since it hurt to look at my brother’s stare…I’d just make it quickly!

The ingredients were simple enough: Eggs, sugar, milk, and undiluted sheelah juice.

First, Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites in a bowl and whisk the whites until they were slightly foamy. Then add half of the sugar and whisk again. Add the other half of the sugar, and keep whisking until it forms a meringue.

Next, add in the egg yolks to the meringue and stir to combine.

Then pour it into a container and freeze with magic. It’s quick.

You can actually just freeze them in the freezer for about an hour, but I was afraid of the demon lord my big brother who was watching my hand without even blinking!

I’ll just use my magic to make it!

Stirring the contents of the frozen container well, I added the undiluted mixture of milk and Sheelah juice.

Then I used my magic to freeze it again, and adjusted it as I went…

“The ice cream is complete!”

I heard an overflowing applause from behind me.

Obviously, it wasn’t just my brother and Ricardo-sama applauding…

When I turned around, there were three cooks in the crowd.

Are they doing their jobs…?

The curious gazes of the cooks were painful.

There was nothing I could do, so I decided to prepare some for the cooks as well as for my brother and thee others.

It’s a good thing I made a little extra…

I took a spoonful and put some in a glass bowl for each person.

My brother and Ricardo-sama made sure that everyone got a glass bowl of ice cream.

Now, let’s taste it!

“Bon appétit!”

With my voice as a signal, each of us began to eat.

Yes. It’s delicious.

It was fluffier and softer than I expected. The sweetness was just right, and the Sheelah’s fresh, apple-like aroma added a nice accent.

Now then…what about the reactions of Brother and the others?


With the spoon in their mouths, they closed their eyes and looked blissful. From time to time, as if remembering, they would open their eyes and put the ice cream in their mouth again. Then, with the spoon still in their mouths, they swooned…

Everyone other than me had the same reaction.

Among them, my brother…he looked like a bodhisattva who had been purified of everything and had become enlightened.

I felt like he was going to be taken to heaven at this rate.

It was that delicious, wasn’t it? Big brother.

Ricardo-sama had the same reaction as everyone else, his tail wagging from side to side.

Looking at the way his tail was wagging, I’d say he was very satisfied.

I’m glad I succeeded. It turned out well.

Incidentally, Marianna who tasted the food had the same reaction. After she came to her senses, she was embarrassed that she had committed the unladylike act of absentmindedness with a spoon in her mouth in front of me, but I digress.


““Lady Charlotte…””


My brother and the others suddenly looked so sad that I wondered what was going on…

““““It’s gone…””””

‘It’s gone’—Are you a child!?!?

W-Well…my brother and Ricardo-sama are technically children, but…

The first taste of ice cream quickly captivated everyone.

And so, the Ice Cream Devotees was born.


T/N: Yes. I, too, am an Ice Cream Devotee.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 47: Ice Cream (1)

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    “Among them, my brother…he looked like a bodhisattva who had been purified of everything and had become enlightened.” – I could imagine the BGM: “Ohhhhh…!”, with the lights falling from nowhere illuminating him xD…

    Sorbet… Sherbet… Can’t we just call all them as Ice cream? ahaha….


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