Chapter 33: A Step Into the City (1)

Chapter 33 from “Miniature Garden Chemister part 2 – Miniature Garden”

Welcome to the first chapter of volume 2! To read volume 1, please go here!

NOTE: Somebody other than me actually started translating this on novel updates after I finished posting V1 a while back, which is why I mostly stopped translating this novel. That said, I decided to post whatever V2 chapters or etc. that I happened to get done before the new translator started. In the future, if the translator stops working on this series, I might pick it up again depending on requests and time. My translation and the new one might have some differences, which is why I recommend reading through/checking from the beginning if you decide to switch translations! Nonetheless, whatever you choose to read, I hope you all enjoy this cute novel!


As Ikuru and I walk down the street, where the setting sun dyes the city with a reddish hue, I look up and see the city ahead of us.

The city looks like it’s been wrapped up in the beautifully colored sky. It’s like a reward for all of the hard work. It felt very strange that I, who had been holed up in the forest this whole time, was now coming to the city on my own two feet.

Dressed in the set of equipment God gave me, my slightly long brownish hair gives off a reddish tint in the setting sun. The hair ornamental ribbon on my head is a bit flashy and embarrassing to me, but once I put on the equipment set, even that is blurred. In Japanese terms, I’m in a state of…well…cosplay right now. Maybe.

Other than the busyness of my part-time job, this world is intensely exciting to me, who had once lived a rather sedate life.

But, oh well.

I’m sure I will live a fun life from now on…I have been so far!

And so, I ran as fast as I could to the city!

…Until I exhausted all of my strength in two minutes, that is.

Of course, Ikuru is behind me with that exasperated face.


Now, the wait is over!

Tiredness is nothing…I fairly came to the city.

However, the sun has already set and it’s getting darker. The people going home are not busy. As I watched the sunset, this city I had stepped into for the first time on my own…the Kingdom of Lareel felt very fresh. Even though this is a place where various things happened just a few days ago, this place for me right now, is a new start.

“Hey, Hinami-sama! I’ll go and find a place to stay.

“Oh, yes!”

If I look around the city again, I’ll be rushed by Ikuru due to a lack of time.

Certainly, it might be difficult to find an inn at this time. The sun has already gone down, and it would be better to contact Thia-chan tomorrow.

For now, I’ll take this excitement and use it to find a place to stay!

“Okay, let’s go!”

“…What is it, all of a sudden?”

“I’m so happy!This is where we finally get started!”


Now then.

My current balance is 379,100 Rill. This is my entire savings.

The last inn I stayed at in town was 2,000 Rill per person, I believe. It was a beautiful and cute place. It was a pity that there was no bathroom, but that doesn’t seem to be so common in this world. Although there is nothing better than having a bath, it seems to be more common to wipe your body with hot water.

“Where are we staying…is it the same place as last time? Or do you want to go somewhere else?”

“Hmmm…let’s just go to the same place for the time being.”


Last time, we stayed at an inn called the “Sunbeam Inn,” which faced the main street. I had wanted to look for a new place to stay, but time was tight so I gave up for today. I didn’t want to run out of time so the inn would become full while looking for something. It’s not funny if you’re the one in that situation. Going down the main street for a while, I saw the sign from before.



When I opened the door of the inn, I was greeted by an auntie who greeted me as boldly as the last time.

“Oh…you are the young lady who stayed with us last time.”

“Eh! You remember me?”

“Of course. Besides, you had looked so unfamiliar with things that it seemed dangerous…”

She smiled and said that she was little worried about me.

Even though I’m technically an adult myself, I felt somewhat embarrassed. I thanked her and ask for a room like last time. It seems that she really did remember me, because this time she gave me two room keys, even though I didn’t say anything.

“Thank you.”

“Of course. Come to think of it, young lady…are you here in this town as a tourist or something? Or are you an adventurer?”


“A girl of your age with a curse slave…I just thought that it was a bit of a strange combination. It’s normal if you’re an adventurer, but you don’t seem to be the adventurous type. I’m sorry if I offended you.”

“Ah…I’m a chemister. I came to this town to open up a shop.”

“Oh, is that so? You’re a hard worker for such a young girl.”

She looks at me with a hand on her cheek, nodding.

“It’s been tough, hasn’t it?” she said.

Well, I don’t dare to correct her because it was true that it was hard. But more than that, I’m very happy now. Hana is safe, and I’m somehow able to live happily in this world now…right?

“Well, if you have any problems, please feel free to come and consult me. The young lady is a regular customer of ours, after all.”

“Auntie…! Thank you.”

It’s only my second time here, but can I really be certified as a regular customer?

But I’ve decided to take advantage of the nice aunt’s kindness here.

“Same here…I can’t help much with potions, but if you need anything, please let me know.”

“Oh, thank you.”

I thanked her again and went upstairs to my room with Ikuru.

Then we gathered in my room and talked a bit about the future before resting.

“Ikuru doesn’t get into conversations very often, does he? Are curse-slaves not allowed to talk that much?”

I ask Ikuru something I had been wondering about for some time. Thia-chan’s curse slave, Kiruto-kun, also didn’t tend to join the conversation. However, if there’s going to be a chance, I’d like to talk to everyone.


“Neither Ikuru nor Kiruto-san join conversations that much.”

“Ah…I’ll leave that kind of trouble to Hinami-sama.”


The look on Ikuru’s face says, ‘What are you talking about?’ I felt like I was being told that.

“I’m not…I think the minimum amount of conversation is enough for me. As for Kiruto…rather than not talking, maybe he’s just pressured by that atmosphere?”

“Mmm…in other words, you mean it’s too troublesome, so Ikuru doesn’t talk?”

“I guess? I don’t care if it’s someone close to you or someone you don’t know or something.”

“…And is that the atmosphere that keeps Kiruto-san from talking?”

“Isn’t it difficult for any guy to enter into a girl’s conversation?”


Certainly, when you say that and I think back on it, it was normal for Thia-chan to take her bath and chat with me…right? We had been talking the first time we met, too.

We were talking about the excitement and the seriousness of the situation…So I guess that would still be a difficult atmosphere to talk in. Yes, that might be true.

I shall be careful next time I see them.

But then again, the problem is Ikuru, I think. Although, well, that is probably just Ikuru’s personality. After all, isn’t his exasperated face his default expression? That’s what I think.

“I’m a bit worried about Ikuru’s reason, but…I understand. Thanks.”

“Yes, yes. For now, let’s just decide what to do tomorrow and get some rest. You’re tired, aren’t you?”


Even though we had taken a break, we still ended up walking all day. My legs were already exhausted, like little sticks.

“You’re probably too tired to get up anyway, so why don’t you call Lad  yCynthia of the Melditi family around noon?”

“Ah…that’s right. It’s true, I don’t feel like getting up early in the morning.”

I really wish I could get up, but it’s probably impossible.

Even now, I’m still very much in need of sleep and can’t help it.

Ikuru says, “Well, that’s settled then,” and goes straight to the door.

“Good night, Hinami-sama.”

“Yeah, good night.”

I heard the door close shut and a silence fell over the room.

If I collapsed straight into the bed I was sitting on, I’d likely fall asleep as it was. But as expected, the adventure equipment…should I say? It’s not a good idea to fall asleep as it is, so I go through my luggage and take out the clothes I use as a thin nightwear. It’s a relatively rough nightie with a few ruffles.

When I finally tried to remove the ribbon, a voice echoed in my head.


“Eh!? God…!!”

I froze in surprise. God was chuckling, whether he sees me standing still when I put my hand on the ribbon or not.

“Because it’s the ribbon I gave you, I hope you don’t take it off and keep it on instead.”

“Oh…but it will mess up my hair, won’t it?”

“Oh, yeah. Then, how about this?”


With the voice of God, the ribbon wrapped around my outstretched right hand.

I was startled and let go of it, but it was already too late. The ribbon completely wrapped around my right hand.

“Eh!? What!? What is going on!?”

“It’s okay. Look at it.”

As I quietly look at my right hand, I see that wrapped by the ribbon…wait, it’s not a ribbon?

Oh my. There was a ring stuck on the little finger of my right hand instead.

“A pinky ring…?”

“Yes. Pretty cute, huh?”

“Yes…! It’s amazing!”

I couldn’t believe it was a ring, even though it was just a ribbon. It was a pink gold ring with a small flower motif of the same color. Certainly, with this item, I won’t have to take it off when I go to bed.

“Yeah, it looks good on you.”

“Thank you…!”

Or rather, I’ve been talking to him quite a bit…I wonder if it’s because of this ribbon—-ring, that I can talk to God. The effect of it is…ah, the effect has changed.

<Blessed Flower Ribbon>

  • A ribbon with the divine protection of the god Ligris.
  • When you are about to be attacked, shouting “Help me, Ligris” will transform it into its defensive form.
  • Sometimes, you’ll be able to talk to Ligris.

That’s what it used to be. Now…

<Blessed Flower Ring>

  • A ring bearing the divine protection of the god Ligris.
  • You can talk to Ligris only during the hours of the moon.
  • Switching between the ribbon and ring state is automatic.

And that was what it was.


“Fufu, it’s good, isn’t it?”

“…Yes! I’m very happy.”

I wonder if this will allow me to talk to god a lot? The explanation says ‘hours of the moon’…so maybe that means I can talk to God at night while the moon is up.

I looked at the little finger on my right hand and my cheeks loosened a bit.


“Oh, I’m sorry, you must be sleepy.”

“Ah! I’m sorry…I’d like to say I’m fine…but I’m pretty tired.”

“Yes, it’s only natural after a day of walking. You can just go to bed today and get a good night’s rest.”

“God…thank you.”

“Yeah. Good night, Hina.”

“Yes, good night.”

God’s gentle voice echoed, and I gently closed my eyes.

Perhaps it’s because my exhaustion was so overwhelming, that I yawned involuntarily. But God didn’t make it uncomfortable…He gently urged me to sleep. Why was he being so kind to me?

Because he is God, he must be very powerful, able to do many things, and has a very beautiful appearance.

The more I think about it, the more I don’t understand why he does so much for me. If I save up a lot of points and learn more about this world, will I get to know him a little better? I lie in bed and stare at the ring and think of the God I hadn’t seen in a long time. Strangely enough, even though I had only met him once, his face appears clearly into my mind. The faces of people I didn’t see often would normally fade away. Is the human memory that strong…or is it a fleeting thing? At any rate, all I can say is that it’s rather convenient for me.

When I came to this world, I met people like Thia-chan, and I made a friend named Ikuru.

I’ve been surrounded by some very good people. I think I’m getting to know Ikuru more, little by little. And when I met Thia, I talked with her a lot. She’s what I call a girl friend. That’s what I think of her as.

But I don’t think I know much about the god, do I?

I knew what my diary said about the types of dressing he liked, the colors, and the sweets he liked. I knew that, but I really had no idea of who “God” was.

“God…I want to know more about God…If I become stronger…maybe I can talk to God a little more about things…?”

I squirm under the futon and gently wrap my left hand around my right hand, which is wearing the ring.

It’s supposed to be inorganic, but it somehow seems very warm and ticklish.

“What, does Hina want to know more about me?”


“You’re too surprised, Hina. It’s so cute.

I suddenly hear God’s voice and I couldn’t help but scream. God soothes me with a giggle…but I was embarrassed for now and wanted to run away. I mean…well…now that the moon is up, I guess I can talk to God. Oh my gosh…

“I’m sorry, well, I mean, I’m kind of, you know, I’m talking to myself…”

“Yeah, I know.”


“But I called out to you because I was so happy.”


“Well, that’s beside the point. You’ve got to get some sleep though.”

God’s words, which came as a complete surprise, were straightforward and I felt like my cheeks were somewhat heated. I took a few deep breaths and closed my eyes once more.

“Yup. Good night, Hina.”

“Yes. Goodnight…God.”

I’d have to be careful not to accidentally talk to myself at night from now on…While thinking that, I gently let go of my consciousness and drifted off to sleep.


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