Chapter 39: Searching for a Property

Chapter 39 from “Miniature Garden Chemister part 2 – Miniature Garden”

When I arrived at the merchant’s guild, I met the elder sister I saw yesterday…I heard her name was Belle. She said that she was going to show me too the properties. Because she is Mariage-san’s secretary, she must be a very talented person.

“First off, I will explain a few things to you before we go take a look.

Saying that, Belle-san urged me to a chair that was placed on the first floor of the Merchant’s Guild for use in meetings. After seeing that Ikuru and I were seated, she took out a piece of paper and explained to me.

“Regarding the property. There are purchases and rentals, so I will explain the differences before we take a look.”

“Yes, please.”

“Then…first of all, every property can either be purchased or rented. The reason for this is because the property is owned by the Merchant’s Guild. However, because of this, there aren’t that many types of properties. Of course, you can also find your own property and register it as a store.”

So that’s it.

I can buy or rent…but I’d like to buy it because I’d be using the door to the miniature garden. Then it’s a fixed price…I had never bought a house before.

“I would like to buy it.”

“I understand. As for the purchase, the alleyway is the cheapest place to buy, with prices starting at around 30 gold pieces…or 300,000 Rill. This time, since you want to buy in the small street, the starting price will be about 500,000 Rill.”


Oh, if it’s an alley street property, then I think I can buy one on Alley Street with my current money.

Isn’t it cheaper than I thought it would be? Well, it’s not like they were building a new house, so I guess that would be a reason.

When I glanced at Ikuru, he seemed to be thinking about something.

“Well then, I will prepare to show you around, so please wait a moment.”

“Oh, yes.”

Belle-san says so and excused herself.

Perhaps she was just being considerate so that I could discuss it with Ikuru.

“What should we do? ‘I think we already have enough to buy one in the alleyway.”

“That’s right…I think that money would accumulate quickly, so it’s up to Hinami-sama. Also…in the small streets, you are bound by hours of operation, so you might have to hire someone to help you out.”

“That’s right…hmmm.”

Yeah, I had been a little worried about it… I think the sale bindings were honestly too tight. I had kind of just been going through the motions.

Even though hiring a part-time worker would be nice…it might not be so if I leave the city for longer amounts of time. So perhaps an alleyway shop would be a good place in terms of price. As I was pondering, Ikuru advised me, “Because you’ve already seen everything in person, maybe you can choose based on the atmosphere.”

I see, the atmosphere…The small street is a cute asa whole, while the alleyway streets have a different vibe from one shop to the next, so I guess it’s more fashionable than cute.

But…I remember the bookstore I had just visited. It was a mysterious bookstore, but I feel that there are many other good shops on the alley street as well, which is a little-known spot.

“Yeah…I think the mysterious feeling of alleyway street is good too!”

“Well, I was thinking you’d say that.”

Apparently, he saw it coming.

Because, you know, there’s a spirit in the alleyway shop! I think that’s a pretty high point. Definitely!

“Well, let’s do it!”


“Have you decided?”


With perfect timing, Belle-san had returned. I was surprised inwardly, but I told her honestly, “I’d like to go to the alleyway, considering the budget.” Belle-san didn’t look uncomfortable at all and simply answered, “Okay.”

“Well then, let’s go and have a look. Let’s take a  look at one small street property, and three alleyway properties, just in case. In the meantime, I’ve selected the properties I think I’d recommend to Hinami-sama. Of course, if you don’t like them, please let me know and I can look for other properties as well.”

“Yes, thank you!”


“Wow! It’s so cute!”

I stepped into one of the properties that Belle-san was showing us.

The exterior was made of orange brick, with shelves equipped inside for storing merchandise. There was a space of about 20 tatami mats inside, one room to put things in, and a second floor. Apparently, most people in this world use their shop as their home, and the second floor was normally a residential space, along with several rooms for live-in workers.

“It’s pretty spacious.”

“Yes. For the small street, it’s about the normal size, I suppose.”

“Does all of the equipment work?”

“Yes. There’s no problem, as the guild regularly performs maintenance and cleaning.”

Behind me who is looking at everything while squealing, Ikuru is talking to Belle-san about technical issues…That’s probably something I should be asking…I’m sorry for getting carried away by myself—as expected of Ikuru. But after all, I’m still curious and look into cupboards and while opening and closing doors. No, well, this is also necessary of course.

“Is it alright if I look upstairs?”

“Yes, please go ahead.”

“Hinami-sama, let’s take a look upstairs.”


The tour of the property is progressing steadily.

If you go to the back of the store space, there is a room that looks like a break area that is equipped with a simple kitchen. Next to that is a staircase, which leads to the second floor.

I climb the wooden stairs to the second floor where I see a spacious living room. Then there is a hallway and four rooms. Oh, it’s too bad, but there was no bathroom.

“There is one  large room and three smaller rooms. This room we’re in now is a space to eat and relax.”

I look around the rooms while listening to Belle-san’s explanation.

Although, I wonder if I really even need such a large shop and house…

“As for the price, this one can be purchased for 600,000 Rill.”

“Yes. For the time being…I’d like to see the next one.”

“Well, then we shall move on.”

We went outside and walked through the small streets to the alleyway street. I asked Belle-san along the way about the street’s features and she was polite enough to tell me.

“The alleyways are basically unified with cute shops. People who set up shop in the alleyway streets and are on their own often move to the small streets. One advantage is that the street itself is well maintained and has a nice appearance, so it’s easy for customers to access. However, it’s also a little more difficult to get customers because there are many similar shops that aren’t as well-known.”

“I see…”

“Many of the people on  the alleyway streets are those who want to test their business skills, and those who do not do business very publicly or just do it as a hobby. Therefore, the hours of operation are varied. However, because of that, there are many specialty shops that sometimes carry rare items.”

I see…from the main street to department stores, general stores, supermarkets, specialty stores…

There are more types on the main street, but if it’s quality, the specialty stores are often better stocked…right? Hmm, when I think about it that way, the alleyway seems more fitting since I’d be opening up a specialty shop for potion-related products.

“Oh, this is the second property.”

“Oh, yes!”

As I’m thinking and walking at the same time, we eventually reach the next potential property.

The building has a unique purple exterior with a wooden door. When I gently peek inside, I saw that it was dimly lit.

“Um…this is a bit…”

I couldn’t help but let some of my true feelings spill out.

Ikuru, who was looking at the side, also nodded and I wondered why this place had been recommended.

“Oh, it’s no good, right?”

“…I agree.”

Well, you’re a potion maker, right? So I was wondering if you’d like this type of atmosphere…”

Oh, I see.

I guess this concept is like that of a common witch’s house…or something like that. But alas, I don’t have such special attributes, and the products I handle are potion in cute bottles. Belle-san gave me an apology, saying “I’m sorry.”

“Hinami-sama is an amazing chemister…so I thought it was just in case. You have an amazing knowledge of plants, after all?”

“This building looks like a witch’s house. But I’m just starting out, so I don’t know much about things at all. I’m still learning…and I bought a book earlier.”

“Well, I’ll be rooting for you!”

While I responded to Belle-san’s words with a “thank you,” I felt like the atmosphere had dropped…but I’m sure it was just my imagination.

And so, I left the property without even taking a closer look inside.

“This is the third property to visit.”

The next property we came to was a clean, white building.

It had windows, and the inside was very bright with a lot of sunlight. The store was probably about 10 tatami mats in size…not too thin, not too wide. We would have a large number products, but not many different types, so I don’t think it would have to be too wide.

“It’s nice and clean.”

“Yeah. And it looks like it’s a good size…oh, and it’s pretty with those floral patterns on the walls!”

I look around the property to see if Ikuru likes it. Belle-san explains to me as we go along.

“This one has a rest area in the back and three rooms on the second floor.”

“I see. Then just right in terms of size! Plus, it’s very white and bright!”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t normally like darker styles.”

As for Belle-san, it seems that  she had shown me the previous dark property from earlier just in case she didn’t completely grasp my sense of taste…Well, when I saw that property, I was indeed in a hurry to leave, but still…this is fantasy so I’m sure there are many people who would have that kind of taste.

I looked around at the shelves provided and the counter that would have the cash register. Everything was white, so it felt stylish and antique.

“The upstairs is just fine too.”

“Yes! This is a good place to be.”

“That’s good to hear. The price is 350,000 Rill for this property.”

There is a staircase in the back room, and the second floor also has a view. As expected, it was a white color scheme, just like the first floor, and had a clean feel to it. It looked like a comfortable place to live.

Finally, it was the next and last property. For now, I’m leaving this place, but I guess this is my first choice so far. I have just enough money for it, so if the next property is no good, then let’s decide on this one.

“This is the last property. By the way, it is priced at 300,000 Rill.


Ikuru and I are surprised to see the property that Belle-san is showing.

Because this place…

“Let’s make it here!!”

“Hinami-sama, let’s go with the place from before.”

Although my and Ikuru’s voices overlapped, our intentions did not overlap.

Yes, this is…this was the place where the mysterious bookstore we had stopped by earlier was next t o. I wonder if Ikuru didn’t like that shopkeeper very much. I was able to meet the spirit, so I thought it was nice…

“Well…what shall I do?”

“Well, let’s take a look inside for the time being.”

Belle-san looked slightly confused when she saw mine and Ikuru’s exchange, but ignored it and decided to go inside. Ah, it’s quite a relaxing space.

It was a cute and stylish building with a pale cream outer wall with the bottom made of brick that went up to my knees. The wooden door gave it a nice touch, and next to it was a large horizontal window that I had never seen on a property before, giving one a wide view of the inside.

Stepping inside, there was a calm atmosphere with warm colored walls and shelves set up. I thought the plants and herbs would fit in well here, but I was still hesitant about it, since Ikuru didn’t seem to like it.

“This place is about six tatami mats in size, but it’s a two-story building, so there are two store spaces, one on the first floor and the other on the second floor. There are two rooms in the back—a break space and a living room.”

“This place is a bit special, isn’t it? But if there’s second floor, it could be very popular…”

As I climb the stairs, I look at the space upstairs. It has a small balcony set up and makes me feel like a little princess.

“That’s right, but there aren’t as many rooms, so it’s hard to get a buyer. That’s why it’s a little cheaper.”

“Oh, I see.”

So, that means that it’s is a bit of a bargain here.

As for me, I liked it, so I thought it was good, but… I don’t know.

“Oh, is there another room on the second floor?”

“Ah, that’s a warehouse.”

I find another door in the corner of the upstairs room. When I open it gently, I see a small room, just as Belle-san had said. It was a space the size of about three tatami mats.

“Well…what are you going to do, Hinami-sama?”

“Hmmm…I personally like the balcony over here, but Ikuru thinks the previous property is better, right?”

“Well, I certainly think the structure of this property is good, and above all, if this is 300,000 Rill, it’s a good place to choose, isn’t it?”

Oh, as we looked at the property, it seems Ikuru gave his approval.

“Besides, considering the future, I think it would be better having some space upstairs.”

“What? Is that so?”

“Well, it’s just a hunch.”

Hmm…a hunch. But if it’s Ikuru’s intuition, then I don’t think I should underestimate it…

I narrow down the list of properties I saw to the two best options.

Option 1:

  • White color scheme, antique style.
  • Shop space: 10 tatami mats
  • There is a break area and 3 other rooms.
  • The property is clean, with a floral pattern on the walls. Because I would be selling potions, I think having a clean interior would be a high point.

Option 2:

  • A warm color scheme with a cream base color.
  • Interior space: 6 tatami mats each on the first and second floors.
  • There is a break area and two other rooms.
  • There is a large window on the first floor front, which gives a good view of the store, and also a small balcony on the second floor.

“If you don’t think about the neighbors…it’s the second one. And we also don’t really need that much space.”

“Yes. I mean, my opinion has changed completely than from the beginning.”

“Yeah. Well, I don’t mind either way, but I suppose the two stories will be east use.


Apparently, after looking at the property, Ikuru came to a mature opinion that didn’t take the next door bookshop neighbors in consideration…It makes me quite happy that he’s thinking about our store that much.

Yeah  In that case, I’ll have to work hard too!

“If Ikuru is fine with it, I’ll choose to open my shop here, but are you sure?”

“Hmm, that’s fine. The more I think about it, I realize that it’s not like we have to be neighborly just because we’re next door, you know?”

“Uh, yeah…”

Apparently, Ikuru has no intention of getting involved with then. Rather, I had a feeling that he did.

“Then, would you like to choose this location?”

“Yes, please!”

Finally, the shop location has been decided.

This is where my shop, “Hinami’s Miniature Garden,” will officially be opening!


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