Chapter 41: Preparations (2)

Chapter 41 from “Miniature Garden Chemister part 2 – Miniature Garden”

Knock! Bang! Katonk!



A light, flighty rhythm enters my drowsy ears.

It is a workshop rhythm that makes me want to dance.

It’s the store specializing in furniture and signboards made of magical wood that Ikuru was talking about yesterday. It was located at the end of the main street, a small child was enjoying watching the work-scene. The shop seems to have an open space next to it as a work area, and people on the street seem to enjoy watching them work. I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the lightness of the work scene.

The man who working there was holding a hammer, which looked like it was made of wood, not stone.

“Oh, are you a customer? Welcome!”

“Oh, good morning.”

The worker seems to notice me and pauses to walk over. I’m wondering how he knew I was a customer when there are also other people watching. I told the workman that I had come for the signboard.

“A signboard? Okay! Well then, you should go inside the shop and have everything explained to you. Just ask Pipika!”


I was prompted to go inside the shop, and when I entered, there was a catgirl!

The inside of the shop was not particularly new, but it was filled with a pleasant wooden aroma.

“Welcome, customer. I’m Pipika and I’m in charge of the design.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Hinami”.

“Yes. Nice to meet you. Well then, I see you want to make a sign.”

As I sit down in the chair, Pipika-san prepared a cup of tea for me. She then brought a few sheets of paper from the shelf and handed them to me. When I looked at them, I saw several designs. Where these templates? I thought it was a predictable thing that was made in the past because the name of the shop was firmly on it.

There were many cute and cool things to look at, and the designs seemed to take the magical wood into account, writing about the way it would grow. For example, the flowers bloom in the spring and the leaves turn orange in the fall, and so on.

“We can do cute signboards, cool signboards…and of course, simpler ones. What is the name of your shop?”

“The shop is called “Hinami’s Miniature Garden.” It will be open tomorrow or later, after preparations have been made.”

“Oh, that’s a cute name. What kind of shop is it?”

“I deal with potions.”

Pipika successfully extracted the information from me and made a note of it on a piece of paper. She then nodded and went to the shelf again to take out some more designs to show me.

“I’d like to recommend something like these ones. They seem to reflect Hinami-san’s image.”

“I see…oh, this is cute!”

“Let’s see…oh, I definitely recommend this one.”

The sign I held in my hand had a small tree branch, and to my surprise, a bird had built a nest in it. I didn’t expect it to be able to not only grow but also to be able to house birds…as expected of a fantasy world, it shouldn’t be underestimated.

“But you also need to be careful, because since birds live here, their droppings sometimes fall out, so you need to clean up frequently. And if you’re in town, you’ll need to feed them as well. It would be a disaster if they accidentally ate the products of other shops…”

“Oh, yeah…”

Even though the bird is on the sign, it still looks like it’s a lot of work to take care of. Thinking about the future, there would be days when we wouldn’t be able to open the shop…so I might just have to give up on the bird. But it’s so cute, though.

“You have Maro, so isn’t it okay?”

“Ikuru…well, you’re right! There’s Maro!”

That’s right, “Hinami’s Miniature Garden” already has a mascot character named Maro. Taking Ikuru’s advice, I gave up easily on the bird.

“As for the rest…I would recommend this kind of sign…at 15,000 Rill, it’s affordable.”

“Oh, this is also very cute too!”

“Since you’re dealing with potions, you can change the flowers depending on the season.”

Oh, I didn’t know they could do that. Magical wood sure is amazing.

Pipika-san showed me a design of a slightly larger flower in the upper left corner and a number of smaller flowers in the lower right corner, with ivy hanging down to make it look like a flower object. The sign was, of course, a tree, with the name of the shop in the center.

“I really like this one, so how do you like it?”

“If Hinami-sama likes it, then it’s good, right? I don’t know much about these things…”

“Yeah…? Hmmm, well then, I’ll take this one.”

I guess girls like these kinds of thing better, after all.

I talked with Pipika and we worked on the design. At that time, I decided on the flowers that would bloom in different seasons. It didn’t take me long to decide on the design because I went with my intuition. Yes, I think we worked for about 30 minutes. That’s fast.

Now that the the design had been decided, the only thing left to do was to have the signboard made. It would take about three days to make a sign, so we paid for it first. The finished product is heavy, so it seems that they would bring it to the shop and install it, which was a bit of a relief. As expected, I’m would have trouble to installing a sign by myself…yeah, I can’t do that.

“After this I’ll look at the decorations and miscellaneous goods…Oh, and make a flyer.”

“That’s right. If the sign can be done in three days’ time, let’s open in the market for tomorrow morning.”

I said All right” to Ikuru’s suggestion and we left, leaving the rhythmic sounds behind.


“You have no sense…”


Using the open space of the Merchant’s Guild, I had been hard at work on my flyers.

It’s a good idea to give out flyers at the marketplace, but we’d need actual flyers to do that. And I had to make them. Hmmm…it’s difficult. I’m not going to be able to get these design-related things to work…all I have to do is write the words, but if I can’t place them well, I’m done for.

“By the way, why don’t you draw a picture of a potion?”

“The hurdle is too high…”

The flyer was written in black and white, so I couldn’t use color to cover it up. Making a colored flyer would cost a lot of money, so we decided to use black and white. But it doesn’t work.

I wrote the words tightly on a piece of paper of about B6 size. I wrote the kind of products and so on. That’s right, I should just write simply.

“How’s this?”

“…I guess it’s better than the last one.”

“Well, this is it then!”

The last flyer I rewrote:


<Hinami’s Miniature Garden>

We carry recovery potions, antidotes, and other items you’ll need for your adventures.

We hope you’ll stop by and check it out!

Coming soon.

Location: xxxx


It’s a very simple thing. I wanted to add an illustration, but it was better without the challenge, so I gave it up. Since I was able to get Ikuru’s approval, I left the merchant’s guild and headed straight to the magician’s shop to have the flyer duplicated. The number of sheets…there are a total of 100 recovery potion potions, 20 of each, so I’ll prepare about 50 sheets, half of which will be used.

The preparations are going pretty good, so I can’t help but feel my face heat up a little.


“Huh. I’m getting tired of doing all the shopping and stuff all day.”

“That’s right. I’m going to the market tomorrow…I’ll have to leave a little early. The adventurers will be out hunting early in the morning.

I nodded at Ikuru’s words with a “Yeah,” and looked forward to getting up early again, even though I was slightly depressed.

As I was walking down the main street to get back to the inn, a familiar face walked in front of me. The person who arrived just in front of the inn was Miruru-san! Beside her, Takuto-san was walking with a limp, borrowing Miruru-san’s shoulder…Injured…I wonder if he’s injured?

I run quickly to get to them.


“Ah…Hinami-san! It seems that Takuto got a little injured


When I looked closely, I could see blood oozing down Takuto-san’s pants, which looked very painful. Ikuru also moved from behind me and said, “That looks painful.” It’s great that Ikuru doesn’t panic in these situations, but what about his comments?

“Excuse me, but can you help me carry it to my room?”

“Of course!’

I tried to lend a shoulder to Takuto-san, but when I turned to the other side of Miruru-san, I was blocked by Ikuru. Ikuru supported. Takuto-san and lent his shoulders. ‘Thank you,’ said Miruru-san, gratefully, and took him straight up the stairs of the inn to his room on the second floor.

It’s a very good idea to get a potion because sometimes the injuries might be so severe that healing magic wouldn’t be able to help them, so I’m going to get a recovery potion. I’m sorry, but could you please watch me while I do that!

“Oh, don’t worry, there’s a garnet potion in there…!”


I swipe it over to Takuto-san’s leg before Miruru-san can say anything else. In no time at all, the wound heals and is clean and closed. I’m relieved to see that and tell him that I’m fine now.

“Ah…thank you very much…!Hinami-san!!

Miruru, who was thanking me, had beautiful honey-colored hair that was loosely put together and almost unraveling, and her clothes were stained with Takuto-san’s blood. I soon found out that she probably couldn’t pretend to bring him here.

When I saw Takuto-san, I noticed he was unconscious probably because he had been so injured. Now that he is recovering from his injuries, he will probably wake up…but will he be okay?

“The shock of the injury must have knocked him out. If it had been a little later, he would have lost his leg, wouldn’t he?”

“What!? It was that bad…!?”

“That’s right. What kind of monster could have done this?”

I was surprised at the words that Ikuru said, but I’m glad I was in time! Because if it had been a little later, hr might have lost his legs or something…! I can’t believe it. I couldn’t bear to see that happen in front of me or anything like that. Oh wow, I’m in a cold sweat.

In the midst of all this, Miruru-san looks down at Ikuru’s question. What on earth kind of monster did that to him…Is it a hard wolf? That’s about the only thing I can predict.

“That is…a slime…”


Hearing the most unexpected answer, I couldn’t help but overlap my words with Ikuru’s. I mean, was a slime that strong a monster? When I fought them, Ikuru had easily stopped them in their tracks. I was surprised because I was aware that slimes were small fry and low-level monsters. Apparently, the monster situation in this world, should not be considered at the same level of strength as a game.

“I told you, Takuto is super weak…!”

“…Did he really get hit by a slime?


Ikuru breathes heavily and lets out the words, “I can’t believe it.” That means that my perception of a slime being the weakest monster must not be wrong. Miruru-san is also looking at Takuto-san with a depressed atmosphere, but her eyes also look slightly disappointed.

“Oh, that’s right. I have to pay for the garnet potion, Hinami-san. How much is it?”

“Oh…um. Don’t worry about it.”

“No, you mustn’t do that. Let me pay you properly!”

What should I do? I’m slightly uncomfortable with claiming it since I used it on myself. Besides, my potions are expensive…what should I do? If I’m confused, I know that Ikuru, who I couldn’t see, would help me out.

‘’Why don’t you just go with the market price? About 1,000 Rill.”

“Oh, yeah…that’s right.”

I see, market prices are useful at times like this. I received 1,000 Rill from Miruru-san and put them away in may pouch. After being thanked again, I left Miruru-san’s room. Although I’ve already healed, I can’t stay in a room where an injured person is sleeping for so long.

I headed towards the dining room with Ikuru, ate dinner, and decided to take a rest for the day.


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