Chapter 48: Ice Cream (2)

Chapter 48 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

The ice-cream devotees, who had looked so sad earlier, were now having a blooming discussion about ice-cream.

Except for me.

…It’s okay, though. It’s nothing.

I’m not lonely at all!


I began to work in silence.

I mixed the carbonated water I had just made in the garden with Sheelah juice to make carbonated Sheelah juice.

There was a chance that the carbonation might have died out, so I added some carbonation by chanting <Thunder> just in case.

I filled a glass with ice, poured in the carbonated juice, and then topped it off with a scoop of ice cream. After inserting a straw in the gap, it was finished.

It was only the portion in my bowl that my brothers were making a fuss about, saying that it was gone.

Well, that’s over now.

“What’s that?”

“Ice cream on top of your drink?”


Damn. I’ve been noticed.

As expected of true devotees of ice cream.

“This is called a cream soda. It’s carbonated juice with ice cream on top, just as it looks.”

“Can I drink it?”


I held out the spoon to my brother.

The sight of men crowding around the only cream soda was bizarre…

Everyone took turns tasting the cream soda.

Among them, the cooks who had never tasted carbonation before were very excited…

They were divided into two groups and started to battle over whether they wanted carbonation or ice cream.

I personally thought it didn’t matter as long as it tasted good, but apparently it was not that simple.

What a hassle…

“You can serve ice cream with fruits and cakes.”

When I suggested another topic, the conversation shifted to that.

Fufufu. That’s cute.

The topic of conversation blossomed into, “Let’s put that on top for color,” and“No, I can’t throw that away,” and so on.

Yes, yes. It’s fun to talk about good food…right?

At the moment, carbonated water could only be made by someone who could use magic, but since Nobu-san, one of the three cooks, was able to use magic, we were able to get by.

I taught the cook how to make soda water and ice cream.


Now the Avi family will have the full spread of desserts.

The rest of the arrangements are up to the cooks!

I’ll leave it to you guys to make a delicious dessert!!!



““It’s gone…””


Unfortunately…even if you two look so sad, all the ice cream is still gone.

“I’ll make more next time…okay?”

I could see that our cooks, who had become ice cream devotees, would be making it for dessert in no time at all.

I’m sure my brother would be able to eat ice cream again soon.


My brother nodded reluctantly.

In order to distract him, I asked him a question.

“How did the cream soda taste?”

“It was delicious!”

“The ice cream melted in the Sheelah juice was delicious too.”

“That’s good.”

I giggled at their happy faces as they shared their impressions.

“By the way, all of that knowledge on carbonation and ice cream…where did Charlotte get that from?”

Ricardo asked me a question that seemed to have come to his mind.

…That question is a bad one.

I can’t tell him about Izumi.

I wish I could tell Ricardo-sama everything someday, but…

I felt that now was not the time.

Just as I was thinking about what I should do…

“Charl likes cookbooks and fairy tales from different countries.”

My brother glanced at me as he said that. It seems that he would follow along with me.

“Maybe she got the idea from one of those books. Charl is a foodie, after all.”

“Y-Yes, there was a book I was looking at while thinking about how delicious it looked, so I used that as a reference…”

Hang on!!

That makes me sound like a glutton who only thinks about food!

…Well, it’s not exactly wrong.

Because I have always a sucker for good drink and good food.


That is not something to say in front of Ricardo-sama!!

My brother was smiling with narrowed eyes.

…He tricked me!

You were going to follow along with me, weren’t you!?!

“Big brother!”

Looking at my bright red face as I poked at my brother, Ricardo-sama smiled with a chuckle.

“Charlotte is really cute. Can you tell me what kind of book it is next time?”


Ricardo-sama called me cute!!

I was trying my best to hold back the urge to jump around.

At that moment, the kitchen door opened with a rattling sound.

“…Huh? What are you doing? Charlotte.”

“Mira? That’s my line!”

I ran up to Mira, who was standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

Mira, with his short hair, was still as cute as a girl today.

“Mira…wanted to get some ice for an experiment.” (***T/N: Mira is talking in third person)

“Experiment? Are you going to make something?”

“Yes. Just something little.”

“Oh, that’s right! There’s something I wanted to ask you, Mira.”

“Sure, but…is it okay?”

Mira pointed to my brother and Ricardo-sama.

It looked like the two of them were talking to each other, but…Ricardo-sama seemed to be in a bad mood…?

I pulled Mira and forcibly brought him in front of Ricardo-sama.

Mira felt Ricardo-sama’s gaze and turned his head down.

She probably did not feel comfortable showing his red eyes to others.

“Ricardo-sama. This is Mira Boulangère. We live here together.”

With a smile, I introduced Mira to Ricardo-sama.

“I’m Ricardo Aker.”

He held out his hand and smiled gently as usual.

I’m not sure if it was my imagination, but something about him looked unhappy.

“…I’m Mira. I’ve abandoned the name Boulangère.”

Mira shook the proffered hand while averting his gaze.

Is he trembling?

I could feel a faint vibration from my hand that was gripping Mira’s.

Was he really that afraid of being seen after all…?


Ricardo-sama smiled and gently removed my hand that was holding Mira’s.

“I will be back to see you soon.”

He then pulled his hand away slightly and locked me in his own arms.


I’m being hugged by Ricardo-sama?!?

“Don’t look at anyone else…okay?”

I nodded my head up and down in response to the words whispered in my ear.


As soon as I heard that laughing voice, I felt a soft kiss on my cheek.

Is this—?!?

Ricardo-sama then released me, who had turned bright red and gaping at the mouth.

“See you later.”

He patted my head softly.

“I’ll see you later, Lucas and Mira.

He smiled at my brother and Mira, and then left.

While holding down my bright red cheeks, my brother hugged me as I was about to collapse to the floor.

“Marking his territory, huh? Ricardo is quite bold.”

Brother was smiling very happily.

And Mira…he looked stunned and frozen in fear.

…Don’t tell me…

Could he have been jealous…?



Overheated by the event that exceeded my mental capacity, I fainted.

When I finally came to my senses, it was the next day.


T/N: Finally got some real progress with the Ricarlotte ship! RIP Mira…

Now, time to go and eat some ice cream. I, too, and an ice cream devotee…

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