Chapter 43: Connected House and City

Chapter 43 from “Miniature Garden Chemister part 2 – Miniature Garden”

“…Please calm down and eat normally.”

“Munch, munch…”

When Ikuru sees me eating my breakfast earlier than usual, he is surprised and cautions me about it. However, I wasn’t a fast eater to begin with, so there wasn’t much of a difference.

The inn’s dining room had been bustling with activity since the morning, and the seats were filled with adventurers and travelers. At one of those tables, Ikuru and I were having breakfast.

“…Hmm, because today is the day I’m receiving the new shop, I can’t help but feel restless!”

“It’s not’s fully morning yet.”


It’s still morning!

I can’t help but look forward to it.

Besides, once I get the shop, I can connect it to my house and see Maro. Besides, I still don’t know if it’s a good idea to open the place for days at a time.

As I’m pondering that, I notice the sound of crisp footsteps approaching me. That’s…it was Miruru-san and Takuto-san.”


It seems that I was the one the two of them wanted to see. I looked at Miruru-san, wondering what was going on, and she pushed Takuto-san forward. “Look!” He seems to be slightly angry, but…I’m sure it was my imagination.

“…I’m glad to see you’re recovering,”

“That’s right! Come on, Takuto!”

“…I didn’t ask for you to help me!”


It doesn’t seem to have unfolded in a way that was expected as he was placed in front of me by an impatient Miruru-san…As Takuto-san said that, he ran out of the dining room.

Miruru-san’s “Wait for me!” seemed to be ignored and he didn’t listen to her voice at all. With a big drop  of her shoulders, Miruru-san turned to me and bowed deeply.

“I’m sorry…”

“Oh, uh…it’s fine, don’t worry about it?”


“Besides, I was getting paid for the Garnet Potion, right?”

Well, as expected, I was a little surprised by his reaction. Was that his normal personality, or is he just nervous because he lost to a slime? Ah, but I’m afraid of monsters to so…yeah, Takuto-san…I understand that feeling.

“It’s like he’s been very temperamental since we left the village. The truth is, he’s a kind and caring person…”

“I see. Then it should be okay after some time has passed and he’s calmed down.We all have those moments.”

“Thank you…!”

After thanking me for my words, Miruru-san followed Takuto-san out of the dining room. I hope everything goes well.

“Seriously, what a pain in the ass…”

I put the last bite in my mouth and Ikuru looked at me like he had done it. That attitude, which doesn’t seem to care about the situation, somehow makes me smile in spite of it.

Ikuru really doesn’t waver…Perhaps the reason I’m able to stay on track at all times is because Ikuru is there to keep me calm in any situation.

I cannot thank Ikuru enough.

“But well, if I lost to a slime, I’d probably do some whimpering too.”

“Is that so?”

“Because it’s a slime. It’s the weakest. Rather, it’s actually quite difficult to lose. Maybe he’s a genius in that sense.”


As you can imagine, that’s seemed to be a bit of an exaggeration, but then my words were stopped by Ikuru who said, “You’re going to eat quickly, aren’t you?” Oh, when did Ikuru finish eating? It must have been while Miruru and I were talking. That’s not fair…


It was still a bit early, so I decided to take a walk and proceed to the merchant’s guild.

The city has been bustling with activity since morning, and it never seemed to bore me. Even the cat dreaming on the wall, or the boy dashing around as if he was going to be late for work were entertaining to watch.

I slowly walked around the city, checking out what kind of shops there were. I would come back later to the shops I was interested in.

Then, after a short walk, I reach the end of the middle street and reach the main street.

The Merchant’s Guild on the main street was still busy today. All three of the spaces in front of the building where carriages could park were in use. The horses were tethered together, and there was a loading dock with a cloth hung like a roof.

I’d like to take a ride on one sometime, but I received a “I’ll be going quickly,” from Ikuru. What is this feeling…Yes…It’s like wanting to get in the back of a truck while it drives down a road between the fields! I felt as excited as a child, though I may not understand it well.

“Oh, Hinami-san, welcome!”

“Mariage-san! Good morning.”

I walked into the guild and was greeted by Mariage-san who was looking for documents at the counter. Her hair is still that lovely honey-orange as usual.

“Oh, you’re picking up the property today. I’ll arrange it for you in a moment, so sit down and wait?”


A calming voice prompted me to head over to the desk I had been briefed on last time, and sit down.

“Huh. I’m nervous!”


“Doesn’t Ikuru get nervous?”

He pretends to think about my question for a bit before giving his reply. “Not really,” he says. As someone who was constantly feeling tense or nervous, I was utterly jealous.

Just as we were having this exchange, Belle-san came over with the documents. It looks like a contract for property sale…or something like that.

Ikuru and I listen to the explanation and then sign it.

“It’s a magical ink, so make sure you don’t make a mistake.”

“Magical ink?”

When I repeated the unfamiliar words, Ikuru explained to me.

The magical ink is a magic tool used in contracts and other documents. If you use this special ink and chant “magical ink,” a contract will be made with magic.

That makes the contract unbreakable and unburnable. Then there seems to be something like knowing what the contractor is like…and so on.

Apparently, the quality of the magical ink changes the strength of the contract. The ink we’re  going to use currently seems tp be a low quality product, so all it will do is make the contract unbreakable and unburnable. I’ve heard that the ones of high quality can even immediately help someone recognize the others person’s location.

“It’s amazing. I have to be careful when writing this…Here.”

“Yes, I’ll confirm.”

That said, I would only write my own name, so I shouldn’t make a mistake. All the other details of the contract were filled out by the merchant guild.

I continued to register the store at the same time. Now, it’s safe to start opening a store at any time.

“Yes, there’s no problem. In that case, I will take you to the property. We’ll do a final check there and hand it off.

“Yes, please…!”

Belle-san had finished the confirmation and we were now on our way to the awaited property. By the way, the final confirmation means that we are going to check together to make sure that the equipment is working properly and that there is no major damage. It’s not too different from Japanese real estate.

“This is a simple kitchen. Please make sure that the fire and water is working.”

“Yes, it is okay!”

We check over the details with Belle-san.

The kitchen has only one stove and a small sink. The firepower wasn’t as strong as the one we use at home, and the water output was weak. Well, it’s not going to be the house we use, so that shouldn’t be a problem…

Next, I went around to check if there were any major scratches inside the property. Since I couldn’t find anything in particular, the final confirmation process was completed immediately.

It was much simpler than I had expected, but I might have also been the abnormal one in this world because I think in terms of Japanese standards. I’d have to think of it as a completely different world, which is quite difficult to do.

In addition, Belle-san circles the property and checks to make sure there are no problems. After this final check, if there are ever any problems, then they are the responsibility of the buyer and cannot be taken lightly.

“Thank you!”

“No, no, thank you for your purchase.”

I bow to Belle-san with and thank her. The price was paid at the guild earlier, so this place is now officially my shop.

Belle-san returned to the merchant guild, while Ikuru and I remained in the shop.

“Wow, awesome, it’s our shop, Ikuru!”

“It all happened pretty quickly. You wouldn’t normally be able to open up a shop in such a short period of time…”

“It’s all thanks to Ikuru, isn’t it?”

“What are you talking about?”

I looked at Ikuru with a laugh, and Ikuru laughed a little too. It was good, he wasn’t making that exasperated face.

And with this, all that’s left is to exchange for the <Door of the Miniature Garden> with points.

The signboard will arrive tomorrow, so I decided to go buy the small things for now. If we don’t get them in time, we can just go tomorrow.

Oh wow, I feel like I can do anything right now.

“For now, why don’t we install the <Door to the Miniature Garden>?

“Yes. Use your points to trade for the door…please!



There was a sound that echoed as if the store was moving. I wondered where it was coming from…Oh! Over there.

There’s a door forming at the end of the hallway…


Lightly gulping and clearing my throat, I turned my attention to the door. It was a somewhat natural looking door, even though it should have been completely unnatural.

It wasn’t particularly flamboyant or anything like that. The design seemed to be matching with this building, with a wood grain pattern…it had the same look as the doors that led to the other rooms.

I wonder if I can open it? I looked at Ikuru, a little apprehensive, and he offered to help. “I think it’s okay, but I’ll open it for you.”

I nodded at that and followed behind Ikuru as he walked to the door. It’s okay, this door will definitely lead to the house.

“…Home, isn’t it?”


The door was slowly opened until a small room came into view. And then there was another door in that room, which seemed to lead somewhere else.

I looked around the room without going inside. It felt nostalgic, even though it should be an unfamiliar place.

“This doesn’t seem to be my house, but the decor and atmosphere is just like home…!”

“Maybe…the house behind that door?”

“Oh yeah, I remember! God said he was going to add one more room to my house and connect it from there!”

“Oh, I see.”

Hearing my words, Ikuru didn’t hesitate to walk through the room. Since the room was about six tatami mats in size, he was able to get to the door immediately.

“Oh, it was home, after all.”


Without hesitation, Ikuru opened the door, and I saw that it was home, my familiar home.

Oh, thank goodness. I was so relieved to see it, when my eyes met another’s…Eh? My eyes met with another’s…?


“……Who are you?”

The door to the new room was properly connected to my living room. It was the same familiar living room as always…except for the strange girl sitting at the table.

My eyes met with the girl who was eating an apple.

Her pale light blue hair was bobbed and tied back in partial twintails. She was a pretty girl, about ten years old, wearing a long, white, ankle-length dress.

I couldn’t think of a good word for the situation, and as soon as he saw her, Ikuru stepped forward to protect me. Probably because he had judged that the girl and I didn’t know each other.

“Oh, Hinami and Ikuru…! Welcome back!”


The girl hurriedly ate the apple she had been chewing on and gave me a flower-like smile.

Welcome back?


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  1. Kittaa! Our snow bunny finally grew!
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