Chapter 44: The Mystery of Spiritualization

Chapter 44 from “Miniature Garden Chemister part 2 – Miniature Garden”

Maro’s POV

Yummy~ I’ve never had such delicious fruit before.

The fruit in this garden makes me very happy!

I run around a little bit and climb to the place I want to be…the ‘Princess Tree.’

And then I would secretly sneak a piece of it. This is my snack and my time to enjoy it.

I live in the Hinami’s house. I was ordered by Ligris-sama to come to this world, <Letisreel>, after receiving a life. I then successfully met Hinami in the forest and followed her home.

Hmmm. This is just an ordinary day’s work for me before breakfast. Feeling a little proud of myself, I looked around quickly to make sure there was nothing unusual.

This house with a stump house with a gentle garden full of flowers and plants. With Ligris-sama’s blessing, there’s no way there’d be anything bad going on in this house…but still, it’s always good to never fail to check!


Oh, that’s right.

I am currently a snow bunny now. Whenever I try to talk, all I can do is squeal from my mouth. I can’t even talk to Hinami or Ikuru…it’s very inconvenient.

Currently, Hinami and Ikuru are very busy because they are in the city. Usually, Hinami plays with me and we have a very good time, but with just one person…one? Well, I guess there’s nothing I can do.


Ahhhh. I want to gain a human form as soon as possible.

I can become a spirit. However, there’s a big problem with that.

In Letisreel, only one being per race can become a spirit. Otherwise, I would have been a vessel that could become a spirit long ago!

Why did I have to be treated so barrenly, at all?

But in other words, there was already a brethren of snow bunnies that had been spiritualized (become a spirit) in Letisreel.

However, there were only five snow bunnies under Ligris-sama, including me. So who are the snow bunny brethren of this land? We, who were born by Ligris-sama-sama, would not be able to spontaneously generate and do not occur naturally. If that is the case, I am sure that Ligris-sama must know what they are.

But I have no way to ask him about it now.

I want to be in human form!!

I want to talk to Hinami and Ikuru! Ugh, it’s a totally awful world where my sweet dreams don’t come true.

The first thing I tried when I came to this world was to become a spirit. Well, to put it simply, it was to gain a human form.

I attempted to do just that in this forest I had landed in. But it was not to be realized and my dream was lost. I followed Hinami to the present.


With a big sigh, I decided to give it one more try. Because it’s possible that there might be some reason…that maybe I just couldn’t “spiritualize” by chance. Maybe.

If that’s the case, I’ll try it. Because Hinami and Ikuru aren’t around, and I’m bored. Recently, I’ve often followed Ikuru in his searches, but mostly, I let Hinami play with me.

“Mimimi Mimiiii~!”

I gather the power of snow in my body and release it all at once. With this burst of power, monsters are able to evolve into spirits. However, ordinary monsters are just monsters, so they need to be a great creature like me to be able to do this!


Snowflakes that have become light dance in the air, and my power runs through my body.

Just like that, I am wrapped in snow.


‘Spiritualization’—I’ve done it!

“What is this?”

I look at my body.

My pale light blue hair is in a beautiful bob, and my small twintails are still intact. My clothes consist of a pure white dress.

It’s exactly the same as when I was in human form at Ligris-sama‘s place.

How was I able to transform myself into a spirit, when it was impossible before? Did the spirit of the snow bunny race die? No, it’s unlikely that it happened in such a short period of time.

“So that means…”

I stroll along to the edge of the garden.

Perhaps this “garden” is abnormal…I can only imagine that.

I take a step into the forest.


Oh, I knew it!

I had returned to my snow bunny form.

I went back to the garden once more and performed the “spiritualization” again.

“Just as I thought!”

This time, I was in human form again.

It was the effect of this garden, after all. It’s probably because it is filled with the love of Ligris-sama.

“But now I can talk to Hinami and Ikuru!”

I grin and run around the yard in happiness. I’m originally a snow bunny, so I love to run around.

I can’t wait for Hinami and Ikuru to see me like this. I’m sure they will be very, very surprised!

“How fun!”

But wait.

I don’t know when Hinami and Ikuru will come back. Now that I think of that, I feel strangely lonely. Although they had said that they would be back soon, but…


I can’t go outside.

When it comes to that, even if I am in human form , I would still be bored with my free time.

“Oh, that’s right!”

Then it hit me. As expected of me!

“There must have been that compounding (craft/potion making room) room Hinami wasn’t using. I will craft it brilliantly and surprise Hinami!

Hehe. Perfect, even for me.

I could picture Hinami’s surprised face in my mind. I dashed for the compounding room, feeling proud of myself.


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