Chapter 49: Holy Water

Chapter 49 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

I am Charlotte, the magic cheat girl.

Call me ‘Chardonnay’!

Eh? Have you heard of me?

Yes, that’s right!

‘Chardonnay’ is a grape variety used to make white wine!

It has a cute sound, and it’s delicious, so I love it! Ehehe.

Today, I am going to make holy water at the table set in the corner of my favorite garden in order to defeat very scary ghostly demon beasts called [Illusion Wraiths] located on the 8th level of the dungeon!

Good luck, Chardonnay!

Salt. Water. Cup. White paper.

Apparently, these were the ingredients needed to make holy water, but Charlotte, the magic cheat girl, would not use them!

All I would need is clean water and a few dozen bottles with lids that would fit in my pocket and were easy to carry.

First, I had to put the clean water into the dozens of bottles on the table. I was not using any magic cheats here yet, so it was going to be tedious, but I’d just work with the number of bottles I had.

When I finished filling the bottles with water, I was sure to close the lids tightly. This was important!

After laying out dozens of bottles on the table, it was time for the magic cheat to come into play.

I held out my right hand and expanded the image of holy water in my mind!

All impurities will be purged and cleansed. Ghosts, diseases, and everything else—become dust in an instant. Annihilate all evil things!


When Charlotte, the magic cheat girl, chanted the spell, a pure white, warm and gentle light enveloped the area.

After the light subsided, dozens of bottles filled with glittering liquid remained.

Com-ple-te!!! (***T/N: The word for ‘Complete’  here was ‘Kansei’ and it was separated by character—‘Ka-n-se-i’)

Let’s taste it right away~

I took one of the glittering bottles of holy water and opened the lid. Then I tipped it straight into my mouth and drank it all.

Th-This is—!!!

It’s like a refreshing apple…

And the taste of ripe pineapple…the flavor of this grape…

This is definitely the ‘Queen of White Wines’—a true ‘Chardonnay’ taste!

That’s what I’m talking about! Magic cheat girl Charlotte!

With this…I…!

“What are you doing? Charlotte.”

My brother was standing right next to me.


My heart almost stopped.

When did he—!?

Demon Lord Lucas-sama appeared just like a phantom

I’m begging you, please appear normally…

“Um…I was making holy water for the dungeon.”

Brother sat next to me.

“Hmm? Why did you drink it?”


How long has he been watching me?

“Well, uh, just tasting it? Like…”

“Tasting it? Was it good?”

“Yes, it was. It was delicious!”

“Hmm. I thought you drank it because Ricardo kissed you.”

My brother’s eyes narrowed as he smiled a dark smile.


My face turned bright red in an instant.


W-Wait, if he says it like that, it’s like saying Ricardo-sama is tainted!

Ricardo-sama is beautiful!

Rather, I am…

Ricardo-sama’s soft lips…

I can’t say that I wanted him to do it again…


Repeatedly flailing in agony, I was in a state similar to Munch’s ‘The Scream.’ (***T/N: This is that famous Scream painting by Edvard Munch.)

Charlotte the Scream

Purification! I must do more purification!!

As I was about to reach for another bottle of holy water, my brother looked in a certain direction and muttered.

“Oh, Ricardo.”


“R-Ricardo-sam—!?” I bit my lip.

I looked closely and followed my brother’ line of sight, only to see…


Mira happened to be passing by

He was surprised to be called by me.

I was deceived…

I was tricked by my brother…

There is no Ricardo-sama!!

I hung my head in disbelief and sank down on the table.

After receiving a surprise kiss on the cheek from Ricardo-sama that day, just hearing the word ‘Ricardo’ made me act suspiciously.

“What are you doing in a place such as this?”

I could tell by the sound of his voice that Mira was approaching me.

The respectful tone was probably due to the presence of my brother.

I decided to keep my face down and listen to their conversation.

“An observation of Charlotte, perhaps? Why don’t you sit down?”


“Thank you very much. What happened to Charlotte?”

“Oh, she’s fine. It’s just because of what happened yesterday.”

“Ah…that thing?”

“Well, she’ll get better soon.”

When my brother said that, I got goosebumps.

Huh? What is this…I can feel a lot of eyes on me.

Am I being watched?!?

No, no, no!

Don’t look up! Charlotte!

“…You look scary.”

“Hmm? Did you say something?”

“No…You’re too close!”

Apparently, my brother was closing in on Mira.

“You don’t have to act like such a stranger.”


“Just act comfortable, like Charlotte.”


Mira was silent for a while.

Yes. Yes. I understand what you are going through.

Demon Lord Lucas is scary.

“…What is it?”

“Nothing! I understand!”

“Well…good. So what do you think of this?”

I glanced up and looked at Mira.

My brother was handing one of the bottles to Mira.

Upon receiving it, Mira turned the bottle around.

“I’ve been wondering about this pile of jars. They’re glittering…what are they?”

Mira’s eyes glittered with a hint of curiosity.

Glittering…what? Isn’t it just the reflection of the light from the bottle?

“Why don’t you try your ‘Appraisal’? You can do it, right?”

“I can…but…”

Mira’s face was plainly confused.

I guess he thought that we didn’t know about it.

Mira’s secret ability was [Appraisal].

He was a young genius magic tool developer.

And it was none other than the [Appraisal]that raised the level of his abilities.

It was the reason why Mira was able to develop so many new magic tools.

I knew about this from the game, but…Did my brother investigate this thing that Mira was hiding, or did he ‘see’ it…?

He’s still a scary guy.

I’m not sure if he realized that it was useless to argue with Lucas, but Mira began his ‘Appraisal’ while mumbling.

“[High Quality Holy Water. Effects are immediate and outstanding. Effective on diseases, curses, and demon beasts without a physical body. Can be sprinkled on the target, or be ingested. It’s exquisite white wine (non-alcoholic) flavor will take you to heaven]…What!?”

Mira almost dropped the small bottle of holy water without thinking.

I also raised my face with a start.

…What an effect.

…Cheat-san is scary.

It can’t just lure people to the heavens!

Well, I’m glad I survived…

It was delicious, though.

Yes. It was really good.

…I mean, there was no alcohol in it, but I could still make white wine!!



That’s not good…What should I do?

I couldn’t turn my head to the side because I was afraid of my brother.

He was definitely smiling. He was smiling with the face of a Demon Lord!

Should I just cover it up?

Teehee~ Can I do it? I can do it, right?

“Pandora’s Box…”

Mira muttered with a straight face.

Don’t call me ‘Pandora’s Box’!!!

No, no, no, no!

I know you’re upset, but you’re just as bad as I am, right!?!

Research idiot Mira!!!!

After that, needless to say, I was lectured by the Demon Lord my brother…

Dozens of holy waters  were all confiscated and sealed deep underground the Avi family home.

Of course, it was also forbidden to make them without my brother’s permission.

Even though I was finally able to make white wine (non-alcoholic)!! -sobs-

The holy water for the dungeon was made under the watchful eye of Big brother and Mira. It was completed successfully.

I couldn’t tell you how many bottles of holy water I had to put in storage before I finished…

Well, in any case, the next step was to defeat the Illusion Wraiths on the dungeon’s eighth level!

I’ll do my best! Let’s go!


T/N: Holy Water White wine acquired! Cheers~

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  1. Poor Chardonnay, she can’t even taste her desired drink in peace. Its not even alcoholic, what would be the problem?

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