Chapter 113: The Reward, and on to Round Two

Chapter 113 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 3 (Magic Academy)”

“You’re kidding me…the Beastman won a duel with magic?!”

“Did his nails stretch?”

When Kirche took a big tumble and walked out of the room, the silent crowd began to scream out in unison as if they were excited.

“Faneer!! Well done!!!”

The golden wolf tribe rushed out with Fredge-sama in the lead, and all the senior beastmen mixed in as Faneer-kun got thrown into the tussle.

“Hehe…Huh, I’m getting sleepy after trying so hard.”

Faneer, who was swaying unsteadily as he was being passed around by his seniors, was on the verge of falling asleep. He seemed to be quite exhausted.

Watching him, I beckoned towards the rustling shrubbery.

“Connie, Connie. Come over here.”

As I mouthed out my words, Connie poked her head out and came running in with a smile on her face.

“Faneer-kun was awesome, Miss!”

Connie added gestures and spoke excitedly with her sparkling eyes. I understood. The gap between Faneer-kun’s fluffy and sleepy appearance and his beastly nature was pretty cool.

“You should praise him too, Connie. I’m sure Faneer-kun will be most pleased.”

I said as such and pushed her back with a sly grin. Connie’s cheeks flushed as she burst out in confusion.

Perhaps because he heard that voice, Faneer’s ears, which had been squirming and half asleep, stood on edge.

As if sensing this change, the beast-children who were surrounding Faneer-kun also stopped.

As she hobbled over to him, Connie stroked Faneer’s head in a discreet manner.

“Uh…um. You were very strong and cool, Faneer-kun!”


At that moment, Faneer’s fur puffed up as if he was excited, and his eyes, which had been sleepy, snapped open as he flushed red and collapsed.


“Hey, Faneer!? Get a grip…Hey—puhaha! His eyes are spinning!”

Connie was upset, and the senior beastmen were all bursting out laughing.

“Ahah…Was that too stimulating? I was going to go talk to him too…Fufufu.”

“Fufufu. He must have been really happy.”

“Brother Will!”

Brother Will had come to the side before I realized it. It seems that he had finished his school business and joined us.

“I heard that it’s become a third round duel, so who’s going to come out next?”

“It’s me.”

It was Johann who answered Brother Will’s question.

“Well…Show me what you’ve been practicing, Johann.”

“Yeah, leave it to me.”

Ever since he decided to become an aide, Johann had been practicing with Brother Will a lot. Although it was not quite a master-disciple relationship, it was clear that they both trusted each other.

“Nicholas made a fool out of Alice-sama and us in public, and even brought up Alice-sama’s  past…I will never forgive him.”

Johann’s eyes were unusually fierce as he said that.

It was nice to see him with such burning fighting spirit, but I thought it would be bad if he didn’t cool down at least a little bit.

I pulled Johann to me and gave him a light hug and patted him on the back as he greeted me.

“Johann…Thank you for being angry for me. But please promise me you won’t get hurt and won’t do anything rash.”

“Oh, Alice-sama—!…Yes, I promise. I won’t let him get a hand or a foot through the door, so don’t worry.”

Johann smiled as he said that with his face was a little red, and his glare was reduced. Then, as if he had made up his mind, he gallantly headed for the white lines of the duel area.

…I felt an intense gaze and turned around to see Nicholas glaring at me from Gabriella’s side.

When I blinked my eyes in surprise, he suddenly looked away…He seemed to do that a lot. Did I do something?

Did he simply hate me as an enemy of Gabriella? I didn’t really care either way.

With that in mind, I was ready for round two.

“You’re both in position—Then, let’s begin!”

At the sound of Headmistress Ortensia’s voice, the two started to run.

[Original Author’s Note] Faneer is fun to write…lol. Next up is Johann vs. Nicholas!


T/N: I personally think that Faneer’s crush on Connie is cute. Like puppy-love, haha.

Place your bets! Who do you think will win–Johann or Nicholas? Or perhaps they’ll tie?

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