Chapter 49: Miniature Garden, Opened

Chapter 49 from “Miniature Garden Chemister part 2 – Miniature Garden”

The weather was crisp and clear.

The cloudless sky was just perfect for the opening of Hinami’s Miniature Garden.

I put on the orange apron dress God gave me and stepped out of the shop entrance into the city.

My hair, tied up in a ponytail, swayed in a pleasant breeze as if to show my enthusiasm. I gently set the ‘Open for Business’ plate on the shop’s doorknob, and the shop was officially open.

Oh my goodness, I’m nervous.

Will any customers come? It’s possible that no one would come. I never thought that I would experience such a thrilling anxiety.

The days from when I was working part-time to pay for my sister Hana’s treatment seem like a lie now. I wish I could share this joyful excitement with Hana.

“Alright, I’ll do my best!”

Spiritedly, I took a deep breath.




“Oh! Thia-chan, you came!”

When I turned towards the three voices, I saw Thia-chan, Alfred-san, and Kiruto-kun. I wasn’t expecting them to show up on the first day of opening, and so early too. But I was so happy that I couldn’t help but run over to Thia-chan and the others.

“I didn’t expect you to come so early! I was so surprised. Thank you!”

“Because it’s a memorable day for Hinami-san! I definitely wanted to be first in line.”

Ehehe~ While I was very soothed by the adorable smile of the bashful and cute Thia-chan, when I looked next to her, Alfred-san seemed to be even more soothed. As expected, he had a more severe sister complex than even me!

After standing around and talking for a bit…I immediately showed the three of them into the store. Ikuru and Maro seemed to be making preparations as well, and when they saw the three of us, they greeted everyone with a “Welcome.”

“Wow, it’s so cute!”

“Thank you!”

When Thia-chan stepped inside, she clapped her hands together and was impressed with how wonderful it was.

The interior of the shop could be filled with three customers, but it was designed with a calm atmosphere to make one feel relaxed.

While looking at the potions, Thia-chan smelled something with  a “Huh?” And stopped in front of the scented Aroma Fleur.

This is what Maro had made earlier and placed in a basket. You could think of it as a special soap. The price was the same as the ones sold in the church—500 Rill a piece.

Because there weren’t many of them, there was a small sign saying “Limited to one per person.”

“That was made by Maro here.”

“Hi, I’m Maro!”

Maro stepped forward and bowed politely. Following that, Thia-chan and the others greeted her back.

Seeing Maro, who was younger than her, Thia-chan was excited about how cute she was. With this, the female counts have gone up again…!

“Maro, it’s amazing that you can make a scented Aroma Fleur. Thia, pick one. I get is as a gift for you.”

“Wow! Thank you, Brother!”

“And this is for Hinami. Congratulations on your new store.”


As I was confirming that Alfred-san was definitely still a siscon, the attention suddenly turned to me. Or rather, a gift for opening the store…is that what it was?

Because it was so sudden, I accepted it in a hurry, and it was heavy. Thia-chan was waiting for me to open the gift with a smile, saying, “The three of us picked it out for you.” I accepted it obediently and thanked her.

The gift I received had cute pink wrapping paper with a ribbon wrapped around it. The knot in the ribbon was adorned with a small flower, and I was happy to see how thoughtful Thia was.

“What is it~?”

“Can you help me open it, too?”

“Of course!”

It was heavy, so it might be something fragile. When Maro and I carefully opened the wrapping paper, a sleek and glittering, but heavy jewel was revealed.

……What, a huge jewel?

“Hey! I can’t have something this amazing!”

I panicked and said to Thia-chan, “It’s too expensive!” I was in a fluster because it was so unexpected.

It glittered and emitted a pink glow…I doubt that I’d even be able to see, let alone buy such a large piece of jewelry in Japan.

It was about the size of a soccer ball, and when I held it by myself, I felt a little wobbly.

Suddenly, a hand reached out from behind me, and when I turned my head, Ikuru was there, touching the jewel in a curious manner.

“…Is this handmade?”


The unexpected words that came out of Ikuru startled me. What? You can make jewels in this fantasy world? Rather, what if this is not actually a mineral, but a product? The value and use might be completely different than in Japan.

It was a bit heavy, so I handed it over to Ikuru…When I asked Thia-chan about it, he nodded widely.

“The three of us gathered the materials and had my brother process them for you. So don’t worry about it, and just take it!”

“Is that so…! It’s amazing that you can make such big jewel. Thank you, I’ll cherish it!”

Thia-chan smiled at my words and replied cheerfully,

“Yes! This gem is commonly called a ‘pink gem’ but it’s also called a ‘baby cradle.’”


“You mean like the bed?”

My question was followed by Maro’s, and we both had question marks floating above our heads. Thia-chan didn’t look uncomfortable with that at all, and continued to explain.

“As long as it’s a natural object…this pink gemstone will help plants to germinate. Plants that grow with a the pink gemstone grow quickly and very well. So we thought it would be perfect for Hinami-san…and decided to make it a gift for her.”


Maro and I harmonized our voices together and said, “Wow!”

I never thought there could be such an awesome gem. This is indeed a fantasy world. But does limiting it to natural objects mean that this gemstone can be improved?

“Therefore, this is a replacement for the amulet. For Hinami-san, the chemister.”

“Thia-chan…thank you, I’ll take good care of it.”


In Japan, it would called a precious gemstone. Probably something very expensive like that…I think.

I’d have to secretly ask Ikuru about its market value later. But for now, I’d give everyone a thank you… While I was thinking about that, the bell near the door rang, announcing a customer.

Can this be my first customer…!?



Following my strong shout, Ikuru and Maro spontaneously let out their own voices.

Looking at the customer with excitement, I noticed that it was a female adventurer. She had short cut hair and leather material armor, and was equipped with a dagger at her waist.

“Hello! I need a Garnet Potion…”

While scurrying around the shelves, I picked up a garnet potion from the shelf, “Here it is.”

Apparently she had already decided on what she was going to buy, so she came straight up to Ikuru at the register and paid the bill.

Although the price was rather high, I was surprised that she bought it so easily I called out to her, “Thank you very much.”

“Yesterday, a party member gave me a garnet potion from this place and I used it. I was amazed and surprised at how good it tasted!”

The adventurer gestures that it surprised her. As expected, I somehow thought that Coke would be well accepted in this world.

The adventurer seemed to be pleased and left the shop with a smile on her face.

I was relieved to see that, and thanked my first customer once more in my heart for her kindness.

“We shouldn’t stay too long or it will get in the way of work.”

“Yes. We should get going soon, too.”

Before I know it, Thia-chan was talking about that while showing Alfred-san the Aroma Fleur that she chose.

It’s true that it’s a small shop, so it’s not a problem…and it’s subtle to say that.

Alfred-san receives the Aroma Fleur and asks Thia-chan “What’s the effect?”

Oops! Each one of the effects are different and were not specified…!

I hurriedly asked Maro about the effects of the one chosen, and she told me with great excitement.

“It’s perfect for adventurers~!”

“What do you mean?”

“It makes the presence monsters more easily noticeable than usual!”

“I see. So, because it has a good scent, you can sense the presence of monsters in a different way…”


Alfred-san carefully corrects Maro’s rather rough explanation. It’s very easy to understand…!

But there really are many different types Aroma Fleurs. Others have the effect of keeping enemies away. Then there are those that can control temperature, which can be used for heat or cold measurement. This can make the body feel warmer or cooler. It comes in handy in places with unusual climates.

Alfred paid the bill and Thia-chan received the Aroma Fleur wrapped by Ikuru. Seeing her holding it carefully to her chest made me feel very happy.

“Then, I’ll come back again!”

“You can come visit us anytime you want.”

“Congratulations on a really great opening day!”

Thia-chan gives me a big wave, and Alfred and Kiruto-san each give me warm words.

Yeah, I’m sure they’ll come and play!

“Absolutely! I’ll contact you again!”

“Maro will be waiting for you, too~”

“Thank you.”

I wave back to Thia and the others and promise to see them again.

Next time, I’d have to bring them a gift as a souvenir…would adventurers still want potions? The dull answers go through my head.

“…Well in any case, the shop has just opened, so let’s do our best!”


Maro responds to my words with her arms up in the air. Ikuru…sure is a a character, isn’t he?

I was a little overwhelmed, but I’ll take the pink gemstone that Thia-chan gave me home with me for now. I’d make room for it in the shop later.


“Hello! Mana Potions, please!”


It seems that a customer had arrived while I was leaving my pink gemstone at home. I hurried back and greeted her with a “Welcome.”

Apparently, the customer this time was a magician. It was a woman wearing a long robe and a pointy hat.

This person…is the one who came to buy from the market stall before. I was a little glad to notice that.

The magician left the shop after purchasing three Mana Potions.

“Somehow, we’re doing pretty well…?”


Yes, I had the thought while I was thinking. Since then, we’ve had about three new customers…and then it become more quiet.

Hmmm, well, it can’t be helped. The first day of opening has been good enough for me so far!

If we take turns during lunch and breaks, it would be evening before we knew it.

Maro and Ikuru are making dinner, so I’m currently working alone at the shop. Every once in a while a customer will come in and I’ll serve them at the shop in person.

This shop was built just the way I like it, and it was a very soothing space. I felt comfortable just being there, as if it had been my place for a long time already.

“Hmmm…I wonder if it’s about time to close.”

I mutter a bit towards the customers that have stopped trickling in and look out the large window.

There are still a few people on the street, but it’s getting darker around here. It’s the first day, so I thought I’d close up pretty soon. Just when I turned my attention to the doorway, a customer came in just in time.



Um, a magician maybe…?

A woman, or rather, a grandmother-like customer. She wore a pure white robe, and the clothes I could see underneath were also white. The gold embroidery that was casually visible was very elegant.

I wasn’t sure how old she was, but her waist wasn’t really bent over. A working grandma! I guess it’s something like that.

“Is this your shop, little girl?”

“Yes. I just opened today.”

She looked around the shop and said to me, “Oh yes, you’re doing great.” She was a sweet old lady.

“You know, I’m a sucker for potions. Especially when it comes to chemisters…”


I wonder if she’s like a collector. Like a stamp collector but with potions.

No, but…the atmosphere felt a little different.

However, my thoughts disappeared at her next words.

“I didn’t expect to come across Letisreel-sama’s potions in such a small shop.”


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