Chapter 114: The Second Round

Chapter 114 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 3 (Magic Academy)”

Both Johann and Nicholas started running at Headmistress Ortensia’s signal, and both of them pulled their Athames out in an instant. Suddenly, a fierce close combat had begun.

Dagger combat was a game of speed and dexterity. The sound of blades clashing echoed around.

“Hiii, talking about killing intent…”

I whispered to myself. They didn’t seem to be taking it easy on each other at all.

I mean…Johann, who had returned to a clear mindset from my hug, seemed to be frustrated by Nicholas’ unrestrained and relentless attacks.

Wow, now, just barely out of the side of my eyes…Oh, wow

The fierce exchange of attacks, where even a single hit could lead to a serious injury, captured the hearts of whoever was watching.

The students, who had been turned into spectators, were still enjoying themselves and were happily throwing out fire.

However, some of the girls, who had probably avoided rough play in their lives, had become afraid to look too closely at the raw blade movements and began to stand back and watch.

I couldn’t cheer them on, knowing that it would be a disaster if I called out to them and made someone lose their concentration. I clenched my fists and watched Johann and Nicholas’ movements, concentrating on them.

Even with their speedy movements, they were still children. Their movements were not those of a sophisticated soldier.

Sometimes it was more like momentum than technique. Perhaps they both felt the danger of the unreadable movement, so they began putting some distance between them. Instead, a battle of tongues began.

“Heh, you’re not losing your power. A while ago you were just a crybaby following me around, but now you’re doing a lot better.”

“…! Ha, you’re the one who’s as strong as ever!…Well now, is that all?”

They were watching to see if they could stir each other up and create an opening…I mean, was Johann a big brother complex when he was little? That would be cute.

My train of thought was derailed by all the tension, but I took a breath as they began to move again.

“If I win, you’ll have to apologize to Alice-sama!”

“Huh?! I don’t have anything to apologize for!”


With a shout of enthusiasm, they stepped in and struck each other with clings and clangs coming from their daggers.

The arguing continued.

“You don’t have good eyesight, do you!? To that sickly master, who was called the ghost daughter…”


Johann snapped at Nicholas as he started attacking again, using me as a story.

“Say any more bad things about Alice-sama and…I won’t forgive even my brother!”

“Won’t forgive me?…Haha, that’s funny.”

Nicholas, whose expression quickly disappeared, lowered his posture. The next moment I thought that, he popped up and closed in on Johann.


“You see?…There are a lot of openings.”

The protruding dagger slashed at the back of Johann’s hand, as if caressing it as he sheltered the rest of his body.


A scream came out unintentionally at the fresh red blood that was dripping in a pool. Grunting, Johann held one hand down and backed away.

“A-Ah, the blood…! Johann, Johann no! You need to abstain! Johann!”

I scream at him. Even though I knew I shouldn’t, the voice came out of my throat.

However, when Johann heard that voice, he grinned. On the contrary, Nicholas clicked his tongue.

“You’re an escort, yet she’s worried about you like a pet. Such a good status, Johann. Will you surrender?”

“Hah…My master is kind. Unlike yours.”


Johann, who had a mysterious smile, wiped the blood off his face and started chanting in a whisper.

In response, Nicholas, who suddenly lost his temper, mumbled something with dark eyes.

“Johann…You’re the only one I can’t forgive…Why? Why you? Why you and not me…!?”

“Let’s do this, Brother.”

Johann, who turned forward, and Nicholas, who wobbled and held his Athame, faced each other and began running.

If one looked closely, you could see the whirling wind wrapped around Johann’s Athame. He was probably trying to take the lead with a longer reach than what the actual blade looked like!

“Go, the flame that eats through space!”

But when Nicholas, who seemed to have forgotten himself, shouted that, a small bullet-like flame shot out from the cleave waved tip which was swung like a sword.

It landed on Johann’s Athame, and the wind that had been swirling around it instantly became a blazing fire.


Nicholas quickly gained momentum and struck at Johann, who had dropped the burning Athame.


With a dull sound, Johann was blown away.

His light body flew softly and fell… just outside of the white line.

“…Winner, Nicholas!”

Along with Headmistress Ortensia’s voice, cheers echoed around the other side from Gabriella’s group.

[Original Author’s Note] It was a sibling showdown. Next up is finally the final round!


T/N: I was wondering about this earlier, but it almost seems like Nicholas wanted to become Alice’s aide instead and was jealous of Johann. Heheh–nothing like extra sibling rivalry! Although personally, I have one younger brother, and we get along great. He’s pretty much my best friend ^_^

On another note, I want to give special thanks to all of those who sent in donations. I finally got enough and placed an order for an updated japanese english dictionary (Coming in a few days, woo!!). I’m also saving up for a Japanese idioms/phrases book now too! Honestly, it’s truly thanks to all of you guys that my japanese and translating has gotten so much better. I want to use that to make sure these translations improve too. So grateful!

Happy reading everyone~!

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  1. Congratz for your new purchase!!
    I would like if I had the same mindset to translate like you xD…

    I think that siblings its something complex, even if I (the youngest) get along pretty well with everyone, my other two brothers doesn’t do that well, as well my sisters. Not they would start fighting with punches, but at least the room gets some degrees more colder when it starts ahaha…

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