Chapter 115: Regret and Determination

Chapter 115 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 3 (Magic Academy)”

“Ah…Oh, no!”

I rushed over to Johann in a hurry.


Johann moaned and raised his upper body, and was appalled when he realized what had happened.

“No…ugh, it’s a lie.”

“Johann. Johann. Are you okay? Let see your mouth—aren’t you hurt?!”

Blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth. His nose was bleeding, too. I couldn’t help but worry, and as I fussed over the stunned Johann, wiping the blood away, a shadow appeared from behind me.

“Not good enough, Johann.”


Before I knew it, Nicholas, who had come to my side, was staring at Johann with emotionless black eyes that were unreadable.

“You’re still a guard knight? There were so many openings, and you lost your temper easily, plus you were showing off your skills earlier in public…it was easy to take countermeasures.”


He had been watching the training? Johann bit his teeth inwardly.

When his brother gave him an unexpectedly good argument, Johann couldn’t stand it and looked down.

“Eh, what’s the big deal? You have no right to say anything to me, as you do terrible things all the time.”

Involuntarily, Nicholas looked at me.

However, for some reeason, his eyes of immeasurable intensity, wavered for a moment.

“…If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t indulge this guy. Advising him to abstain, or worrying about injury…that’s not what a master who is supposed to be protected would do to their knight.”


Kaa, my face went hot…I hated to admit it, but it was a good point.

Maybe it’s because I’m an adult on the inside, but I was aware of the fact that there were times where I saw the children as something to be protected.

But that’s not something I should allow in my position. To have that pointed out to me by my enemy, Nicholas…

No, rather, Nicholas is awfully calm compared to earlier. Is it because he calmed down after winning the game? Isn’t his character too different?

He bullies and lashes out at people in the back of the school building. This guy has a bad personality that seems irredeemable…And then he’d suddenly start telling people off? I don’t know what that is.

I suddenly knew nothing about the person called Nicholas…Nicholas turned on his heel and went back to Gabriella, who cheered.

“Damn it…!”

Johann put his trembling fist to his forehead and let out a sound like he was about to cry. However, no tears spilled out.

“I’m sorry, Alice-sama…! I’m—I’m so weak…!”

“…It’s okay. It’s okay, Johann.”

I’m sure Johann is devastated that he had now done something that couldn’t be undone.

However, the number of things that are truly irreparable are surprisingly few.

“But it’s my fault…!”

Johann looked up at me with tears in his eyes. I caressed his sorrowful face.

“I wasn’t prepared to be a master. Johann didn’t have enough training as an escort either. But we both still have our lives, and we’re not doomed or anything….So it’s okay. We can start over as many times as we want.”


When I told him that, as if to remind him, Johann’s eyes widened.

A child’s vision is a narrow one. If you don’t expand it at the right moment, they will assume that even the smallest thing is the end of the world.

It could be a failure of an exam, bullying, or a falling out with a friend or lover…

“The place and content of the training was my fault…I’m sorry, Johann. And I’m sorry, Alice-sama.”

“Brother Will.”

Brother Will bowed his head.

Part of me thought that he didn’t need to make such a big deal out of it, and that we could get it back in the next game…

But to my regret and frustration, Nicholas’s words made me realize that I wasn’t good enough for them.

So I said clearly.

“Wilhelm. As the head of the group, you must retrain him. Make sure that the rest of the entourage, everyone in the Golden Dawn Gang, and yourself, are as good as anyone else…Do everything you can to rely on those you can rely on and train them to be as good as anyone else.”

I stare at Brother Will.

When I looked closely into those eagle-colored eyes, I could see intense regret and determination in them.

“I understand…I won’t let this happen ever again.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Then I stood up and declared.

“To everyone of the Golden Dawn, do not worry. I, as the leader of the group, and a member of the House of Archelaus, will never lose a duel!”

As I shouted that powerfully, a cheer of support rose up.


T/N: That moment when you have to learn how to be a mature child instead of a mature adult.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 115: Regret and Determination

  1. Nicholas is definitely right about his hints… but still dislike that way to teach. Grrr…
    Just throwing everything after winning like his way is the only one right. Bahh! Wherever!

    The last match will be Alice and Gabriella? Heh.

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