Chapter 51: Dungeon 3-2

Dungeon 3 part 2

Chapter 51 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

Finally, we had arrived at the eighth dungeon level.

The eighth dungeon level was…how should I put it?

It was like a Japanese haunted house with countless wells scattered around.

This is definitely the kind of place where Sa*oko*** pops out, isn’t it? (***T/N: This is  referring to Sadako—the creepy girl from the movie “The Ring” but the name is blurred out on purpose)

I unconsciously clung to the arm that was nearby.

“Hmm? Are you afraid, Charl?”

It was Chris-sama, not my brother.

I almost clicked my tongue at myself, but I decided it was at least a good thing that it wasn’t Howard.

“Yes…just a little.”

I had said that ghosts were better than spiders, but I never imagined anything like this.

I wasn’t good with things that were clearly trying to scare me.

Over there…

I saw thin fingers come out of the well.

Is the head next?

I quickly prepared myself, but…the hand came out, and my movements remained stationary.


Was this the kind of thing where you have to get close to it to get it to come out?

As I tilted my head…

“The Illusion Wraiths are here!!! Everyone, brace yourselves!!!” My father in the lead announced in a loud voice.

Illusion Wraiths!!!

When I looked at my father, I saw a white, clear, round object about the size of a balloon.

…That’s an Illusion Wraith?

It had the appearance of  B** from Ma*io. If you turned your back on it, it would attack you. It was just like that. (***T/N: I’m pretty sure this is referring to the ghosts from Mario game. They are called ‘Boos’ in english, but I think they’re called something else in Japanese)

The unexpected appearance was disconcerting, but there were so many of them more than anything else.

This must have been a lot of work for my father and the others who had not been equipped.

As a countermeasure to the illusion wraiths, Father and the others used swords, spears, and other weapons imbued with holy energy, but they were unable to keep up.

The number of illusion wraiths continued to increase until they finally came to us, where we had set up barriers for support.

Charlotte’s pride and joy was her complete protection barrier, which had an effect that purified anything the moment it was touched.

The first few rushed in recklessly, but the rest of the illusion wraiths kept their distance and were on guard.

“It’s a very intelligent demon beast.”

“It seems so.”

As I answered Chris-sama, I was thinking about future developments.

Now, what should I do?

I thought it would be quicker to annihilate them with my magic in one fell swoop, so as not to cause unnecessary alarm.

When I glanced sideways at Mira, he was muttering something to himself.

“…Mira, did you do something?”

When I asked him about it, he stared at my face.

“That’s right. Charlotte’s here.”

I had a bad feeling about the way he said that…

“Charlotte, I want that transparent magic stone over there…”

“Magic Stone? The ghost type demon beasts also drop magic stones?”

“Yes. Magic stones are the core of demon beasts, so all but the weakest demon beasts have them.”

“What are you going to do with all those magic stones?”

“Are you making something?”

My brother and Chris joined in the conversation.

“It seems that illusion wraiths have the ability to recognize each other, and I was wondering if we could use the magic stone, which is their core, to guide them.”

“What do you mean by ‘guide them’?”

I asked, and Mira pointed to something.

“Watch that. The illusion wraiths will merge.”

I followed Mira’s lead and saw…

“Oh, they’re combining!”

The two illusion wraiths seemed to melt and overlap into each other

The fused illusion wraiths grew a bit larger.

“Yes. And the fused illusion wraiths will not return to their original state. In other words…”

“So you’re saying that we should fuse all of them together and then defeat them?”

Mira nodded widely.

Mira’s ‘Appraisal’ seemed to be useful on demon beasts as well.

It was like in an RPG game where you can see the status!

“It’s just that…how do we collect the magic stones?”

“I know a good way to do that!”

I had been thinking about this ever since I saw the apparition that looked like B**.

“Could I use the magic stones I’ve been collecting to make a magic tool like this…?”

I explained it to Mira by gesturing.

“I’ve never made one before, so I don’t know, but I’ll give it a try!”

“We’ll help, too.”

“My Brother, Chris-sama, and I nodded widely.

First, we had to collect the magic stones. We would gather as many as we could.

Leaving Mira and I, my brother and Chris-sama, who were wearing the complete mini protection barrier, headed towards Father’s side to collect the magic stones.

Next, I would tell them the future plan.

Mira and I planned our future strategy.

“Once the magic stones are gathered, I want you to imagine what you want to create and pour your magic power into the stones. Mira will create the image.” (***T/N: Here is Mira, speaking in third person once again!)

“Yes. I understand.”

“In any case…Charlotte’s imagination is out of this world, isn’t it?”

Mira laughed with a subtle expression of admiration and awe.

“When I’m with you, Mira’s problems seem so insignificant. The same goes for his eyes and appearance…You and Lucas and your family and all the servants at the mansion instantly accepted him, even though he has spent his whole life in fear and hiding. Mira’s family has never accepted me before.” (***T/N: Yes, it’s confusing, but Mira is speaking in third person here. I guess just assuming it’s Mira from now on will make things easier!)


“Really…Charlotte had only done horrible things to Mira, so I guess he had developed a tolerance. It’s not hard for Mira anymore, okay?”

Mira laughed with a smile.

“So don’t look so worried! You have to be selfish and keep swinging around so that Mira doesn’t get lonely, okay?”

Mira pinched both my cheeks.

“Mm, Mmshaa…”

“Hahaha. You have soft cheeks. I can understand how Ricardo-sama feels.”

Mira continued to stretch my cheeks.


I gave Mira a handful of blows to his head.

“You can’t keep stretching a maiden’s cheeks forever! And…you can’t just talk about Ricardo-sama so suddenly…”

I turned over with a bright red face and pursed my lips.

Mira suddenly held my ears down without saying anything.

“…Mira? Huh?”

“Ah. Ricardo-sama cheated…no…I wish Mira could have met you first.”

“What are you talking about? I can’t hear you!”

When I protested, Mira’s hands were easily moved.

“I didn’t say anything. Oh, but maybe I said something bad!”

“Huh!? What!?”

“Ouch! That hurts! Charlotte’s stupid strength!!”

I hit Mira in the head with several hand blows.

“It’s Mira’s fault! You won’t regret this, will you? I’m going to swing it around so hard that you will cry in disgust!”

“Yes, yes. I’m looking forward to it!”

It took a few more moments for Mira to regret smiling and sticking out her tongue at me.

You can’t just raise your own doom flag! Hehehehe

I didn’t realize that my brother had been watching our little moment with a complicated look on his face.


T/N: Interesting, so Mira has some outside knowledge. Perhaps another reincarnator?

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    I think that more than “boos” they look like “shy guys”. That masked smart little furtive sometimes flying multicolor hate-based guy.

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  2. finally caught up, was a bit bummed that it’s CH51 and still far behind the manga but after going through it i felt that it was reasonable


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