Chapter 118: After the Storm

Chapter 118 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 3 (Magic Academy)”

It was three days after the end of the big, tumultuous pre-winter break exam.

“Y-Y-Yes…! I did it!”

“…! I did it…!



In the outer corridor facing the courtyard, a piece of paper titled ‘List of Those Who Passed the Pre-Winter Break Exams’ was taped to the wall.

Among those who passed, of course, were myself, my aides, and a few of the late joiners.

There were also the names of Laurier-sama and Letitia-sama, the latter of which who had been having anxiety for a long time!

My aides, the beast-children, and I who had been watching everyone’s efforts for a long time, cheered loudly.

“Let’s go! Howl of victory!”

Fredge-sama looked up to the heavens, looking more excited than ever, clasped his hands tightly with a tight grip, and oh…! He howled.

That was followed by more clamor as the golden wolves started howling.

Hows and more howls came back from all over the school building. Were those seniors?

Ivan-sama and the black cats tried to counter the noise, but since were not a species that made loud noises to begin with, they made strange noises and looked a little out of place! That’s what it seemed like, but it was still cute.

“Thank you!”

“……I’m happy.”

Everyone was relieved when Leticia-sama smiled like a flower with a bright smile, and Laurier-sama, who seemed to be embarrassed by this flamboyant cheering, turned bright red and said as such with embarrassment.

……Well, that was such a peaceful time, but the end of the duel really was terrible.

In the first place, the prince had let his magic power run amok.

With all of the mixed feeling he had, he was collected unconscious by two covert-like men who suddenly appeared and claimed to be his ‘aides.’

They didn’t even listen to Headmistress Ortensia’s attempts to stop them, and after saying that they would be taking the Prince to an infirmary worthy of the royal family, they disappeared without uttering a word, along with the prince. We couldn’t do anything about it and sent them off.

……What does “an infirmary worthy of the royal family’ really mean?

That remained to be seen, but I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to lead to good results.

I couldn’t say for sure, but I felt uneasy.

And the other major source of anxiety, the arithmetic teacher Yuliela-sensei, who was a major influence on the whole debacle, had disappeared before I knew it.

However…the way he disappeared was so unnatural.

The arithmetic preparation room, which also served as the teacher’s private office, showed no signs of having been ransacked, just some hot tea that was steamy…as if about to be drunk.

The teacher’s own Athame and cloak were left in the room, and only the teacher was said to have disappeared.

I heard from the bizarre scene that there would be an investigation from now on, suspecting kidnapping, murder and other incidents, but…I had a sneaking suspicion that there wouldn’t be many breakthroughs.

And then there was Gabriella and the Noble Rose Society.

They had run off with their tails between their legs when their idol of a prince was in trouble, and then came back shortly after the storm had subsided only to shout.

“We were going to get a magic stone to suck out the prince’s magic power and help him!”

…Yeah, that’s no longer necessary. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Well, I wasn’t sure how much the prince would listen to that argument when he returned, especially when he already seemed to be feeling uncomfortable about things…

Even though I felt uneasy about all these disturbing matters, I straightened my back and puffed out my chest in front of the assembled Golden Dawn Gang.

I intended to gather more information than ever before about these confusing adversaries.

…I would have a lot to carry on my back from now on…

“Alice-sama. We are all here.”

“Thank you, Wilhelm.”

…But the ones I had to focus on first and foremost, were those standing in front of me.

“Well, about free research…?”

“What is this research?”

“It’s free research/study, Faneer. You can study a lot of your favorite things over the holidays.”

“Huh…What do you like…?”

“Then let’s study some cool howling then! Awooooo!!”



In the midst of all this rambunctious hustle and bustle, I smiled and let out a loud voice.

“Now then, I am going to announce the unifying theme for this winter’s free research. You can do any kind of research you can think of related to the theme…This will also be the major theme of our research activities from next term.”


“What’s that…?”

“Something delicious…?!”

They took a deep breath as I exclaimed to them in a high voice.

“Flying in the Sky!” (***T/N: This was the best translation I could think of, but it can also be seen as Fly in the Sky, or even Sky-rocketing/flying. In any case, the theme is about flying, hahaha)

…Under that tumultuous blue sky…

I smiled and laughed.

—End of Part 3 Magic Academy—


T/N: Well, that’s officially the end of Part 3: Magic Academy! I will be continuing on with Part 4: Winter Castle During Winter Break which you will be able to find on this page once I post the chapters! Part 4 will continue from chapter 119 and go until chapter 152.

As always, thank you guys so much for the comments and support! I hope you all continue to enjoy the story. Happy reading!

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  1. Awoooo!!!
    What sort of sound would the catkin do?
    “Myawooo” like Ryo-ohki in Tenchi? XD

    Now then… Alice will fly like a Sayan or like a witch?

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