Chapter 52: Dungeon 3-3

Dungeon 3 part 3

Chapter 52 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

“You’ve gathered quite a lot.”

Big brother and Chris-sama worked fast.

In the little time that we had been joking around, the demon beast stones were piled up high.

“Is this much enough?”

When I checked with Mira, I got his reply of, “It’s more than enough.”


My brother, called to me alone.

“Brother…is something wrong?”

The expression on my brother’s face, which I rarely saw, made me nervous.

Did I do something…?

“Compliment me.”


“I want you to praise me.”

What a spoiled brother!!!

It was almost like a cat was rubbing up against me for affection.

I didn’t know what that was…but I decided to do what my brother did for me.

“Big brother. Thank you. I love you!”

…I feel so embarrassed.

Embarrassed, I stood taller and reached for his honey-colored head. Brother lowered his head a little to make it easier to stroke. I stroked his head slowly and gently.

“You’re always so sly, Lucas!!”

Chris made a fuss when he saw that.

I felt uncomfortable if I didn’t do the same, so I let out a sigh and reached for Chris-sama’s head.

It’s disrespectful to ignore the crown prince…

I was breaking out in a cold sweat on the inside.

“Thank you, Chris-sama. Thank you for your hard work.”

Chris-sama’s golden hair was thin and silky.

“There’s no ‘I love you’!!”

“Yes, yes, Chris. That’s it.”

Brother laughed at Chris-sama and admonished him.

“Only Lucas…”

“She’s my little sister, so it can’t be helped.”


“That’s all you’ll get if you don’t want me to hate you.”


My brother glanced at me.

“Don’t worry about Chris-sama, okay?”


I faced the pile of magic stones and held out my right hand over them.

Send out the imagery as magic power…?

I sent as many images as I knew and could remember into the magic stone.

“Mira. I think I’ve done it.”

Hearing my words, Mira immediately performed an appraisal.

“Yes. It looks fine. Then, wait just a moment.”

Mira sat down in front of the magic stone. He held out his right hand as I had done, and then closed his eyes.

Mira’s right hand softened the hard, transparent magic stone, and the next thing I knew, they all came together to form a large mass.

So this is how magic tools are made…

It must be a lot of fun to see what you have imagined take shape. I can see why Mira was so into it.

I learned later that it was a very advanced technique to process magic stones and turn them into magic tools.

Normally, the medium was made of clay or some other material, and the magic stone was used as the core.

This time, he was able to do this because he was Mira.

The image I had envisioned was taking shape faster than I had expected.

“This is amazing.”

We couldn’t take our eyes off of Mira’s right hand.

“It’s done. Is this what you wanted?”

He handed it to me and I looked at it with a big smile on my face.

“Yes. It’s amazing. It’s exactly the same as I imagined!”


“Let’s begin the mission!”

I jumped out of the barrier by myself.

Of course, it was a complete protection barrier.

I put the cord of the magic tool on my shoulder and turned it on.

-Kweeeeeen- -Bohohoho-

The magic tool that used the magic stones themselves was high performance, and it sucked in the illusion wraiths that were everywhere, one after another.

That’s right.

I had imagined a vacuum cleaner.

It was a powerful vacuum cleaner with excellent suction power.

It was not a problem at all to increase the suction power of the vacuum cleaner so that the illusion wraiths would be sucked once getting too close to it.

If they reacted to the magic stones of this vacuum cleaner even a little bit, they would inevitably be sucked in.


It’s like a video game.

I sucked in all the illusion wraiths on the eighth dungeon level in no time at all.

My brother, Father and the others were approaching me.

“Is it done…?”

“Yes. After that, it’ll be finished once we purify the illusion wraiths that are inside.

It would be easier if we could just throw everything in to a trashcan as is.

The vacuum cleaner was wiggling.

It was because of all the illusion wraiths.

It wouldn’t be worth it to create a huge monster from this.

That’s why the battles were mandatory.

Oh, I can just pour holy water through the suction port!

“Brother, please give me that.”

“Hmm? You want to drink it?”

“No, I won’t drink it! I’m just going to pour it in here!”

I looked at my brother and pointed to the suction port.

“I see. That’s fine.”

He handed me the small vial of liquid.


The contents were, of course, holy water.

This was not the Chardonnay, the Queen of White Wine, which was banned and put in storage. It was one of the new prototypes that was put on hold until we could create a safe holy water that could be used by anyone. I asked my brother to keep a bottle with him just in case.

[A very powerful holy water. Wraiths are nothing to worry about! They will disappear into dust!]

I poured it in through the suction port.

Then, from inside…


Like a the sound of a squeaky toy…? And then the vacuum cleaner, which had been twitching and jiggling, stopped moving.


As I timidly opened the outlet to the vacuum and looked inside, I saw a huge transparent magic stone left behind.

“O-Oh…!!! I did it!!!”

Friends cheered and clapped.

Thus, the battle of the illusion wraiths was now over.

The eighth dungeon level is conquered!

It was so dull and boring…I had thought…

And then…

I felt a creepy, hair-raising presence.

It seemed that everyone felt the same…we all looked back in the same direction at once.


There were countless hands and wrists crawling up behind us. (***T/N: See thee pictures from last chapters for the example. It’s the monster that was in the well.)

There was no purification effect on the simple defensive barrier that had been put up just in case. It had created a horrible situation where the wrists surrounded the barrier.

Is this really better just because there is no Sadako?!?

No, no, no, it’s not that easy of a situation!

Besides, the movement of the wrists resembles that thing I hate…

Yes, a spider…

A spider.


I heard the sound of something inside me snapping.

I have no memory of what happened next.

According to Mira, I was more frightening than those arms.

With no expression on my face, I had chanted ‘Holy magic’ against the arms and eradicated them all.

After that, I turned around in the barrier and stared at everyone inside…

“Are there any evil, wicked, or dirty people here? I’ll turn them all to dust.”

I smiled and began chanting ‘Holy magic’ everyone there.

The adults scattered and ran away.

…I wonder if any of them had a guilty conscience…

Thanks to the adults and me running around the dungeon until I ran out of energy and collapsed, the eighth dungeon level was completely purified and changed from a frightening haunted house into a beautiful flower garden.


Big brother burst out laughing.

Mira and Chris seem to have been stunned.

…After all, it was not an easy dungeon to finish.

Incidentally, this incident became an event that was feared by the adults known as the ‘Charlotte of Oblivion.’

…Hmm, well…okay.

If you don’t want me to erase you, don’t do anything bad!


T/N: Summary of this chapter:

Definitely like a video game, lmao

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