Chapter 119: Winter Vacation Plans

Chapter 119 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

It was a little while after the pre-winter vacation exams.

There will still issues with the Prince, Yuliela-sensei, Gabriella, and other concerns, but things had calmed down for the moment.

The over-winter ceremony…or the closing ceremony as it was called in my previous life, was held.

Winter vacation was a time to return home and spend a peaceful New Years over the harsh winter season. The ceremony was held not only here at Lovaine Academy, but also in many other places throughout the country, as a way of saying ‘May you have a safe winter.’

After the over-winter ceremony was over and we were released from the hall, I gathered mainly with the Golden Dawn members to exchange farewells, while being amused by Ortensia-sama’s unconventional greetings as usual.

Over the winter vacation, I won’t be able to meet Alice-sama and be pet…it’s not…”

Ivan-sama had teary eyes.

The other black cats and golden wolves also had their ears drooping.

As I was being hit by the need to abduct all of them due to their adorable appearances, I managed to suppress the urge and called out to them.

“Winter will go by before you know it, Ivan-sama. I’ll pick up lots of souvenirs for you guys, okay?”


I gently stroked his drooping ears and gave him a good nudge, and his tail started to stand up. It seems that he had regained his energy, but his face still looked sad for some reason.

Furuda and Nirufa tackled us right away.

Ivan-sama, who was blown away by the two of them, huffed out ‘Gwaa!!’ and was plunged into his group of friends.


“It’s not fair to Ivan-sama!”

“That’s right!”

The white cat twins who shouted this rubbed up against me, meowing at me. I’m not sure if it was because this freedom inspired the others’ or not, but the other beast-children all gathered around me at once.

It reminded me of that special ‘good child good child’ day*** I had some time ago. (***T/N: For reference, please see Chapter 82: “Good Child, Good Child Reward)

Ahhh…!! So blissful.

As I was thinking about how adorable they were, I could hear Yulena, Matilda, and Johann laughing and whispering in my ear.

“Fufufu, Alice-sama. Are you sure it’s okay to be taken in like that?”


That’s right! I opened my eyes.

It was not just the aides and the beast-children that made up the Golden Dawn Gang, but rather a group of people, includes the children of other factions.

The connection is still a little thin, but there were also others who had come to rely on me as well.

As I looked around, I saw three of them looking at me, fidgeting a little further away.

They were Maria of the Aurum Ward, Arthur of the Platina Ward, and Shin of the Diamante Ward.

“Take care, all three of you. I will see you all again in the new school year.”

When I stepped forward and bowed politely with a soft smile, the three of them and the children around them laughed as if relieved.

The impression of victory or defeat in the duel was diminished by the prince’s outburst of magic power.

However, because of my powerful attacks, the rumor of ‘Alice is a cowardly daughter’ that Gabriella had taken the lead in spreading had died down considerably.

That was also the reason why I had the impression of being more accepted, especially by the kids of the same grade, after the duel.

“Take care, everyone. I will see you all in the spring.”

After saying this, I repeatedly shook hands and hugged everyone and said our goodbyes for a while before entering the dormitory after chatting with one another.

Once I returned to the vicinity of my room, chatting with my schoolmates Laurier-sama and Leticia-sama, who were also close by, I found that the servants of the Archelaus mansion were making preparations for my return ahead of my aides.

“Welcome, my lady. The Master and Mistress have told us that they cannot wait to see you.”


The smile on their faces made me think of my father and mother’s smiles and my face fluttered. I was planning to spend this winter in the Archelaus and Heimer territories, so I would have plenty of time.

“Ah…that is, Alice-sama…”

When Laurier-sama said that, I turned around and saw that she was fidgeting a lot.

“That is…During New Year’s Eve, there is a very good view nearby the castle in the territory. That…that is…well…”

“Alice-sama, Alice-sama, Letitia is going too! Would you like to join us?”

Th-This is.

Perhaps an invitation to spend New Year’s Eve together…!?

I was knocked out by the tag-team of Laurier-sama, who was unusually shy, and Leticia-sama, who supported her, and I found myself saying, “I’ll go!” before even asking for the details.

Needless to say, my aides later admonished me saying, “I understand your excitement, but you can’t just answer immediately without checking your schedule!”


T/N: Hello everyone! We are now officially into part 4 of ‘Mastering Magic in an Otome Game!’ This segment will go until chapter 152 where I will then continue on with part 5. I hope you all have been doing well as school has started up and labor day weekend begins! As always, I am always so grateful for everybody’s continued support and am always happy with any feedback on how I can make your reading experience better.

Happy reading! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    New year, new experiences. I can’t wait to see what will happen.

    That is my opinion, but I think that you’re doing a great work! Both translation and proofreading are fine and easy to catch. There is also some explanations to help us with thing that we don’t remember or know. Aaand… there is the next button and title!
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    1. Ahaha, no. I want to keep it as Heimer for consistency. The program that changes all the ‘Jaime’s to ‘Heimer’ hasn’t been working, so now I’ll be going back individually to fix them–Sorry for the confusion! But just in case I miss any of them. Jaime faction = Heimer faction.


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