Chapter 120: I Can Go See Them~

Chapter 120 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

I hurriedly sent a message to my parents, and soon received a reply saying that they agreed.

I had wondered if it would be a bad idea since it was so sudden, but they were rather overjoyed.

This is what I heard later, but they had said stuff like, “Alice has a school friend…! New Year’s Eve together!? That is now the level of best friends… it’s a top priority! Okay, you’re changing the winter plans!”

Apparently, my parents and Alphonse were in a festive mood for a while. They felt bad that their only daughter hadn’t had any friends for a long time, and were worried about me…but now they were relieved and this seemed to have reassured them.

That was why I decided not to go back to the Archelaus territory for the winter, in order to have time to go to Einschutt territory.

Because the relatives of the Archelaus family were also going to be there, we decided to gather them all together at the Heimer’s territory, give them our year-end greetings, and then only those of us who could travel easily would then visit the Einschutt territory.

It was a rough plan, only made possible by the close proximity of the three territories.

“Ho ware the preparations going?”

As I was asking the servants to take out the luggage in the hall on the first floor of the dormitory, Brother Will came strolling in.

“Since there isn’t too much, it ended in the blink of an eye. Ufufu, I’m looking forward to going home!”

“Yes. My brother said he was looking forward to it too.”

Brother Will smiled, how cute.

 On this trip back home, I had decided to get together with the same group of people from the family reunion before we entered the school, so Brother Will and Brother Oluris were both traveling with me.


“Johann, you should stop looking so jealous, okay?”

Contrary to the happy Brother Will, Johann was groaning regretfully.

Matilda, who admonished him for it with a grin, and Yulena, who looked on with a wry smile, also looked somewhat forlorn, because if it weren’t for my words, they would choose not to be separated from me.

They would return to their parent’s territory for a time.

An aide position of a high-ranking noble can be said to be a career path for children below the third child. Therefore, many of them expressed their devotion to be liked by their masters even more and would not return to their parents’ home except for weddings and funerals.

However, they were still young and I wanted them to cherish their family, so I told them to visit their parents once a year.

They seemed a little sad to be away from me, but they also seemed happy when I told them, so I was sure I was right.

“Damn, why aren’t I related to Alice…?”

“You can rest assured, Johann. I’ll make sure to be loving Alice enough for you as well.”


Calm down, Johann, and don’t stir things up so cheefully, Brother Will.

I left the sulking Johann to Matilda and Yulena, and turned to Brother Will.

“Okay, Brother. I’ll leave it to you, but will you be able to handle it with your own self-study and research?”

As announced during the duel, I had decided to leave the education of the members of the Golden Dawn Gang to Brother Will. That is why I was leaving the education planning during the winter vacation to him.

“Yes, it’s fine. I’ve told Legion to take care of the human children and Yusef to take care of the beast children. I’ll take all the reports and manage them, so I think I’ll be able to oversee the whole picture.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone can do.”

I stopped myself from smiling, holding my cheeks with both hands.

In any case, the unifying theme of “flying in the sky,” or “flying,” was something I had been dreaming of since I was reincarnated in this world.

I don’t know what kind of ideas the children would come up with, but for now, I think my plan would be successful as long as they were interested.

Incidentally, there were no spells for humans to fly, nor were there magical tools like brooms or carpets in this world.

I was surprised when I found out that such things were only at the level of fairy tales, and that nothing like them even existed.

It’s a world full of wonders, and there are magic circles, so I thought it might be possible if I tried a little harder. I looked into it, but even when I tried to force myself to float, I would have to keep casting spells, which would be inefficient and dangerous, and it would be impossible to control my movements and altitude constantly. In other words, it was very difficult to make something fluidly mobile.

When it came to magic tools, an enormous amount of time, magic power, materials, and human resources would have to be spent in the endless prototyping process. If one didn’t know about  something like airplanes, then they didn’t have a successful image of people being able to fly.

In addition, it was difficult to conduct research at such a high cost in a country where a certain cult that insists on growing crops on the ground is prevalent.

However, there was no way I could become a witch and not be able to fly.

Knowing about its usefulness and the fact that it can be achieved through science rather than magic as a last resort gave me  the courage to push forward.

In that case, this was what I should do.

“Even so, it’s a strange thing to think about wanting to fly. It would be nice if I could, but isn’t it scary to imagine?”

Brother Will stroked his arm, as if he had imagined himself floating precariously in the air.

“It seems to be useful. And if you can attack from the sky, don’t you think you will lose fewer battles?”

When I said that, Brother Will gave a small laugh.

“It would certainly be useful. But then again, Alice, attacking from the sky—you’re thinking like a dragon.”

“A Drag—”

My excitement rose at the sudden appearance of that fantasy term. So then they exist in this world too.

No way…!

“Brother Will, have you ever seen a dragon before?”

“Yes, I have.”


The words that were returned casually echoed in my head over and over.

The first floor hall echoed at my own voice, and the panicked members of my entourage shushed me.

No…no way.

Does that mean it’s normal to be able to meet dragons in this world?

So there is a dragon that I can go and see…!!

“I’m not sure what’s wrong, Alice. Do you like dragons that much?”

“I love them! I love them!! I mean, their existence is so romantic…Yes, I sense the great romance of their existence!”


I suddenly started to get excited, and everyone looked at me blankly. I returned to my senses for a moment, but the excitement never faded.

“Brother Will, what did the dragon look like? Was it cool!?”

“Well, the one I saw was quite a small winged species. I only saw them flying from a distance, so I’m not sure if they were cool or not…If you’re going to the remote Einschutt territory, you might be lucky enough to see one.”


My eyes went black and white, and I almost shouted out again until Matilda and Yulena hurriedly closed my mouth.


“Alice, calm down!…Huh, it’s really strange that a girl would like dragons so much.”

It was a little embarrassing to be chuckled at, but I couldn’t help liking what I liked.

In order to cool down my red cheeks, I held my face with my hands again and turned over.

All of my aides watched me with a smile.

[Original Author’s Note] Alice wants to fly freely in the sky. And for the first time, the topic of monsters has come up.


T/N: Alice about to go flying on a dragon, hahaha.

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