Chapter 121: The Departure

Chapter 121 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

I was currently in a carriage on the way to the Heimer estate.

Although it was shaking, I was sitting on Brother Oluris’ lap in the comfortably furnished interior for nobles.

…Yes. This was an unprecedented situation that would likely make one look twice. But make no mistake. I was being carried sideways in his lap like a baby.

“Alice is so light.”

“Thank you…?”

When I looked up, I could see the gentle beauty of Brother Oluris, with his heartwarming flowery effects.

The arms and robes that held me loosely were softly scented with the soothing scent of herbs and plants.

His silky, lightly pigmented hair flowing over his dark blue robe, was beautiful.

I was buried completely in the body of such a tall brother, and was hugging my knees sideways. This situation was at best, great…and at worst, bad for my heart.

Hmm…Hmmmmmm. Brother smells so good, doesn’t he?

…Heh. Yes, it is the scent of an ikemen. (***T/N: An ikemen is basically a ‘pretty boy’)

When I looked at the seat across from me, I saw Brother Will looking at me with his cheekbones pouted in a miffed expression.

…You must be sulking because your favorite brother is occupied. Sorry Brother Will, I’ll give him back to you soon.

“…Brother. Isn’t it about time that…”

“Well, but Will…I haven’t seen her in a while, you know?”

“……No, you met when we were making our membership cards before the exam, didn’t you? That’s not too long ago.”

He wasn’t fooled, huh? Oluris, who received that comeback, pouted his cheeks, saying that it had been a long time since a week had passed.

As for why this was happening, the story goes back to the moment we got on the carriage.

In order to get to our relatives who were waiting for us at the Heimer estate, those of us who remained in the imperial capital—the students, the Virgil brothers and I, and Brother Onyx and Sister Athena—left the imperial capital with our respective aides and servants.

The Heimer siblings, who had many aides even though they were limited in number, were each in one carriage.

And when Brother Oluris, myself, Brother Will, and Connie, without our aides, were about to board the other carriage, a mysterious struggle was already underway.

“Alice, you can’t reach the step of the carriage. Come now, I will hold you and give you a ride. Yes, lift up your hand…”

When I tried to obey Brother Will who said that, I was picked up from behind with a strong hug.

Looking up, I saw that it was Brother Oluris, who looked a little lonely.

“I’m usually left to my own devices, so…let me?”

He looked like such a lonely puppy. I think it was inevitable that I would respond with a fluster. I could see Brother Onyx and Sister Athena smiling wryly in the distance.

However, even in the carriage that we boarded, Brother Oluris did not let me go, for some reason. He was gentle yet unwavering.

“Brother Oluris. I can already sit in the carriage by myself.”

When I said this, thinking that it was the first time since I was three years old that I had traveled in a carriage with him, Brother Oluris merely smiled happily.

“Yes. You’ve grown up.”

-Stroke- -stroke-


“Well, so then it’s okay to let me down…”

I was very happy that he was gently stroking my head while smiling, even if it  was a bit terrifying.

Brother Will, who was seated across from me, looked at me as if he wanted to say something, and when I said so, Brother Oluris became depressed again.

“It’s not often that I get the chance to do something like this. I also wanted to spoil Alice like Will did…”

I’m not sure who could possibly say no to the cuteness of Brother Oluris, who said this with a hint of embarrassment.

…No, there really isn’t anyone who could.

Brother Ville groaned and looked away from the scene, and Brother Oluris, who had been granted unlimited pampering rights, patted me on the head and chatted with me on his lap…

After leaving the imperial capital and entering the neighboring Heimer territory, Brother Will became impatient to Brother Oluris, who still hadn’t let go of me even after several hours of rest.

“Isn’t it about time that—!”



Brother Will flinched at Brother Oluris’ lowered eyebrows and fragile, yet somehow irresistible, smile.

After a few rest stops, Brother Will was finally forced to take his place to the Brother Oluris who had shown some mysterious brotherly power.

But Brother Will’s next words made me fall, and I relaxed my hand.

“Alice. The other day I saw Ivan threatening a stray cat that he bumped into on the corner of a building…Would you like to hear about it?”


I jumped up and immediately began to fidget, and Brother Oluris, who laughed at me, released me.

The mysterious struggle had come to a close.

[Original Author’s Note] We have finally left the imperial capital! All after a peaceful…No—a playful session. Haha!


T/N: Not too much happening this chapter, but it was super cute seeing Will and Oluris fighting for their ‘Alice rights,’ hehehe

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