Chapter 53: To the Royal Capital (1)

Chapter 53 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

Silas Myuuhen was the last capture target.

He was a half-elf with long platinum hair, amber eyes, and long, pointed ears.

His beautiful appearance, which was a characteristic of elves, attracted all who saw him.

A black-hearted, silver-tongued man who was good at magic attacks.

“Charlotte-chan, you’re so cute! Won’t you be my sister?”

Silas hugged me.

The Silas I knew was nothing like this older sister who was wearing fluttery, frilly Lolita fashion!


“Don’t call me by that manly name! Just call me Sily!”

I’m going to say this twice because it’s important…

He wasn’t supposed to be this sisterly character!


The day after we conquered the eighth dungeon level, before the sun had even risen, my brother and I were riding in the Avi family carriage to the royal capital.

The purpose of this trip was to order uniforms and other items for the Royal Academy of Ravitz, where my brother would be enrolled.

Even though he was a nobleman, he had to go to the capital by himself?

I had heard that this rule was only for male students, but it was a way to learn how to take care of yourself.

Selecting and arranging for the things needed until you enter the academy was a task that a child like my brother, who had already been helping Father run the estate, could complete without any problems. Still, not everyone could do that.

Children who had been left to the care of their parents, family members, or servants would be the first to receive this baptism.

In any case, they would have to live alone in a boarding school, so this was the first step towards ‘taking care of oneself,’ so it was good to do your best.

So why am I accompanying him there?

The reason is that I wanted to see my brother in uniform as soon as possible. That way, I could easily imagine Ricardo-sama in his uniform. It was like killing two birds with one stone!

The pure uniforms of Ravitz Academy…Fufufu.

I was only half-joking…

…But also half-serious.

Well, other than that…I wanted to visit the Royal Capital for my future plans. Since my father and brother gave me permission, I decided to accompany him.

In case one was wondering, there was no such assignment meant for the female students of Ravitz Academy. As long as the uniform was in the prescribed form, it could be made to order at home, and it didn’t matter what brand, fabric, or manufacturer did it.

Besides, only a female student could take a maid with her, so she could leave the personal care to the maid. It was a very sweet school for young ladies…

There were some students who did not have maids, but they are usually able to do everything on their own, so it would not be a problem.

—Inside the carriage—

My brother was sitting across from me, quietly reading.

Today’s title was “How to Train Your Dog”

…Huh? We don’t have a dog in our house.

Last time I saw him, he was looking at a book on how to keep a cat…but has he now decided to get a dog?

The word ‘dog’ brought Howard to mind for a moment, but I shook my head vigorously from side to side to get it out of my head.

“What’s wrong? Are you tired?”

I looked up and saw that my brother was looking at me, smiling gently.

“Come here.”

He patted his side and beckoned me towards him.

I listened obediently.

I stood up and grabbed his outstretched hand, and he smoothly led me to sit beside him.

It would take more than half a day to get from the Avi family territory to the royal capital.

If I rode alone, I could shorten the time a little more, but I was not good enough to ride fast, so it was impossible. I was limited to a slow, leisurely stroll.

Maybe I would learn to go by myself someday…

Suddenly, when I thought of this, I remembered.

I remembered that this road to the royal capital was the one that Lucas and Commander Kyle had ridden back on at a fast pace on after the stampede incident.

I unconsciously hugged my brother’s arms tightly. Without saying a word, he stroked my head, and I took advantage of it and rested my head on his shoulder.

“When we reach the capital, let’s eat something delicious.”

A gentle voice came from above my head.

The Stampede is just a story from the game…

I’m doing all that I can right now, so it’ll be fine.

I told myself that.

“…What’s the best to eat in the Royal Capital?”

“Hmm, I guess…”

My brother looked up and pretended to think about it.

“Oh, there’s something called Fluff, which is like a sweet pancake.”

“Pancakes! I want some!”

“And then there’s these baked goods called Charrons. They might be served at dinner.”


I wanted to try the ‘Charrons’ but…I was depressed thinking about the dinner.

Tonight, we had been invited to a dinner at my uncle’s castle, where the king of this country lives.

I was very worried that the vassals in the castle would make unnecessary inquiries…

Chris-sama and I had somehow become friends, so I was afraid that he might say, something like ‘I want us to be the crown prince and princess!’ or something like that.

Even if he did, I would firmly refuse!

But I was looking forward to meeting Queen Silvia.

Sylvia was my mother’s best friend, and she loved me like a daughter.

…She also loves me as a dress-up doll… -sweats-

“Charlotte, wake up.”

As I was thinking about everything, I had fallen asleep before I knew it.


I rubbed my eyes, letting out a small yawn.

“Yes. Look outside.”

I did as my brother asked and opened the small window to look outside.

“Oh wow…!”

I woke up in an instant.

There was a mountain of people—so many people that it was incomparable to the Avi territory.

The whole city was full of life.

From the old and historic buildings typical of the royal capital, to the small shops, the wide variety of buildings filling the streets reminded me of a big city.

In the center of the city stood the large castle where we would be staying today.

So this is the royal capital?

“I want to get my uniform done first before lunch…is that okay? Are you hungry?”

My brother asked me, and I consulted with my stomach.

I just woke up, so it seems I’m not hungry yet.

“Yes, I am. It’s fine.”

“I see. Let’s go, then.”

Our carriage headed straight for the tailor.


T/N: Hey all! Sorry it’s been a while, but I hope you’ve had a great week! In any case, it looks like we are finally moving into the next arc of this story, so hopefully things will pick up a bit more in the next few chapters as we look into the next capture target Silas (Sily??).

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