Chapter 125: Hellfire

Chapter 125 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

Baphomet’s red eyes widened, and the group stiffened.

“Stand back.”

Brother Oluris, who had quickly regained his composure, spoke sharply, and Brother Will lifted me up as if he had been hit and moved away. Brother Onyx was quickly sheltered behind the guards he had with him.

The carriage guards who were closest to Baphomet also readied their long swords and looked to Brother Oluris for instructions.

“I’ll burn down the tree. Guards, stay away from there!”

Brother Oluris shouted briefly and began to chant.

Then Baphomet shivered like a frightened child.


The sight of him reminded me of my reason for getting off the carriage.

It was mostly to see what a magical beast really looked like, or to see how to hunt a planter, just in case.

But that was just the surface of my consciousness.

In reality, I wanted to see how much of a tolerance I had for the act of killing a living thing.

Perhaps I wanted to realize in advance that this really was a world where direct exchange of life was familiar, unlike in modern Japan.

With that in mind, I stared right at the beast.

He had just been born, so he probably didn’t even fully grasp the situation.

He cocked his head and looked around in awe.

His body began to tremble, as if he sensed the intense killing power of those surrounding him.

As Brother Oluris was about to finish chanting to it like a pitiful lamb, a guard out of the corner of his eye wavered and approached Baphomet.

—He stood in front of it and held his sword toward it with a slow motion.

“What are you doing, Relic!?”

Another other guard shouted at the guard named Relic…who pointed his sword at us.

Brother Oluris was also surprised by the guard who suddenly came into range and stopped chanting. The spell would be redone if he interrupted it with another word, so he kept his mouth shut even though he was confused.

When I looked at him to see what was going on, Relic gave me a strange expression and let out a shaky voice that sounded like a sobbing laugh.

“I-I-It’s pitiful, isn’t it? Th-This, this is a newborn child, and you’re just surrounding it.”

He spoke in a completely different cadence than before, and his hand was shaking as he held his sword. There was clearly something wrong with him.

No way…I looked at Baphomet through Relic.

And there it was.

As soon as he noticed my skeptical gaze, his pathetically trembling childlike appearance stopped, and his gaping mouth turned up into a crescent shape.

The goat’s eerie eyes narrowed as it held Relic in its grasp, filled with a horrifying murderous intent.

On the ground with his hands, I saw something like a magic circle that glowed faintly.

…Relic is being manipulated!

“What are you talking about!? That’s a demon beast! Get out of the way, Relic!”

When his fellow guards shouted, Relic shook his head to resist, then dropped his arms with a gulp and began to walk shakily.

Then, while approaching Brother Oluris, he began to swing his sword.



The fellow guard jumped in front of Brother Oluris and caught the sword, but it must have been an unexpected force. His sword was blown away.

“N-No, no no no no, I’ll protect this goat. Protect…I will protect this goat—Ah!”

As the wielded sword was right in front of Brother Oluris, a branch flew out with a sound of splitting the earth, restraining Relic and pulling him down.

Perhaps it was Brother Oluris’ cheat ability…like having the spirits protect you. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Brother Oluris opened his mouth again, looked at Baphomet, and completed the spell.

“<Burn away soul and body, Hellfire!!>”

At that moment, with a popping sound of air, a pillar of fire rose up.

The Baphomet in the center of the column screamed and writhed as if scratched by metal, and then turned into charcoal without a trace.

Relic, who had probably been manipulated, fainted and lost his strength.

[Original Author’s Note] Is the guard in danger of being fired? Next time: The retreat to the carriage and what Alice saw.


T/N: Not gonna lie, this battle ended differently than I thought ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Oh well, maybe we’ll get some more insight in the next chapters. Should be coming out soon!

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 125: Hellfire

  1. Ouch! No turns for our protagonist? No mofumofu for mofumofuying? Sad…
    Relic was the same that cutdown first? If so, maybe xD
    Nah, they will not fire him after all… right?
    Maybe just literally 😅

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ofcourse, mofumofu only apply to fury cute monster and legendary or divine level beast. Fury eerie is just gonna be annihilated on sight.


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