Chapter 126: Saint-sama?

Chapter 126 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”


Another carriage guard rushed to the unconscious Relic…For the sake of convenience, let’s call them Blondy-kun and Relic.

Blondy-kun ran over and picked up Relic.

Beside them, Brother Orris was wetting and cooling the remaining ashes and the spread-out grassland with magic.


I heard a rasping voice and looked up to see Brother Onyx turning pale. And then he shuddered.

“I’m not sure what that was, but…we’re less than a day away from the capital.”

It’s no wonder he reacted the way he did. From the moment that the newborn was born, it had a horrible malice and murderous intent…If a magical beast with the ability to manipulate people was in my living area, I would be too scared to go out.

Brother Will, who was holding me up and evacuating, also had an uneasy voice.

“We were able to find it early because it was along the road, but if it had sprouted in a more secluded place, it might have bloomed a little later.”

Indeed. we were able to see it by chance because the coachman’s seat was high up, but otherwise we would have passed it by. Thinking about that made me tremble and mutter.

“It was only just born and it was so atrocious, so if it were to be grown up…how scary.”

The early extermination of the planters was a duty of the nobility, but this seemed to be a more important mission than I thought.

As I was shivering, Brother Oluris, who had finished cleaning up the spread of the fire, called out to Blondy-kun.

“Um…are you okay?”

“…I!! I, I-I, I am so sorry!!”

Blondy-kun jumped up in surprise at being called by Brother Oluris, and threw Relic down on his knees.

Wait, his head hit the ground really loudly. Relic, are you okay?

“Oh, that guy just hit his head…”

“S-Sorry! I’m sorry that my buddy Relic misbehaved so badly!! He’s an idiot, he’s impatient, and he makes terrible mistakes, but he’s a good guy, and he’s my childhood friend—so please spare his life! If you want to punish him, then please punish me!”

“What? Uh no, there’s no punishment or anything.”

“Is punishment not enough…!?!?”

“Eh!? Then, with my life!?”

“His life!?!?”

Calm down, both of you. Especially you, Blondy-kun.

In the first place, Brother Oluris’ limit was on the verge of collapse as he was talking to someone he wasn’t close to.

His body was shaking like a rabbit and his eyes were welling up with tears because of being pushed around so much.

I couldn’t help it, so I jumped from Brother Will’s arms and walked around to give a deadly little girl’s karate chop to Blondy-kun’s head.


“Please calm down.”

I simply told him, and then asked Brother Oluris to take car of Relic.

He nodded reassuringly, casually soothed away from the blonde, and crouched down to hold Relic in his arms.

Brother Oluris’ long, pale, light green hair caressed Relic’s painfully sleeping face as it fell away.

…Hmm, Brother Oluris is supposed to be a man, but he looks like a holy Saintess…???

Even when I rubbed my eyes, the glittering effect that had suddenly scattered out from Brother Oluris would not disappear.

“Yes. Drink this…Can you drink it?”

“Mm, -gulp- -gulp-

It seems that Relic, who felt sick, was drinking the contents of the small bottle that Brother Oluris took out of his bag.

However, he froze up when he saw the close-up visage of the beautiful person with moist eyes smiling before him.

“I’m glad you’re okay…Is there anything that hurts?”

“O-Oh, ah, um—No, n-no!”

The low yet delicate voice of Brother Oluris sounded concerned. Relic was clearly falling in love with it because he turned bright red. Then, as if remembering the situation, he jumped out and sat down next to Blondy-kun.

“I-I’m sorry! I’m so so sorry! It’s all my fault. I’ve put you all in danger because of me! Please let me take responsibility for not being able to protect you!”

“What are you talking about? If you’re going to be making amends, then it’s going to be with me for not being able to do anything!”

“Oh, Alfredo…!”


Calm down.

It seems that he no longer knew how to deal with the two people who were running at him with bizarre intensity and belief.

Brother Oluris, who had been crying half the time, finally came running up behind Brother Will and me.

The two of us patted his head and he seemed to have recovered quite a bit, peeking his face out while twitching, and managing to speak.

“I-It’s not like there’s anything to punish in the first place. You are the guards attached to the cross-border carriage, not the guards directly under Alice or Onyx-sama. That’s a little different. We should have been staying in the carriage…and, um…”

In that way, Brother Oluris continued to throw gentle words to Relic and Alfredo (who is also known as Blondy-kun).

Then, the two guards blushed and seemed to emit a flowery aura.


“A Saint…!!”


When I heard a mysterious word that I couldn’t stop myself from listening to, Brother Onyx gave me a calm ‘tsk!’

“Well, I’m still going to complain to the guild about how they thoughtlessly cut the Planter and how easily he was manipulated.”


The two of them let out dumbstruck voices at the merciless comment.

As Brother Will explained later, these two people were basically interpersonal guards or escorts who would accompany those who rented a border-crossing carriage. It was different in the more remote areas, but it seems to be a common thing near the royal capital.

After all, it was no wonder because aristocrats usually had much stronger magical powers than ordinary people, and were often stronger than the carriage guards who didn’t.

It is said that there are some who only report magical beasts or planters when they find them and do not touch them, so the fact that this guard took the initiative to hunt them instead of leaving it to the aristocrats made him a highly conscious person.

The guards were not far from Brother Onyx’s carriage, but that was the general rule.

“I-It’s just that…I’m also part of the lower nobility, so I wanted to do my job…b-b-but I made such a terrible mistake…!!”

Hereafter…the hot blooded friendship theater of the two guards, and Brother Oluris’ Saint certification ceremony, were repeated once again. I will note here that I was forced to terminate the scene with another karate chop.


T/N: I don’t know about you guys, but this was all I was picturing in my head while translating.

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