Chapter 55: To the Royal Capital (3)

Chapter 55 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

It was finally time for the lunch I’d been waiting for!

Sitting in a restaurant was fine, but since we had come all the way to the royal capital, we wanted to enjoy the food that could only be found here.

…So we went to the food stalls of the royal capital!


Of course, the first thing I wanted to try was the ‘Fluff.’

I bought one from a stall that was selling fluffs with lots of colorful fruits on it.

I wanted to eat a lot of other things, so I split it  with my brother.

A ‘Fluff’ was a pancake shaped like a waffle. The sweet and sour fruit on top of the sweet dough was a nice accent.


Hmmm. I think that this would also go well with…

“…Charlotte, don’t you think ice cream would go well with this?”

It seems that my brother thought the same thing as I did.

That’s right. If there was ice cream, this fluff would be perfect.

As expected, an ice cream devotee can tell the difference!

“I’d like to try it with ice cream, can you make it?”

“We have excellent cooks, so I think we can make it!”

They were also ice cream devotees and would be happy to help.

“Then, I’m looking forward to it!”

Hmm…I really need to spread the word about ice cream as soon as possible.

I’ll talk to Mira about it when I get home.

We need to build an ice cream machine!

Umm. After eating something sweet, I now want to eat something salty.

So then, what’s the next best thing…?

As I was scurrying around, I saw a crowd of people at one of the food stalls.

If there were so many people there, it must be a popular stall.

I pulled my brother’s hand and headed towards the crowd.

As I approached, I noticed that it wasn’t people lining up for the stall.

There were young men and women who seemed to be arguing with each other.

“That’s why! I told you I’m not going to!!”

“Just go out with me. I’ll buy you a drink.”

“No! You’re so persistent!”

The girl was very uncomfortable, but everyone is keeping a distant eye on her, and no one seemed to be helping her.

…What should I do?

As I was watching the situation, my eyes met with the girl’s amber eyes.

She was probably about the same age as my brother.

She had long platinum hair and amber eyes. Her ears were long and pointed. Those were the features of a beautiful elf.

The face of the beautiful girl with the slightest bit of makeup was familiar to me.

Who is it…? It looks very familiar.

Did I know any elves who wore white and pink Lolita fashion with lots of lace and frills?

“Is that…Silas?”

My brother wrinkled his brow and muttered.


That male’s name…the name you’re saying is someone I know?


That elf is a girl.

…No, wait a minute…

I closed my eyes and let my imagination run wild.

That slender and tall build…if I take off her makeup and put her in a uniform…

“…Silas Myuuhen!?”

A familiar face came to mind, and I couldn’t help but scream unintentionally.

“Huh? Do you know Silas?”

My brother stared at my face.

“Well, um…well…”

After my subtle reaction, my brother, who was aware of the situation, gently patted my head.

“I’ll be back in a bit.”

He said and headed towards Silas.

I didn’t expect him to be here…Silas.

This means that all the capture targets are now here.

Big brother, Chris, Howard, Mira, and Silas.

I already knew that the people in this world were slightly different from their counterparts in the game.

…But you wouldn’t normally think that your capture target would be trying to get over his or her gender, right? -sweats-

Is she just a cross-dresser, or is she actually an older sister at heart?

I feel like I’ve hit on a complicated problem…

Well…that’s fine!!!

He’s not my capture target!

It would be better if I didn’t torment him, do bad things to him, or have anything to do with him.

I don’t want to get involved, but for some reason I keep having more contact…it’s not my fault!

…I don’t care!

If you care, you lose! Charlotte.


“Thank you for your help! I was saved.”

I came back to awareness to see my brother and Silas.

As they were walking side by side, they looked like a tall, beautiful couple.

“Silas. This is my sister, Charlotte.”

“Jeez~! I told you not to do that!”

Silas puffed out his cheeks at his brother, then turned to me.

“So you’re Charlotte-chan! Nice to meet you, I’m your brother’s friend, Sily~!”

Her amber eyes narrowed as she smiled.

…For a moment, my spine felt a chill.

‘This person is scary’—that’s what my instincts told me.

It seems that even though he is dressed like this, Silas is still a black-hearted man.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Charlotte Avi.”

I did my best to put on a good look and make a ladylike bow.

If I showed weakness to this kind of person, I would lose.

As long as I smiled while pretending to be pretty…

“Charlotte-chan, you’re so cute! Won’t you be my little sister?”

Silas came to hug me.

…It’s useless. She’s just so different from my image of Silas that it’s confusing…

The Silas I knew was never the older sister type who wore fluttery, frilly Lolita fashion!


Unlike ‘her’ fluttery appearance, this strong arm power was the strength of a real man.


“Don’t call me that like a man! Call me Sily! Sily!!”

She said it twice because it was important.

He wasn’t supposed to be a big sister!!


And so…here we are, back at the beginning of To the Royal Capital part 1.

I was still in Silas’s embrace, and I was at a loss.

When I glanced to the side, I saw my brother smiling happily at me.

That face…he’s enjoying seeing me in this situation, isn’t he?

Silas was Silas, and he was observing me from the top of my head with sharp eyes.

Did I do something to make him stare at me?

My brother didn’t want to help me, and Silas didn’t want to let me go…

I let out a sigh and looked up at the sky.

It appeared that Silas was the grandson of a Margrave Count of Myuuhen.

I say “appeared” because there was no evidence.

Silas was born of an elf mother and a human father. His father died in an accident before Silas was born.

His mother did not tell him about his father’s family background, and Silas did not talk much about his father out of concern for his mother.

As a half-elf with human blood, Silas had been persecuted by the elves since he was born. However, it was still good when his mother was still alive. His mother was kind and protected him from her fellow elves. However, his mother died of an illness when Silas was eight years old, probably due to years of hard work.

Silas had a high level of magical power from an early age, and was good at various kinds of magic. He was taken in by an old couple, the Count and Countess of Myuuhen, when the elves took notice of him and tried to use him as an assassin.

The Countn said that he had found in him the likeness of his late son, but it is said that he took pity on Silas’ situation and took him as his grandson.

Silas continued to work for the Count in order to repay his debt to him and his wife for taking him in and raising him.

He was very different from Ricardo-sama, who was taken in by his grandfather as well…

Perhaps his ‘older sister appearance’ was also due to this activity.

I glanced at Silas.

“Charlotte-chan, what’s wrong~?”

Hmmm. If this was an act, it was really amazing.

She had become an older sister, and her voice sounded like a slightly husky woman’s voice.

His female power was uselessly high.

…Please just let me go.

I looked at my brother again and asked him for help.


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