Chapter 127: Inn Town

Chapter 127 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

I managed to stop Relic and Alfredo who were going off in the wrong direction, such as by offering themselves to Brother Oluris’ aides and trying to escort him to the carriage.

The carriage started going again.

“Sister Athena, are you alright?”

I had been worried about her appearance earlier and brought that up as I settled down beside Connie.

“You looked so pale…I’m sorry for anything I might have done.”

I’m not sure if he was worried about the commotion caused by the unexpected battle, but Brother Oluris squirmed in guilt. I hurried to follow up on that.

“No, at some point, Athena-sama will have to subdue planters and magical beasts, so I don’t think it could have been helped…But it was a bit strange.”

“Is that so?”

“Sort of, yeah.”

The brothers nodded their heads. I noticed it because I was looking over there as I watched Brother Onyx get into the carriage, but they must not have seen it because they were tangled up with the guards.

Sister Athena certainly looked pale and frightened by the battle, but what bothered me more was that for some reason, when she saw my face…her expression turned stiff for a moment.

As I was wondering what was going on, Connie gently patted me on the back.

“It’s already getting dark, so just to be safe, we’re going to spend the night at an inn town before the territorial capital…I’m sure Athena-sama will feel better after a night of rest.”

Certainly, Sister Athena and I must have been exhausted by the unfamiliar outings and encounters with magical beasts. It would not surprising if we could not make facial expressions or misread them.

I nodded at Connie’s words and looked out the window in a daze.


The inn town of Clarus, where we arrived, was a lively town with well maintained cobblestone streets, as it was just before the capital.

It seemed to have been developed along a large road, and the buildings along the main street were particularly tall and crowded together.

The further you went into the alleyways, the lower the buildings became, and the more it felt like a simple rustic private home for locals. It was just like a picture-perfect inn town.

As I gazed at such a cityscape, we decided to stay at a high-class inn for nobles and merchants, and finished a simple dinner.

Then, at night.

I was very sorry to say, but…it seems that I would be making a selfish request for the second time today.

[Original Author’s Note] I wonder why the cobblestone streets of medieval Europe are so exciting. It’s even better if there are laundry on ropes, narrow alleys, churches, and narrow stairs leading to the sea.


T/N: Just a short chapter today, but I’ll work on posting the next one sometime tomorrow!

I hope nothing is wrong with Athena…and I wonder what selfish request Alice will make? I kinda feel like it will be something casual and not as serious as this chapter made it seem.

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  1. Thanks for the chapt!
    I’m shorry… ahn… who was Athena? XD
    I’m starting to get lost… right now i’m following a bunch of otomege translations ahahaha


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