Chapter 128: Powerful Words

Chapter 128 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

“It’s totally fine if you want something to write on for parchment, but…”

I felt sorry at Brother Will’s confused voice, but I asked him for help.

“Just for a little while. Please leave me alone in my room for just a little while.”

I posed my request in front of Brother Will, Brother Oluris, and Connie, whose overprotective tendencies had been accelerated since the incident with Baphomet back on the road.

The inn’s interior was warmly lit by lamps, and there was a soft linen bed in front of me that made me want to dive right in after such a tiring carriage ride.

But there was something I still had to make sure of.

“It’s okay to wait in front of the room, but…I don’t want anyone to come in…That’s just too suspicious, isn’t it?”

Connie nodded her head in agreement with Brother Oluris’ reluctance.

“It’s like you’re saying that you’re going to do something dangerous!”


I could not strongly deny it, because the safety was uncertain.

However, I really wanted to find out for myself, so I urgently asked everyone, saying that I wanted to write a secret letter.

As a result, I was sitting alone in my inn room with a lot of parchment, a quill, and an ink pot.

“That’s…the ‘Devil’s Tarot’…isn’t it?”

What I wanted to confirm was the golden magic circle Baphomet was hiding in the palm of his hand.

It was circular in shape, but the outer circumference was scant…Rather, what was more shocking to me was the center, which had mostly been hidden by his hand.

It was an intricate rectangular pattern…perhaps something I had seen in my previous life.

“Okay…I believe it was drawn like this…”

I drew it up, relying on my occult enthusiast memory.

If what I had glimpsed in the daytime and my past memories was correct…

It was definitely Arthur E. Waite’s version of the ‘Devil’ card, published by Ryder and Company—in other words, the most popular version of Tarots in that world.

Incidentally, there were many versions Tarot cards.

There are many versions of the Tarot, including the Marseille version, the Thoth version, the Waite version, and countless others with their own interpretations and illustrations. However, the one I saw today through the gap in Baphomet’s hand was probably closer to the Waite version.

That is to say, Tarots were often used for divination, to read suggestions from their mystical designs and numbers, and for this reason, the details on Tarots were finely defined.

For example, in the ‘Magician’ card, the figure was holding a tool in his right hand and pointing upward while his left hand pointed down towards the ground.

This is said to represent key phrases such as ‘above or below’ or ‘within or without,’ which one might have heard about if they knew a little bit about magic—In other words, about the heavenly energy flowing through the earth.

In this way, it was said that everything from one’s belongings to the movement of their fingers had a meaning. Therefore, it was easy to identify which category you are by looking at your features.

Now then, let’s talk about me.

In my previous life, when I was a voracious reader of the “Fierce Occult!” series, reading all kinds of books on magic, I really wanted to learn about wizards and fantasize about the contents of magic school classes, so how could I not know the patterns, details, and meanings of the Tarot cards?

“Well, I know and I remember them all.”

Having handwritten and annotated the cards to memorize them, I struggled to draw the ‘Devil’ tarot card on the parchment.


I groaned as I drew out the Tarot of the Devil in front of me.

When I saw it again, I was convinced that the center of the magic circle used by Baphomet during the day had been the ‘Devil’s Tarot.’

“But that’s not really the point, is it?”

It’s not like I could just show off my past life knowledge in such a profound way to other people, so I had asked everyone to leave the room.

But nothing happened. It’s not like a demon would appear with a bang the moment I completed the card or anything.

“Hmmm…is it designated for monsters? Perhaps it’s for Baphomet only? No, I don’t think so.”

Tarots…were used as a fortune-telling tool, weren’t they? I vaguely called back on my previous knowledge.

There were various similar things to call them…oracles, celtic crosses, and so on.

Then I slammed my hands down and opened my mouth, letting out a dumb “Ah.”


—-At that moment.

The room was enveloped in a torrent of magic power, a storm of wind, and an enormous amount of light.

[Original Author’s Note] That’s right. It’s the magic that you’ve all been waiting for. Here it comes!!! -laughs-


T/N: I’m calling it. I think Alice is going to summon something. We might get that mofumofu after all!?! On an entirely different note, all of these tarot cards reminded me of an old anime I watched a few years back–anybody ever see Arcana Famiglia? Getting more into tarot cards might be fun!

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