Chapter 129: Interpretive Reading

Chapter 129 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”


The magic power was drawn out of my body so quickly and densely that I could practically feel the rumbling sound.

It was like a raging wind, whipping up several sheets of paper and swirling them around me.

But I knew it intuitively, that this was not from my magic going berserk.

I could feel the magic power being drained on its own, and while the phenomenon was similar, power was being absorbed by the luminous being in front of me after it had gone wild for a while.


The Virgil brothers and Connie, sensing something strange, opened the door wildly.

“Wait, brother, don’t come over here!! Connie, close the door!”

“Huh!? Y-Yes!”

When Brother Oluris saw me in the center of the room, with the paper flying around and the room lit up with an unusual amount of light, he tried to move as quickly as he could, but I stopped him. I made him close the door as well, judging that it was something that should not be seen by others.

“What…is that!?”

When Brother Will entered the room and moved closer to the wall, he saw something that was sucking my magic power.

A piece of parchment depicting the Devil Tarot quickly floated up into the air, emitting a golden light.

In addition to that, my Athame flew out of its sheath on its own and floated up, pointing its cutting edge at the tarot pattern.


…………What should I do?

I  was trying to stay calm and assess the situation, but the truth is that I was really freaking out. Something was definitely wrong. I could feel it so strongly that I had lost the worlds to speak.

“Uh, wait, wait, wait. That must be it, the previous words I just used were wrong, so… I should able to calm it it with tarot-related words, right!?”

I mumbled to myself while breaking out in a cold sweat. I felt that Brother Oluris and Will were in a panic, but for the time being, I decided to give it a try.

“W-Well, uh…Tarot, devil, magic, cards, um…”

I shouted while clutching my head.

“‘Interpretive reading’?”

The light suddenly grew brighter……That’s not good!!! Aaaahhh!!!


“Ah! W-Wait, Brother Will, I’ll figure it out!! Um, let’s see…Major Arcana? Minor Arcana? Sword? Pentacles? Positive Upright position!?”

As if in response to the words I shouted in a panic, magic power was drawn in.

In that moment, what flashed through my mind was an image from my previous life.

What? Is that a magic lantern? Just as I was about to despair, the golden light converged, and the parchment with the tarot on it burned up into ashes.

After a moment of silence, both the lamp and the mysterious light were extinguished, and a sizzling sound echoed in the darkened room.

Along with such an ominous sound, a crack like a dimensional rift appeared in the place where the tarot had been floating…and a strange figure with large black hands and sharp claws and crooked goat horns appeared out of it.

“…!! Alice!!!”

“W-Wait, please!”

Right in front of me, a mature Baphomet was trying to crawl out of the dimensional gap, clad in miasma.

However, I was struck by the phenomenon that had occurred because of the words I shouted…

I had come full circle and was now calm.

One of the words that the ‘positive upright’ position of the Devil Tarot means is “illusion.”

Then, the next word would make it have the opposite meaning.

“‘Reversed position.’”

Additional magic power was drained away. Along with those words, the adult Baphomet in front of me wavered and disappeared.

The wind that had been making the paper fly up in the air with a flapping sound also stopped.

All that was left behind were us, who were stunned.

[Original Author’s Note] Writing this was too much fun. This is it, this is it~ \(^o^)/ Woohoo!


T/N: Ooof. Just how much trouble do you think Alice is gonna be in next chapter?

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 129: Interpretive Reading

  1. Bruh, she just summoned a very dangerous demon in the middle of a town, she didn’t know how to stop the invocation and she tried to do everything alone.
    She’s definitely in trouble

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