Chapter 130: Seiza and Hallucinations

Chapter 130 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

Silence fell over the whole room.

“………So, what’s going on here?”


The racket I caused had upset everyone in the inn, but I quickly uttered, ’It was mistake to practice wind magic! Sorry!’ With an apology and a right-angled 90-degree bow from the daughter of the Marquis, the matter was put to rest for the moment.

Brother Onyx and Sister Athena, who had rushed to the scene, were worried…or to be more precise, they were more like, ‘What did you do, now!?’ But I pushed it aside with a ‘Practice failure Teehee ~’.

It seems that I didn’t have any trust because I had been making fuss with dueling and factions as soon as I entered school. However, since this was a closed-door event, I pushed through it.

Well, that’s how I forced the surroundings to calm down.

Right now, the four of us—myself, the Virgil brothers and Connie, who were in the room and witnessed the phenomenon—were holed up in my room.

I was made to sit upright in seize position on the bed by Brother Will, who stood was standing in front of me, crossing his arms……

“Umm…well, I can’t just leave it at that…I guess.

“That’s correct…”

Brother Oluris lowered his eyebrows and crossed his arms in confusion. I couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat at the sight of Brother Will, who was exerting a lot of pressure, and Connie, who was genuinely concerned.

“First of all, you lied when you said you were going to write a secret letter, right?”


I was afraid of Brother Will’s glaring eyes. I couldn’t look him directly in the eye and trembled in my seat, looking down.

“Hmm…Didn’t you say that it wouldn’t be dangerous?”


Brother Oluris used a gentle tone, but he accurately jabbed at the key points.

“Ahhhh, Connie I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! Don’t cry!”

I couldn’t stand Connie’s crying, so I hurried off the bed and ran over to her to give her a big hug. I really was weak tears…!

Waiting for me and Connie to settle down a bit, everyone sat down and the story resumed.

“Alice…I wonder if we’re not trustworthy enough to you.”

Previously, his eyes were blazing with anger due to worry, but now they had changed, and Brother Will was looking down and muttering to himself.

“Nn! N-No way, such a thing—!!”

Its wasn’t that I didn’t trust them, rather, everyone here was the center of my world.

I argued that point, but this time, Brother Oluris opened his mouth, looking straight at me.

“I know there are some things you can’t tell anyone…but I will protect whatever secret Alice has, no matter what it is…You believed in me, Alice, and I’m going to believe in you no matter what, okay?”


The words echoed so warmly that I couldn’t say anything.

“Uwaa, -sniffle- -bwooooo- -sniff-”

“H-Hey, Connie!? Calm down! Take a deep breath!!”

Then I rubbed Connie’s back, who had started crying too much again.

I didn’t know what to do. I was going to have to apologize, follow up, and explain everything from all directions…

I was tempered at the thought, but the overwhelmingly shocking words from Brother Oluris made me freeze.

“And, you know what? Before Baphomet showed up, Alice was surrounded by an unfamiliar landscape, like a hallucination…There were tall silver buildings and something that wasn’t a bird flying in the sky…There were also people in unfamiliar clothing……What was that?”


T/N: Oooooh, poor Alice. This just took an unexpected turn, hehe!

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 130: Seiza and Hallucinations

  1. Easy! I don’t see, I don’t hear, I don’t understand. XD
    But that’s the best timing for her to explain her situation or let it die and never bring it to light again. At least until she doesn’t make some other ahn… mistake? Again 😅


    1. Hello! I don’t have a set schedule on when I update chapters because I translate during my free time. However, I try to post something at least every/every other day. Because I have 3 different novels I’m currently doing, I usually update this story every few days. Although this story has a little more priority than some of my others. 😊


  2. She should pretend that her head hurts as a way to dodge the question. Like she can’t remember and it caused her head to hurt


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