Chapter 49: If That is What You Want

Chapter 49 of “I, A Commoner, Was Actually Reincarnated Part 2”

Elementia, the royal capital of the kingdom of Elementia, has an enormous fortress city with a royal castle in the center. It radiates out from the castle towards the city where people live.

The closer to the castle you are, the more higher ranking nobles set up mansions, with barriers and city walls in between. Next, there is the aristocrats street, which is lined with shops for the nobility. Only the nobleman, their family members, and district officials and servants who work at the castle are allowed to enter.

Past the aristocrats district is the intermediate area, where the richest of the common people live. It is built around the nobleman’s district, and if you go through it, you’ll find the town of Elementia.

The first place is called the commercial district, which has inns, restaurants, and a wide variety of shops. There are also brothels. There are also those who make it a profession for a living. There are various types from the high-class brothel where nobles go to the cheap inns where the tavern and the brothel are combined.

And Elementia is also near the sea, with a large canal flowing in between the commercial area and the residential area where the commoners live.

When one passes the busy commercial area with its inns and various shops, they will come to a large canal, and after crossing the bridge, you will find the residential area for commoners.

The northern area was well maintained up to the area near the entrance of the commercial area where the taxpayer shops were located, but a little further back than that, was a rough and tumble area.

Zak in his robe, and I, similarly clad in robes, walked slowly through the old, deserted streets.

The alleyways of the royal capital were paved with beautiful cobblestones and the carriages were easy to drive. But once we entered the place called the ghost town, the alleys narrowed and the ground was exposed to bumpy dirt and stones, with weeds growing everywhere. It is a drop in the bucket compared to Royal City to the point that its almost hard to believe.

Today, Zak and I had come to this area known as the ‘ghost town’ of the northern region. Indeed, it was worthy of being called a ghost town.

About two days ago, officials and knights of the royal castle had gone on an inspection tour. This old wooden town was crumbling everywhere and was in no shape to be inhabited. I wonder how the people who read the report of the inspection felt.

The air was stagnant and stale, and there was also a strange smell of filth. The air was stagnant and bad things seemed to be accumulating.

When I looked down, I could see Zak’s expression through the gaps in his robe. Immediately upon noticing my gaze, his expression relaxed.

“Fii, are you sure you’re okay with this place?”

He looked a bit cautious, making me confused.

“Yeah, it’s all good.”

I replied, looking up into his eyes.

“Well…as long as it’s what Fii wants.”

“Thank you, Zak.”

It was now past three in the afternoon. If this had been an area on a busy street, there would be a lot more people because it was tea time, but as it was a ghost town, there was no one there.

However, I could also feel a few signs of people. It was like they were visiting. I felt as if I was in a place left behind.

Even if its the same royal city, there was still a place that was so different. It was still in the city center before the canal. If you crossed the canal, it was no longer a commercial district, but a residential district for ordinary people. And once you crossed the bridge over the canal, the northern region became more desolate.

I had always thought that if I was going to do anything that would lead to the reconstruction of the Eastern Country, I would first want to set up its beginnings in the common man’s city of Elementia. I had a reliable ally in the Adalard Trading Company for distribution.

I wanted to be able to naturally infiltrate the lives of the Elmentia people with goods from other countries and foods that until now could only be eaten by aristocrats.

The other thing I wanted to do was to create a place on the mainland for those who were said to be ancient creatures living on the Cross Island. This was where they had originally lived. If there are in fact “non-human beings” living quietly amongst the people, then they could live a peaceful life if there was a place to live safely.

I wondered if it would be possible to create a place where people could live naturally, even if they coexisted with one another, a place that transcended the barriers between people based on their status, place of birth and race. Because a dream would only remain a dream if you did not do anything about it.

I greedily asked Zak for many consultations, but he listened quietly and patiently to the end of my words. Then he made a suggestion.

“There is a dense area in the Royal Capital where lower class downstream people live without permission, but I heard that some of the extremist members of the House of Lords and some of the most influential citizens have asked the state to wipe them out.”

“What do you mean, ‘wipe them out’?”

“A literal wipeout. It’s a way of warding off the northern region with a barrier, identifying all of them with a clear view, and banishing those who do not have a registry to the demon forest outside Royal Capital.”

“…Such an irresponsible thing.”

“Or, some say they have been living in the northern region for generations without paying taxes and without permission, and some of them want them to work to death in forced labor areas.”

“That’s like being a slave…But there are anti-slavery laws in Elementia, right?”

“Yes. Sometimes people are incredibly cruel. They think that ‘if it’s something that needs to be eliminated, then it must be harmful,’ and with just a little guidance, they attack all at once, as if it’s an outlet for all their frustrations. Whether it’s right or wrong is irrelevant.”

“Yeah, I know humans are such creatures…”

“It is such a place…but here’s a consultation. How would you like to grow this place together with me, Fii? If this continues, those in the northern region will not only be neglected, they will be forcibly removed. I’ve heard that the king’s lieutenants are going to put their heads together and say that they can’t spend taxpayers’ money to improve the northern region.”

Hearing his words made my heart ache.

The reason why Zak was going out of his way to buy such a troublesome thing was because he intended to fulfill my selfish desires. Always, that was how he filled me up with such warmth.


I clung to his waist like a child, just as I did when we met. More than the fear of starting something unknown, I was glad to have another thing to do with him. It was nice to be able to snuggle with him like this.

“Fii is so cute.”

That’s what he told me as he stroked my head.

When he suddenly said that to me, I could only hide my face, which was already boiling at the moment, against his body.

I heard him laugh as he stroked my head.

The distant past. He had given so much to me in the distant past, when I didn’t know even a shred of happiness. He filled my heart with warmth. He taught me the word ‘love.’

‘I want to see him.’ That was my last wish at that time, which was fulfilled across time and space. I was so full of love that it resonated with that past me and made my heart ache.


Less than a month after the announcement of Duke Valmonter’s control of the northern region, barrier pillars were unknowingly implanted in all the major places of the northern region. This was not to regulate the flow of people in and out, but to cleanse the stagnant land. It was not just a normal barrier stone, but the ‘Saint’s Eyes.’

The work itself was not a big deal, so it was done at his beck and call. From then on, the story that Duke Valmonter would cover all the expenses for the development of the northern region, ran throughout the royal capital of Elementia.

That didn’t mean that his enormous assets would be shaken, though no one knew that the amount was astronomical, easily surpassing that of the national treasury.

It was not the intention of Duke Valmonter to interfere in the management of the Kingdom of Elementia itself again. However, after the start of trade with other countries, it seemed that he had no choice but to undertake it.

It was rumored that the hero who had appeared on the scene long ago as a part of the business, had remained the same throughout the years.

Even the unpaid taxes of the northern region that had been in question were said to be trivial compared to the funds that he would use for the reconstruction of the northern region. Everyone was watching in silence to see how he would lead the region from now on.


Recently, the common people often spoke about a farm that had suddenly appeared in the residential area of the northern region.

The place was said to be an abhorrent part of the royal capital, but before they knew it, a rustic hut made of wood that looked like it could have been built in a forest, had appeared. The hut was tangled with ivy, giving it the appearance that it had existed there from the beginning. Strangely enough, there was a huge tree growing next to the house that had never been seen before. There should have been no such tree.

The hut was used as a base for fields and farms that spread out one after another.

The farm was filled with the smallest pigs one had ever seen running around.

The way that the once desolate wasteland had been transformed into a lush, green farm and orchard, was something incredible for those who did not have magic, as well as for those who did.

In addition to the elves and dwarves, various other non-human beings had a hand in this, but no one knew about it.

On the roof of the farm, a red-painted metal weathercock spun around, making a clattering sound.

Occasionally, a few red birds, much like the red weathercock, up to the height of an adult’s knees, would flutter around the huge tree or hut.

At the entrance of the hut, beautiful flowers that one had never seen before were planted in pots and were in full bloom. A lamp hung in the doorway, and even in the daytime, the light stayed on.

In a short time, the rundown buildings around it gradually disappeared, and it didn’t take long for flowerbeds and waterways to be drawn out, transforming what used to be called the city dump into a beautiful farmland.

Then, as the residential areas were being cleared, the next step was to start building up the ghost town. What was old and in danger of crumbling was now gone. The streets were being rebuilt steadily without anyone noticing.

Along with this, the officials of the royal castle and the priests of the temple were also being used. The Duke of Valmonter had instructed that the registration of those who did not have a family register was to be carried out. Once registered, they received various benefits.

In the northern region, a new building for the temple annex was built, and the registration of family registers was carried out there.

After the registration was completed, a clean apartment house would be allocated. People could live there free of charge for three years.

After that, the registrants were informed that there was work on the farm for those who wanted to work. When they were told that they would receive daily wages for their work, many of them flocked to the temple. There was a system in place that did not allow for double registration in the family register.

However, criminals were handed over to the waiting officials as soon as they were identified.


“How’s that? I designed the layout of the building.”

There were two men with blond hair and green eyes in front of me. And they look exactly alike, as if looking in a mirror.

“Jastille, don’t speak to the young lady like that.”

Filgred, always calm and gentle, cautioned him in a stern voice.

“Filgred, it’s okay, the language is unnatural if you aren’t used to it here.”

I replied.

“You see? That’s what the little lady says.”

The one called Jastille made sure to stick out his smug face to Filgred.

“But I’m very worried that my brother will be sloppy about a lot of things if I don’t tell him properly.”

“Filgred is hard-headed, so it’s difficult. I don’t know why he’s like this, even though we’re twins.”

“I don’t want to be told that by you.”

The man who looked exactly like Filgred was Filgred’s twin brother, named Jastille.

It would be difficult to tell them apart if they wore the same clothes were left standing silently next to each other. However, as soon as he opened his mouth, one could identify Jastille by his light tone of voice and mood.

“The layout of the farm and the feel of the town is perfect. I was amazed at how much nicer it turned than what I asked for. You really are Filgred’s brother, aren’t you?”

“Well, I was hoping you’d say, ‘That’s Jastille for you.’”

“Don’t get carried away.”


Jastir laughed and avoided Filgred’s lightly swung hand.

“The dwarves built the canals and buildings, so they’ll be perfect. Don’t worry, I won’t skimp on the work either.”

“I’m most worried about you. Miss, let’s stop sending this guy to help at the grocery store after all.”

“Hmmm, well, if it doesn’t look like it’s going to work, I can just ask someone else to help, and if you’re worried about it, I can bring Filgred along with me from time to time to help.”

“Of course, I’ll join in if the Miss is going.”

Filgred smiled at me and said so.

The area that was once called the “ghost town” had been widened, cobblestoned, and transformed. I had even built a little general store there.


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