Chapter 57: To the Royal Capital (5)

Chapter 57 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

With the help of the maids at the castle, I changed into the dress that my brother gave me as a gift.

My vertically rolled hair was carefully braided into a chignon with a light purple ribbon. There were small purple florets that matched the embroidery on the dress, and large and small white flowers were scattered throughout, making the whole finish gorgeous.

After all, the maids of the royal castle were different from the rest.

Of course, the maids of the Avi family were the best, too!

After all the preparations were done, the maids led me to the venue of the banquet.

My brother had already arrived and was waiting for to escort me in.

He gazed at me and then spoke.

“You look lovely, Charlotte.”

He looked at me and smiled sweetly.

“Oh, my Brother look good too!”

I clung tightly to his arm to hide my red-hot face.

I’m sure my brother was making fun of me, as he giggled at my reaction.

Hmph! Even though he knows I’m not used to being praised!

I puffed up my cheeks.

“Okay, let’s go, shall we?”

He poked my cheek with his finger and squashed the puffiness.

I made an absent-minded face and waited for him to open the door. Even though it was my uncle, it was impossible not to be nervous since I was about to meet the King. The door opened with a squeak, and we slowly made our way inside with a nervous feeling.

Under a gorgeous chandelier was a large round table. It seemed that today we would be having dinner at a round table. The King and Queen and Chris were already seated there.

We paused near the entrance to greet them.

“It is a great honor to be here today.”

My brother put his right hand on his chest and made a bow to show his loyalty. I also grabbed the hem of my dress and bowed to the highest person.

Then Charles-sama, the king of the Kingdom of Yunaishia and our uncle, stood up on the spot and held out his hands towards us.

“Welcome. That’s all for the formal greetings. Now come, Lucas, Charlotte.”

My brother and I followed at his urging and headed for my uncle’s side.

My uncle, who was the king, sat in the upper seat farthest from the entrance, and Sylvia sat to his left. To the left of Sylvia was me. To the right of my uncle, my brother and Chris were sitting in that order.

“It has been a long time, Sylvia-sama.”

I smiled at her.

“I’m glad you came, Charlotte. Chris has told me much about your success.”

Lady Sylvia smiled a perfect, seamless smile.


I glanced at Chris-sama, and for some reason, he started to get scared.

“Hey, I didn’t say anything strange! I was just talking about how strong Charl is!”

…Do I look that scary? I only looked at him.

I couldn’t help but touch my own face.

“Fufu. Charlotte’s face is just like Julia’s, isn’t it? I hope your mother and father are well?”

“Yes, my mother is the same as ever. My father…is a man who never learns.”

“Well…! I’m glad to see that Edward is still the same.”

The giggling Sylvia was as cute as a little girl.

We enjoyed our supper for a while, chatting and laughing.

I was delighted when the ‘Charrons’ were served as one of the desserts. I hadn’t expected to be able to eat them here at the royal castle.

Charron was a food similar to a macaroon. They were crispy on the outside and moist and chewy on the inside, with smooth cream sandwiched in between.

They were so delicious that I ate about five in a row with my brother and uncle laughing at me.

They had said, “If you eat too many, you’ll turn into Charron yourself.”

That’s okay because it was delicious!

Let’s make Charrons as a souvenir for everyone in the Avi family!

I would buy more and eat them myself!

The delicious sweets were enough to make me enthusiastic. It would be great if I could have had a drink to cheer myself up, but I couldn’t do that, so it wasn’t an option.

Now then, it was time to take action to avoid the worst possible outcome.


With a full stomach, I decided to leave the banquet a little earlier. I asked the maidservant to take me to my room, where I would be staying for the night.

Silas would not come out unless I was alone.

If he didn’t come out, that was fine too.

My brother had been watching me anxiously as I left the room.

I smiled as much as I could to reassure him.

I was supposed to be guided to a nearby guest room, but the maid kept going forward.

This maid must be one of Silas’ friends.

I’m sure Silas must be where she is leading me.

Now then, was it me or Silas who was caught in the trap?

“Charlotte-sama. This way, please.”

The maid opened the door with a click and ushered me inside.

The door shut just as I stepped inside, and the maid was already gone behind me.

Is this…a powder room?

“Good evening. Charlotte-chan.”

As expected, Silas was there waiting for me.

Instead of the fluttery and frilly Lolita fashion from a  little earlier,  he was wearing a maidservant’s dressing gown, perhaps to break into the royal castle.

You may think you’re in disguise, but there aren’t many elf maids in the first place!!

“Good evening, Sily-sama—or should I say, Silas-sama?”

I smiled at him, and Silas widened his eyes in surprise.

“You’re not the least bit surprised that I’m here, are you?”

“Yes. This is what I expected.”

“…So you’re saying that you know what I’m about to do?”

“Of course.”

I smiled coldly like a villainess.

“Silas-sama. All I want is for everyone, including me, to live happily ever after.”

As I stepped toward Silas, he silently stepped back, keeping his eyes on me, as if sensing a disturbance.

“It’s fine if you use me for peaceful reasons. I don’t care about that…but if you’re going to drag in other people who have nothing to do with this into the worst situation, then I won’t allow it.”

As I said this, I placed my hand on the back of my head and pulled out two large white fresh flowers.

“What are you…?”

I did not answer Silas’ confused question.

“These two flowers are your destiny.”

I held my right hand over the flower in my left.


I mumbled something that Silas couldn’t hear, and the first white flower was burned by the fire.

It burned out in an instant, leaving no ashes.


The second white flower froze in an instant as I whispered again in a low voice.

Silas, who had gone pale, was cornered against the wall by me, who did not stop walking.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

I showed Silas the frozen white flower in my hand, and then crushed it with a clench.

The petals shattered and spilled out from between my fingers.

“See? It’s even more beautiful now.”

I let all the petals fall out of my hand in front of Silas.

“This is a warning. You will either be burned by the flames, leaving no ashes behind, or you will be frozen and then shattered…Which do you prefer?”

This was the strategy that my brother and I had come up with.

The ‘first strike’ strategy.

Although Silas was a black-hearted man, he actually had a weakness for being attacked.

If I did something first that surpassed Silas’ imagination, like what happened this time, Silas would not be able to move.

However, this was also a gamble. I did not know how far Silas had looked into me.

As it turned out, it was a pretty safe bet, but it might have been a bad idea if he had investigated my personality as well.

It was hard for me to say this myself, but…I often acted in wild and unpredictable ways. But like my brother said, it was easy to understand me one knows my behavior patterns.

Well, Silas’ main goal was my ‘Cheat-san.’

If you think that I’m just some young lady with lots  of magic power, you’ll get hurt, okay? Ehehe.

“Why…are you getting in my way…?”

Silas sat down as if collapsing, and hung his head.

It seems that he could no longer pretend to be a big sister. His speech pattern had returned to normal.

“Am I getting in the way? How can you say that when you’re the one who tried to drag me into this?”

This might have put my brother’s life at stake.

It’s obvious that I would be desperate.

“I just wanted to let them know. It’s an overwhelming difference in power…”

“Just keep that to yourself. It’s annoying.”

I was on the victim’s side this time, so I could at least complain.

…But honestly, I felt sympathy for Silas

Anger towards those who pushed his long-lived elf mother to the brink of death. Silas had lost his mother to an unreasonable act.

And I…Izumi, had been killed by the unreasonably.

Those left behind by my family, and those I had left behind…

“…If you say that you won’t hurt anyone, I’m willing to cooperate.”

I sighed deeply and then smiled.


“…What’s with that face? I’m not simply volunteering, okay?”

It’s rude to look at people like they’re some kind of demon beast.

-punpun- (***T/N: Translation doesn’t correlate well to english, but basically, Charlotte is making a face to show her displeasure)

Even if it was an expression I made with my brother in mind, he was being rude!!

“This…there was no way I could control anything from the start…”

Silas covered his face with his hands, a look of despair on his face.

What is this!?

…It was rude to try to kidnap the Duke’s daughter in the first place.

“Charlotte!! There you are!…Were you…?”

My brother opened the door to the powder room with a bang and stopped, looking at me and Silas in turn.

It seems that my brother had felt the surge of my magic power and rushed over.

“…Are you done?”

“Yes. I think I broke him.”

I tried to make a gesture as if I were breaking a long stick with air.

“Well…Then let’s change locations for the time being.”

I left the powder room at the suggestion of my brother, who smiled bitterly.


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  1. If I were Char, I’d go expel tons of mana with killing intent in a closed space while doing that~
    He’ll turn into a puppy if she did that~


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