Chapter 131: Previous Life

Chapter 131 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

At Brother Oluris’ words, my vision wavered.

A silver building, something flying in the sky, unfamiliar clothes. The image that had appeared around me proved to me one thing, no matter how I looked at it.

The silver building was a skyscraper. The flying thing was an airplane. The unfamiliar clothes were the people of Tokyo, where I worked…

The moment Baphomet appeared, it was like visions were projected from my mind. That’s the only way it could be.

“I saw it too, though I couldn’t really understand it because it seemed like so many scenes passed in an instant.”

“Wow, I could see it too.”

It’s not like I’ve been hiding anything special or telling big lies. But I had never told anyone about my reincarnation.


My mouth went dry with nervousness. I didn’t really think it had to be hidden, but I was scared to say something about it.

Brother Oluris reached out to me, who was turning pale with nervousness.

“…You don’t have to force yourself to say anything, it’s fine. I’m not blaming you.”

Saying that, he hugged me gently.

At those words, I took a breath and relaxed my body a bit.

“I’m not saying to do anything dangerous, but…as I said before, I understand that everyone has something they want to hide.”

A large hand stroked my head a couple of times before moving away.

I looked up and saw that Brother Oluris looked a little sad, perhaps because he remembered his old self from the past.

Brother Will also had the same look on his face and opened his mouth.

“So I’m not going to force you to do anything…but Alice was able to help us solve our problems, wasn’t she? So I want to help you too if I can.”

I took a deep breath as I looked at the worried faces of my brothers and Connie, who nodded silently.

“What the three of you saw……were visions from my previous life.”


The surprise spread, as if completely unexpected.

As I looked at their faces, I calmed down and organized my thoughts.

The reason why I hadn’t told anyone about my reincarnation when I awoke was because I didn’t want to upset my family even more at the time. And I didn’t feel the urgency to say it.

But things had changed. There was also a time to tell them about the Tarots, but this was the preliminary step.

Whether it was my flying plan or a food revolution, if I wanted to bring in the knowledge of my previous life, it would have just been quicker to talk about it and to share the information with actual examples and knowledge.

Still, the fact that I didn’t even think about whether or not to talk about it was probably because I was scared somehow.

When I faced and analyzed what I was afraid of, I found that it was mostly a very vague fear that the ‘Alice I knew until I was five years old’ and the ‘Alice I knew now after remembering my previous life’ would be seen as two different people, or that I would be distanced as a strange being.

But I can assure you that these fears were groundless in front of this group.

“Let me tell you the story step by step.”

With that, I began to speak.



……A funny voice was coming out of my mouth, but I was quiet for the moment.

The situation was as chaotic as things could get.

Connie was crying and hugging me, and Brother Will and Brother Oluris, who had both collapsed, covered their faces as they sniffled their noses.

I was telling them as briefly as I could about my experiences, starting with the fact that my previous life was a bit dark, that I had died when I found out, that I had been cursed when I woke up, and that my family had been in the final stages of a very bad situation…

First, Brother Will screamed when I told him that I had died from overwork. Then, Brother Oluris collapsed when I told him about my labors at a black company. And then, Connie cried when I told her about waking up to find that my family was in fatal condition.

Well, it certainly was a messy situation when put into perspective. I didn’t think too much about it because I was a rather happy person in my brain, or rather I had a resilient spirit…

It was a purely a hard mode of life, yes.

I had thought it was going to be more of a serious situation where they would be shocked by the overwhelming technology of the world, but instead, it turned out to be a contrived screaming match.

“C-Calm down, calm down, or maybe loosen up a little Connie. Okay?”

I managed to get out of Connie’s clutches, who was crying and squeezing me like a stuffed animal, and went around soothing everyone.

“It’s not as if the past was all that sad, you know?”

“No, it’s so sad…—!?!? Wait, what do you mean, died of exhaustion? It’s not like there were soldiers and mercenaries in those days!? In addition, experiencing death…I would go crazy…!!!”

I wasn’t quite sure what to do about Brother Will who was crying and shouting.

“No, well yes, but…well, I don’t really remember the moment I died, and I don’t have many regrets, plus I was rather enjoying my hobbies while living my life…It’s not such a dark story, really.”

This time, Brother Oluris started to whimper.

“Even so, the way you were treated was terrible.”

“Hmmm…It’s true that I worked 12 hour days, no overtime pay, five days off a month, and I had to call in to work on those days as well…and I always came home just before the date changed…and if sales were bad, the boss would call me every hour…and the pressure and stress would cause headaches and stomach aches until it reached a peak………Ahh, my stomach is killing me when I remember it……”


Brother Oluris screamed as I trembled in pain. There was a lot modern terminology being used, but he seemed to have sensed the nuance.

“I-I-In addition to that, coming into this world as only one soul…and yet, a-and yet you were always positive, strong, cheerful, and sometimes a bit of a disappointment, but you were still an angel……Uwaaaa!

“A series of unfortunate events.” (***T/N: The correct translation is something closer to “an unfortunate system” or “an unfortunate lineage” however, I changed it to be more relevant to english. Plus, I was being reminded me of a certain series of books I read back in elementary school, hehe~)

“She’s cute too!!!”

I was slightly insulted?!? Well, in front of Connie, I was often lazing around in bed and exposing my nerdiness. It was certainly not the attitude of a demure and contrite lady.

I cleared my throat. I had to get this under control and get on with about the tarots and stuff.

“W-Well, um, thank you for being angry and sad for me…but I’m not really pessimistic about it, you know? After all, I get so much love from the three of you, don’t I?”

I dared to show off my energy with a smile. When I tried to puff out my chest, the three of them suddenly sank to the ground, groaning and holding their chests.


[Original Author’s Note] I’ve been writing too many serious stories, so I thought I’d take a break. -laughs- By the way, the part about the black company is from my actual experience at my previous job. The next chapter will be about tarots!


T/N: I honestly really liked this chapter. So wholesome! Now that they know, the ‘Alice protection squad’ is just gonna get more overprotective, aren’t they? I wonder when she’ll tell her parents about her reincarnation.

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    I can already see Connie hugging Alice everytime from now on and everyone else ordering her to stop her overwork xD

    Hang on, Alice!

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