Chapter 133: The Color of Determination

Chapter 133 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

The room fell silent at the shocking statement that followed my big confession.

After a moment, Brother Will asked back with a look of disbelief.

“Gabriella as in…that Gabriella?”

That Gabriella.”

“…The rosy one?”

“The rosy one.”

I nodded in return.

After seeing that exchange, Brother Oluris muttered with a moody face.

“Rosy as in, like Gabriella—that girl?”

“Oh, have you met her before Brother Oluris?”

When I asked him about it, he told me that he had bumped into her when he had snuck into the herb garden at Lovine Academy on business.

He replied with a bitter smile and a hand on his cheek.

“She spoke very intensely…For some reason, she knew that my family and I had been having a difficult time. She said a lot of things, and I was pretty scared…I told her, ‘No, thank you,’ and ran away…”

His response was completely that of someone towards a pushy salesman. I wonder why I remembered that.

…Brother Oluris seems to be incompatible with the Gabriella type.

But now there was no question.

Gabriella was a reincarnated person. She was probably a reincarnator who had played the game.

“Well, does this mean that Gabriella-sama is also from your world?”

“Maybe. I didn’t ask her, but I can think of a few things…”

There were several hints, such as the fact that the prince was immediately corrupted and that he had been watching my actions at the tea party. Still, I hadn’t thought too much about it and didn’t confirm it because of my laziness in not dealing with Gabriella and underestimating her.

“Hey…so if the tarots were in your world, then it’s possible that Gabriella knows about everything…that can’t be true, right?”

“Well, there are more than 70 of those cards in total, right? It’s not like she could remember them perfectly…right? I mean, does Alice remember all the different pictures?”

Brother Will picked up Connie’s vague muttering and asked. I was proud and confident as I answered.

“Of course!! I’ve been tracing and memorizing and reading them over and over again, so it’s probably perfect!!”

-Bang! Bang! Bang!- —I could almost hear the sound effects as I answered with a smile. For some reason, the three of them looked slightly distracted. I didn’t understand.

“…Well, it isn’t like Alice being special is anything new, right…? She likes magic…!”

“That’s right. It’s wonderful to head straight for what you love.”

“She is the most impressive young lady…!!”

The Virgil brothers and Connie nodded to each other while breaking out in a cold sweat. Damn, even the Virgil family was a den of herb geeks!

“Well, that’s how it is. Anyway, I don’t know if Gabriella knows much about tarot cards, but I can’t dismiss the possibility of her seeing the magical beasts like I did and trying to remember or research them.”

“I see…Honestly, it doesn’t sound like much, but…”

I was about to agree with him, but I held back and continued.

“I don’t think she knows much about anything either…But for some reason, it is possible that she knows a lot about this world, so I would like to take measures.”

…I was wondering if I should mention the otome game, but I spoke a bit vaguely. Even if I suddenly spoke about such a thing, it would only be creepy.

And about taking measures? I told everyone who tilted their heads inn confusion.

“I will study the Tarots in secret, so that no matter what kind of Tarot is misused, I’ll be able to immediately hit them with the Reverse Position…That is the only way.”

My words were met with an audible gasp.

“And that research will be done only by the members in this room.”

“…Eh!? But Siegmund-sama and Oedipus-sama…you should tell this to other high-ranking people.”

Brother Oluris said this while looking surprised, but I hurriedly interrupted him.

“Absolutely not! Of course, I don’t think that my father and uncle will misuse this at all. I don’t think they will, but…what would happen if  the higher-ups found out…!?”


This was an empire. In other words, it was a country that was not monolithic by nature, and was rife with factional strife.

Even at the border between neighboring countries, there were skirmishes, and the seeds of fire were smoldering everywhere.

If I threw a weapon like this into the mix, anything could happen—a coup d’etat, a civil war, or even a war with a neighboring country.

A person in a position of responsibility like my father or Uncle Oedipus could not and would not be allowed to remain silent while knowing about this.

If I wanted to bury this matter in the dark, Gabriella’s existence would not allow me to do so.

Even if Gabriella herself did not remember the patterns on the tarot cards, she could still order her subordinates to investigate the magical beasts thoroughly, and that would be the end of it.

So, I couldn’t afford to fall behind.

……this time.

I couldn’t fall behind like I did when the beast-children were hurt or when they cheated on the exam.

As I recall, Gabriella’s brother is dead, so she is an only child. In other words, she is the next Marquis. Eventually, she would gain a certain amount of power.

I could not pass this knowledge on to people who would do something carelessly.

I looked over at the three of them with determination.

The same color of determination was returned.

[Original Author’s Note] Alice now has a big goal of action. She wants to fly and she wants to study tarot cards, so she’s very busy.


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