Chapter 59: To the Elf Village (1)

Chapter 59 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

It was early morning of the next day.

Me, my brother, Silas, and Chris-sama were heading to the elf village together.

Why was Chris-sama with us?

Using the gate of the royal castle required an official reason. If we used the gate, the elves would be notified of our arrival, so we couldn’t use it secretly.

And that’s where Chris came in.

“The future king of the Yunaishia Kingdom will be visiting for the sake of future friendship.”—was what he said.

It was enough of a reason.

And what was important were the titles of the people who would accompany us.

Chris-sama went without saying.

I, Charlotte Avi, was unwillingly going as Chris-sama’s fiancée (temporary).

Lucas Avi was Chris-sama’s friend, the brother of his fiancée (temporary), and a candidate for the future Prime Minister.

I asked Silas to disguise himself as a maid so that the elves wouldn’t find out.

With my cheat-san, I changed his hair to brown, his eyes to green and other color changes. His ears were disguised by his hairstyle.

He would be using the name ‘Lily,’ which was adopted from name of Silas’ mother.

Lily would be my lady-in-waiting

I asked him if I could make him breasts too, but he rejected me.


The gate was located behind the throne in the King’s Chamber of the castle.

I see. It’s difficult for it to be misused by the general public here.

It seems that by holding out your hand to the magic circle on the wall, you can transport.

First, my brother held out his hand and transported first. Then Chris-sama and Lily came next. And finally, it was my turn.

“Be careful.”

My uncle and Lady Sylvia came to see me off.

“I will be back.”

I smiled back and held out my hand to the magic circle.

I had imagined that the transport would be like sliding down a long slide, twisting and turning, but it was completely different from what I had imagined.

The closest I could come to was a sense of ‘slipping through.’

In this way, as I slipped on through, I arrived at the elf village in no time at all.

It was a beautiful place, full of greenery.

As I was wandering around, I noticed something unusual.

“Charl. Over here.”

Chris-sama, who wore the mask of the Crown Prince without any issues, beckoned me.

…That’s right.

I was currently Chris-sama’s fiancée (temporary).

I had to be firm.

I could see several elves in the place where Chris-sama and the others were.

I gently put my own hand in the one that Chris-sama offered me, and was led to his left side with a smooth, fluid motion.

As expected of royalty. He was used to escorting people.

“This is my fiancée, Daughter of the Duke of Avi, Charlotte Avi. Charlotte, this is the chief.”

I was expecting an older man since he was called chief, but since he was an elf, he looked quite young to me. I wasn’t sure how old he was, but I was sure he was at least old enough to be my father.

His amber eyes and long platinum hair reminded me of Silas in some ways.

This man is Silas’ grandfather…?

“It’s nice to meet you, Chief. My name is Charlotte Avi. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

I smiled, conscious of my dignity, and gave a ladylike bow. I would let Charlotte’s years of Crown Princess education shine through.

The five elves at the chief’s side let out a sigh of admiration.

I glanced at Silas, who was standing diagonally behind me, and he nodded in silence.

I get it. These six people, including the chief, are the targets.

I burned the faces of those six into my mind.

“Welcome. We welcome you.”

The chief smiled softly and led us directly to his house.

I knew that many elves were beautiful. Even in the game, there were scenes of elven villages. Only a few elves were shown there, but I didn’t expect them to all be so beautiful…

Everyone I passed by looked like Hollywood actresses and actors.

Elven blood…it’s just too much.

As soon as we arrived at the chief’s house, the peace talks began.

They were going to have a welcome party in the evening, so we were going to finish this first. I wondered if they would finish up all the troublesome things before we started drinking just like in the other world.

Unfortunately, I would not be attending the meeting.

I was ready to participate, but the chiefs rejected me.

Apparently, the chiefs were old-fashioned people who didn’t think it was good for women and children to get involved in politics.

Well, it didn’t really matter because I was only a temporary fiancée, but if I was an actual fiancée, I might have been disappointed.

I didn’t like to be discriminated against just because of my gender.

If they didn’t want me to participate in the meeting, then I wouldn’t and instead finish my preparations for the mission.

Silas, who is disguised as a maidservant, wouldn’t be able to participate in the meeting as from the start, but what was Silas going to do?

“I’m going to go out for a while, but what about you Lily?”

“I will go with you, Miss.”

After I asked, Silas said he would be coming with me.

“…Are you sure you don’t want to join them?”

“Yes. I don’t have many good memories of this place…”

Silas smiled sadly.

He had assumed that he would be hearing about the meeting somewhere else, so I was unexpectedly surprised.

Lily, in her maidservant outfit, was a prim and proper type. ‘She’ was a neat, fragile, and beautiful woman, even down to her language.

I doubted that many people could recognize him as Silas, given that he was using magic to change the color of his hair and eyes.

“I don’t have many good memories of this place…”

This was a complicated place for Silas…

Oh, that reminds me.

“I saw a lot of Suuri flowers on the way over here…Are there many Suuri flowers in the Elven Village?”

“Yes. In the past, there used to be a meadow through the forest where the Suuri grew in clusters…Miss? Isn’t it strange to use honorifics with me?”

Silas smiled bitterly and spoke the latter half of his words were quiet enough that no one but us could hear.

…Ah. Yeah -sweats-

I felt like I was just having a normal conversation with Silas.

Speaking of maidservants, there was also Marianna.

Let’s imagine Marianna.

Silas is Lily, Silas is Lily…

“Um…I would like to go there, can you guide me?”

I asked him for help.

“Yes. I would be happy to.”

Lily smiled kindly at me.


With Lily’s guidance, we made our way through the forest behind the chief’s house.

I was warned, “Be careful, you never know when the village is watching you.”

I nodded my head many times.


The forest was full of green trees, and I could breathe in the fresh air.

It’s soothing…

As we walked, Lily secretly told me about the village.

I was told that the village had a large barrier and that if someone touched it, they would be pushed back by a balloon-like elasticity.

Our destination, the meadow, was near the northernmost barrier, and the elves in the village didn’t go there very often, especially because there were no special necessities located there.

“It’s only a short distance past here.”

Lily pointed to the slope.

I left ‘her’ and ran off, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Suuri groves as soon as possible.


T/N: Suuri flowers were the ones that tasted like strawberry in case anyone was wondering!

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