Chapter 60: To the Elf Village (2)

Chapter 60 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

After running up the slope, I found a whole world of pink

“Wow! Amazing!!”

Everywhere I looked around me was a meadow full of Suuri flowers.

Lily, who had been silently watching me run around with excitement, narrowed her eyes as if looking for something that had been missed.

“No…I just remembered that my mother used to love these flowers.”

Lily’s face went back to ‘Silas’ for a moment.


I couldn’t find anything to say to Lily, who was probably reminiscing about the memories of ‘her’ mother, so I just smiled vaguely.

“Is this a good place?”

Lily spread out the sheet they had brought on the grass.

“Yes. But are you sure you it’s okay to lay on top of the Suuris?”

The sheet was a little too big, so it might crush the flowers.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry, because we have the blessings of the Elven Village here.”

Lily said that even if the flowers were crushed, they would be restored in a few hours if left alone.

The blessing of the elves is amazing.

So I sat down without hesitation.

I sat down on the seat and unpacked the luggage I had brought with me.

Bottles full of Labelle and Sheelah flowers, several large empty bottles, and small empty bottles. There were also several bottles of water.

And just how could I have walked here with such a large package??

Don’t be surprised!!

This time, I borrowed an interspatial storage bag that was available at the royal castle. I was able to use it to try out its extremely light weight and outstanding storage capacity.

I would definitely love to have one of these, so I’ll talk to Mira about it.

“Are you sure you can make it here?”

Lily looked at me curiously as I took out the items.

I had prepared the Labelle and Sheelah’s flowers, but if there were so many Suuris here, then I think I would use those this time.

I asked Lily if it was okay to use the Suuri from the meadow, and they said, ‘No problem.’

If so, then I wouldn’t hesitate!

With Lily’s help, I plucked about thirty flowering plants, shredded the pink petals, and put them in the jar.


Then, as usual, I held my right hand above the bottle and used a series of magic techniques to freeze the petals, crush them, and extract them to make the juice solution.

Once that was done, it was time to make the carbonated water…

This time, I was going to change my method a little bit.

Normally, I would mix the undiluted juice with soda water and drink it. However, it was a bit of a hassle because of the amount needed to be mixed.

It was fine for two or three people, though.

So this time, I decided to try making carbonated water by pouring the undiluted Suuri’s pink juice into a bottle of water.

I held out my right hand in the same way I did when I made carbonated water, and imagined a tiny little thunderbolt.

I also kneaded in the image of lots of oxygen popping and sizzling. I did not want to spoil the sweet and sour taste of the Suuri.


As I muttered to myself, a flash of light enveloped the area.

When the light disappeared, I could see the bubbles that only carbonation could produce in the bottle.

A success…?

I poured the freshly made Suuri juice into two small glasses.

“Here you go.”

I handed a glass to Lily, who was bent over next to me, watching the entire process.

They were looking at the juice for the first time.

I smiled sideways at them and brought the glass to my mouth and tipped it down.


When I swallowed, I could feel the sizzling carbonation in my throat.

This drink was better mixed than the usual ones that I had to mix, and more importantly, I think it tasted better.


Lily’s eyes widened and they had a happy look on their face.

Yes, yes. It seems that everyone likes carbonated juice.

I have to quickly tell Ricardo-sama and my brother that this way of making it tastes better than the old way.

After that…

I took out a small transparent vial filled with liquid from my bag.

This was the most important thing for this mission.

It was a ‘sleeping potion.’

Now, let’s talk about the strategy for this mission.

The name of the mission is ‘Elves of the Sleeping Forest!’

“Let’s put them to sleep with a sleeping potion!”

It was a very simple strategy.

The other party was the cautious and exclusive race of elves.

However, Silas said that they were surprisingly curious and would jump at anything new, even if it was something from nature.

When it came to alcohol, some people may drink it and some people may not. That’s why we would put sleeping potion in the juice.

They were not fast-acting drugs, but slow-acting ones.

I was going to use a drug that would start working an hour after someone drank it, so even if they were a little wary and take their time in the beginning, they wouldn’t notice.

As a sign of peace from the human race, we couldn’t afford not to take it.

To make matters worse, there was Chris. He was going to be sleeping with the chiefs.

If Chris took the initiative to drink, then there would be no reason to suspect that he had been behind the drugging.

It would be a perfect crime involving the royal family. Fufufu.

Besides, it would be more convenient for us if Chris-sama slept, considering what would happen later. Even if something did happen, we could just pretend that we didn’t know about it.

That’s why we didn’t tell Chris the details of our plan. He was a serious person at heart, so it wasn’t as if he could get rattled at the slightest thing.

In case one was wondering, I had made this sleeping potion before we left, and its effectiveness was guaranteed by the magician’s ‘appraisal’ at the royal castle.

“This ‘sleeping potion’ is tasteless and odorless with a delayed effect. It’s very effective, and is suitable for those who want to carry out the perfect crime.”

I didn’t care that the magician was distracted.

…I wouldn’t worry about it

As for now, it was soon time to start to operation.

“Let’s go back soon.”

After looking at Lily, who seemed to be in a good mood and happy, I casually looked back towards the forest and saw something shiny.


“There is something over there.”

I started walking towards the light.

“What is this…?”

Deep in the forest, near the meadow of Suuri flowers, where the elves seldom came, there was an object hidden in a tree.

It was…


T/N: Oof–sorry about the cliffy! I’ll try to get to translating another chapter soon!

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