Chapter 136: In the Corridor with the Morning Sun Shining In

Chapter 136 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

It was the morning after an overnight stay at the inn in Clarus.

I had gotten up once in the middle of the night, but after a good night’s sleep, I woke up to the sound of birds chirping.

Nobles often have breakfast in their own bedrooms, but in this inn, which was often used by merchants, breakfast was served in the large dining room.

With Connie’s help, I adjusted my appearance briefly and left the room to go to the dining room.

“Good morning, Brother Will.”

“Hmm…Good morning, Alice.”

When I left the room with a sleepy look on my face, Brother Will came out of the room just as I was leaving, biting back a yawn.

And behind him, Brother Oluris also appeared, seemingly very sleepy.


“Fufu~……Good morning, Brother Oluris.”

He didn’t just look sleepy, his eyes were also no longer open.

Brother Oluris was weak to early mornings…Contrary to his serious image, it was somewhat interesting.

I had never stayed over at the Virgil’s house, so I didn’t realized he was weak in the morning. I greeted him while involuntarily going moe. (***T/N: ‘Moe’—basically, Alice is cutely squealing/fangirling about him. Imagine flowers blooming in her aura as she cheers.)

As I walked out with Brother Will, who was giggling at the sight of me, pulling Brother Oluris by the hand, Brother Onyx and Sister Athena also came out from a room a little further away.

“Brother Onyx, Sister Athena! Good morning.”

“!!……good morning.”

“Good morning, Alice.”

It seems that the Heimer family was used to waking up from sleep normally. The two of them, along with their aides and servants, came out together and formed a rather large group

…I was about to walk away with them, but then something caught my attention and I stopped.

“…Brother, were you able to sleep after everything?”


There were slight bags under the sleepy Brother Onyx’ eyes. Whenever I saw him, he always had an amused and healthy look about him, but this was rare.

He looked fine, but he might have been shocked by the encounter with Baphomet and couldn’t sleep afterwards.

“If you had told me, I could have prepared some herbs or spells to help you sleep better…”

Well, even without a spell, maybe he could have even tried counting sheep……No, sheep would have the opposite effect, right?

With that in mind, I reached under his eyes and stroked his eye bags with my thumb to improve blood circulation.

It’s not good to have such dark circles on such a young child’s soft skin…It’s not healthy…As I was pondering while continuing to massage the circles, Brother Onyx exploded after about 10 seconds.

……Or rather, his face turned so red that one could only describe it as an explosion, with steam pouring out of his head with visible momentum.

“Hey—Brother Onyx!?”


Connie’s and my voices came out together. What was going on?!?

I thought about some things, but a bad prediction quickly crossed my mind.

No way.

I wondered if this was like me pointing out someone’s health problems in public…I embarrassed Brother Onyx!!!

As I was getting more anxious, one of the aides, who was quietly waiting behind Brother Onyx, burst out.

“Nfufufufu, gah, pfffft.”

“………Shut up, Safiro.”

Onyx, with his hand one his forehead, muttered with his bright red face turned down.

Then, the aide called Safiro whispered his apologies. But after another moment, he burst out again.


“Pffft—hehe….I’m sorry.”

Safiro, who was shaking and shivering while I was wondering what was so funny, was even older than Brother Onyx…He was a blond boy, probably a senior at Lovaine.

Once he had finally stopped laughing after being shouted down by Brother Onyx, he apologized again and turned to me.

“I’m very sorry…Onyx-sama is very sensitive, so he might be a little embarrassed that you noticed he was feeling sick, but that doesn’t mean he was blushing.”


The moment I tried to ask, Safiro approached me again.

“In any case, if Alice-sama calls him Onyx-sama…his redness might soon subside.”

“………?? Onyx-sama?”

Why? I parroted back in confusion.

Then, Brother Onyx made a noise and his face turned even redder as he silently beat on Safiro.

What did I do…???

“Ahaha, I’m just playing.”

With a chuckle, Brother Wille forcibly stops them from messing around and sends everyone to the dining room.

When I asked again with my eyes, Brother Will told me that Safiro and Onyx are childhood friends. Furthermore, even though he was one of his aides, Safiro had always teased Onyx-sama since they were little.

It seems that there is something peculiar about close friendships.

I nodded my head at the information from Brother Will, and thinking that I was being used as an excuse for some kind of teasing, I apologized saying “I’m sorry, Brother Onyx.” But Brother Onyx just turned away and said “…You don’t have to call me Brother,” in response.


When I responded to the mysterious situation with a ‘Ah…’ Sapphira blew up again and Brother Onyx pointed his fist at him once again. What was wrong with them, really?

…Is it something like that? Something that only a relative or a close childhood friend can understand?

[Original Author’ Note] A mess of relatives’ little children in the morning corridor. It’s my favorite relationship of aristocrats when there is a hierarchical relationship yet they are old friends.


T/N: Haha, these past few posts really do seem to be ‘let’s all tease Onyx’ chapters.

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