Chapter 61: Let’s Take Revenge (1)

Chapter 61 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

There was a small white box inside.

Would it be bad if I looked at it?

With that in mind, I opened the box with a snap, and what I found inside was a ring.

On the inside of the top cover, there were words written in.

To Lilina, the beloved child of Aleph and Elina

…Huh? I’ve heard the name ‘Lilina’ before…

As I tilted my head, a long arm reached out and snatched the box containing the ring from my hand.

“This is my mother’s…?”

It was Silas, completely unmasked from his Lily persona, staring dumbly at the writing on the top cover of the ring.

I was surprised, so I held out my right hand and created a barrier around us.

Now, from outside the barrier, we looked like we were just going for a normal walk.

“Aleph is my grandfather’s name and Elina is my grandmother’s name. Why…is my mother’s ring here?”

When I looked at the tree opening again, I saw that there was a Suuri flower.

It was still new.

Someone must have picked it and garnished it.


“…I didn’t see him at the chief’s house earlier, but where is Silas’s grandmother?”

“…I was told that my grandmother died before I was born.”

“So…besides the Chief, is there anyone else in your village who is related to Silas-sama?”

Silas shook his head in response to my question.

If so, then…perhaps it was the chief who did it.


I wouldn’t know that until we asked the one who did this.

…Was it a coincidence?

I felt like we were being guided by some invisible force…

The box containing the ring was hidden in the opening of a tree that I would normally not notice.

The box was not made of shiny material.

And yet, I still noticed it.

Silas, who had been confused for a long time, and myself, who had no understanding…

“For now…let’s carry on with the mission.”

We decided to return to the chief’s house.


“Welcome to the village of the elves.”

With a single word from the chief, the welcome party began.

There were four of us in the chief’s house, the chief, and five of his men. In addition, there were a few male elves who served us and did miscellaneous tasks.

When it comes to banquets, people usually put a lot of beautiful women there, but it seems to be different here.

It seems that they wanted to prevent the human race from seeing the elven women…or conversely, prevent the women from looking at us.

Chris-sama and my brother are both good-looking, so it can’t be helped.

Am I…excluded because I’m the crown prince’s fiancée?

But not really, though!!

There’s no guarantee that there won’t be people who will misunderstand me at a smiling social gathering, and it’s probably for the best.

Of course, I knew what I was going to drink as a toast.

“It is a new drink made from the edible Suuri flowers, developed by the Avi family. We plan to market it as a national project, but I’d like you all to drink it first as a sign of friendship.”

After Chris-sama’s signal, my elder brother began to explain, showing a large bottle.

It was immediately handed over to the waiters on the elf side, and they poured it into their glasses.

Seeing that the elves were reluctant to take a sip of the unknown drink, as he had expected, Chris-sama tipped his glass as if he were the first to do so.

“…This is…!! It’s delicious!”

Chris-sama stared at the glass with his eyes wide open.

Huh? Did I never have Chris-sama drink it before?

…Well, it still turned out all right!

The chief and the other elves, who saw Chris-sama emptying his glass, started tipping back their glasses one after another.

Today’s drink was chilled by my magic, without the help of ice.

It was guaranteed to taste delicious!

It had sleeping potions in it, though.

““Th-This is…””


““It’s fizzling!””

When I saw the elves staring at the glass, I smiled inwardly and tilted back my own glass.

Yeah. It’s delicious.

In case you’re wondering, there are sleeping potions in there for me and my brother as well.

I had already prepared for this in case we were prevented from serving.

My brother and I had taken antidotes to keep us awake, and Silas was my lady-in-waiting, so he wouldn’t be at the same table.

Even so, I had given him the antidote just in case, so everything was perfect.

Chris-sama and the elves were excited about the carbonated juice they were drinking for the first time.


The first stage is successful.

Now we just have to wait for them to fall asleep.

“Were you the one who came up with this Suuri juice, Charlotte-sama!?”

Suddenly, when I raised my eyes at the voices, I saw men with sparkling eyes looking at me.

Uwah…It’s dazzling.

“…Yes, that’s right.”

I smiled, hiding my claws.

When I told them that I had also made similar drinks with Labelle and Sheelah flowers, their excitement rose even higher.

Even though there was no alcohol in it…this tension…

I could almost hear them shouting.

…Did I even have to make alcohol?

“My sister’s cooking is always delicious. This drink is also really good, but…”

My older brother smiled and walked up to everyone with a smile.

“…This drink with ice cream is the best.”

Immediately, everyone around me started to buzz.

Silas, who was standing by my side, was also getting nervous.

“Lucas-sama. What is ice cream…?”

One of the aides asked, gulping in anticipation.

“It’s like a dream. Fluffy, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth…rich, but not greasy.”

My brother smiled ecstatically.

His gaze gradually turned from the others to me…

“Oh, um, Charlotte-sama…”

I received expectant stares from everyone in the room.


What are you intending by increasing the number of devotees here??

We’re not here to increase the number of devotees, you know?!?


Chris-sama…you too!?


I can see the drooping ears and tail…

What should I do…?

I started to really want to hold my head in my hands.

One by one, everyone leaned over the table, and in no time, everyone had fallen asleep except for me, my brother, and Silas.

By the way, some of the servers were also asleep.

It seems that they must have sipped on some juice containing the sleeping potion.

Well, it’s fine!!

My brother and I got up and began to work together with Silas.


T/N: -raises hand- I, too, would like to join the ice cream devotees…

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