Chapter 137: The Invading Shadow

Chapter 137 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

For some reason, Brother Onyx rejected the request to call him ‘Onii-sama,’ which made me feel a little sad, but we still ended up having a peaceful(?) breakfast. Breakfast was now over.

As I was returning to my room to get ready, I heard a noise in the hallway.

I wondered vaguely what it was, and then suddenly—bang! The door opened with a crash.

Before I could even turn around, the shadow of a tall man attacked me.



Someone fiercely hugged me from behind and lifted me up. At the same time, Connie’s impatient voice echoed out.


This faint scent of cologne is…!!!

“Alice, uwaaaaaah!! Did you get hurt?? A-Aliceeeeee…!!!”

“Uh, Father!?”

It was Father who had attacked.


“…And that’s why I rushed over on a horse first thing in the morning and came to pick you up.”

“First thing in the morning? You didn’t even have breakfast?”

“Huh? Yeah. I left right after sunrise, so I didn’t eat.”

“Eh, let’s eat then!!”

I was now going downstairs with my father, who was hugging me in his arms.

It seems that he was worried about the news of yesterday’s encounter with the magical beast and couldn’t wait, so he immediately jumped on his horse as soon as it was light enough.

Once we reached the bottom of the stairs, everyone else had already finished preparing to leave.


“Yes. Good morning, everyone.”

The Heimer siblings all shouted in surprise. I’m not sure if the Virgil siblings already figured it out from the noise and the voice that they just heard, but they were kind of half smiling more than anything.

My father put aside his fluffy and cute worried face in an instant, and returned the greeting with a cool, beautiful smile.

When I looked at my father’s face, I saw that he had activated about 20% of his beautiful smile. That’s how it seemed to be with my relatives.

After confirming that everyone was ready to leave, my father nodded, and for some reason, instead of putting me in the carriage, he hauled me back.

“…Father? We’ll take the carriage?”

“It’s the first time Alice has been to Clarus, and I want to have a snack, so why don’t we walk along the main street where the stalls are?”

“…So you’re feeling hungry now that you’re safe, aren’t you, Father?”

I agreed with my father, who nodded with an elegant smile, because I wanted to take a peek at the lives of the general public.

When I asked the others what they wanted to do, they agreed to let the carriage go on ahead to the outskirts of town and walk around the stalls together.

Incidentally, I was too embarrassed to be carried the entire time, so I resisted resolutely and asked Father to switch to hand-holding.

…Father’s distant smile dropped to about 10%, but this was non-negotiable…!

[Original Author’s Note] It’s been a while since Alice’s Father has appeared. The Marquis of  cool beauty with light blue hair. I like the differences in physique between young girls and adults, so I tend to write about it…


T/N: It’s nice to see Papa Archelaus after so long! I wonder if he’ll hear about the tarots or the reincarnation? Or if the others will ever learn about Alice’s adoption.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 137: The Invading Shadow

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Now that our oya baka recharged his Alicenergy we can start the new topic xD
    I think he is fulfilled in more than a way right now.

    Almost 100% that Alice mouth will let some information slip, with her secrets all together. All we need is someone to talk about magic with her, hahaha….

    Also, sorry, but that author’s comment was… nevermind.

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