Chapter 62: Let’s Take Revenge (2)

Chapter 62 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

“…Hmm…this is…!?”

The elves, including the now awakened Chief, are all astonished.

It was no wonder.

If I woke up sitting in chair all tied up and unable to move, I would be surprised too.

“Lucas-sama! Charlotte-sama! What is this…!!”

“Now…? Where’s Chris-sama!?”

The elves shouted.

“Chris-sama is still asleep, just like you were up until now, but just in a bed.”

I sat up, put my hand on my cheek, tilted my head, and smiled.

My brother stood behind me, sitting and smiling silently.

It was now early morning, the day after our visit to the village.

The sleeping potion I had made was more powerful than I had expected, and the elves who had taken it did not seem to wake up easily. Therefore, I forced them to wake up in the early morning after we took a rest.

So Chris, who had not been forcibly awakened, was still in a dream.

“Do you know what will happen to you if you continue this!?”

““That’s right!””

“Don’t you know anything about what you can or cant’ do!?”

“Hurry up and untie this rope!”

The elves started screaming.

“They’re such noisy adults. Can you look at him and still say the same thing?”

As I said this, a shadow quickly descended beside me.

It was Silas, with his platinum hair and amber eyes.

“Huh!! You are…!”


“Why are you here…!?”

Some of them were astonished to see Silas and kept using their mouths. Some of them shouted in surprise. Each of them showed their own reactions.

In the midst of all this, the chief was silently watching Silas alone.

“Well now, you surely know the reason, don’t you?”

I gave them a wicked smile.

“Well, good luck to you all.”

Now, let the revenge begin.

I snapped my fingers.

This was the signal to activate my magic. At the same time, arms sprouted from the chairs they were sitting on.

They all start to move in unison.


The sound of laughter began to echo in the room.

This was the automatic tickler device that I had set up last night.

The hands that were sprouted by Cheat-san would find the weakest spot on the target and keep tickling it.

Of course, the neck, armpits, and soles of the feet were all included.

“No, stop!! Ahahaha!”

“H-Help…! Help!!”



The adults continued to laugh with tears streaming down their faces.

“Lady Charlotte…what is this…?”

Silas was looking at them and was severely confused.

“What do you mean…?”

“Is this supposed to be a punishment?”

Oh. It looks like they’re just laughing to him, doesn’t it?

“Of course. I’ve heard that in some countries, tickling is a punishment…You see, they can’t escape even if they wanted to.”

I pointed at the tears and snot dripping from the elves.

“Watch closely. Not only are they constantly tickled, but the hands also stop every once in a while like that.”

The tickling stopped, and just when they began feeling relieved, the tickling continued once again. They would never know when the tickling would stop, and would experience true despair and pain.

“Would you like to try it, Silas-sama?”

I tilted my head back, looking up at Silas.

If you want, my brother, who is watching the situation happily with narrowed eyes, will be happy to help you.

N-No…I don’t have to try it.”

Silas put his hands out in front of him and shook his head from side to side while taking a defensive stance.

“Oh, that’s a  shame. In case you’re wondering, if you’re not careful with this device, you can make someone lose their mind and end up as a cripple.”

I grinned, and Silas turned pale and backed away.


It’s been a little over an hour since I started the revenge plan.

Thanks to my high-performance Cheat-san, the elves were in pain to the point of despair.

They no longer had the energy to cry and laugh, and their eyes were empty. Tears, drool, and snot were running down their faces.

Even a handsome man could be ruined when he looked like this…


I snapped my fingers once again, and the hands that had grown out of the chair quickly disappeared, along with the ropes that had been restraining them.

The elves, freed from their torment, let out ragged breaths and their unfocused eyes wavered.

Some of them were looking up at the sky and muttering something to themselves.

…I wonder if I overdid it -sweatdrops-

“Do you feel a little better now?”

I asked, looking up at Silas, who had wrinkles between his eyes.

“All because of these adults…my mother…”

The way the adults were acting right now seemed so ridiculous.

I could understand why Silas would want to be angry.

After all, with that look…will he not stop until he kills them…?

But I wanted to avoid that as much as possible.

As I entered a thoughtful state, I heard someone speak.


I heard the breathless voice of the chief.

When he heard his name called, Silas shook his body with a jolt.

“I’m sorry…”

He probably didn’t expect to be apologized to.

“Even if you apologize, it wouldn’t bring Mother back! Why…did you kill my mother!?”

Silas crowded over to the chief and twisted the clothes around his neck.


The chief wrinkled his brow in pain, but looked at Silas intently.


Silas bit his lip tightly.

“…My daughter…Lilina…she lived a long life.”

“That’s a lie…!”

I couldn’t help but worry about my weak daughter who fell in love with a Human and left the village. So I…blamed her.

“But that doesn’t change the fact that you pushed my mother over the edge! You all despised me because I was a half-breed!”

“No! We didn’t despise you for being half-elf. A frail girl wanted to take Silas, a half-elf, out of the village. That’s why we locked you up.”

“No! You have no idea how distressed and upset my mother was because of that…”

“Half-Elves can choose to be human or elf. We certainly urged Lilina about it to protect you, but she chose not to turn you into an elf and insisted on you being a half-elf. In the middle of that discussion, Lilina lost her life. I was about to make you my heir after your mother died, when Old man Myuuhen…took you away!”


Meanwhile, me and everyone other than Silas and the Chief were in a state of being shocked…Let’s summarize.

  • 1.) Silas was born as a half-elf from a weak elf mother and a short-lived, human father.
  • 2.) Half-elves can choose to be human or elf, but his mother chose to live as a half-elf. The Elves, including the chief, kept pressing her to choose living as an Elf in order to protect Silas.
  • 3.) His mother was hunted down and died of natural causes rather than being killed.
  • 4.) After his mother’s death, while Silas was to be raised as the Chief’s successor, Count Myuuhen took him without a say.

Is this what they mean when they say ‘dead men tell no tales?’

Silas’ mother was already dead, so it was easy to fabricate a story like this.

However, I didn’t think that this story was a lie.

The ring I found in the forest also made sense to me.

“Did you know that I found a ring in the forest, in the opening of a tree?”

I asked, and the chief’s amber eyes widened.

“You…found that…?”

I nodded my head.

“I did that. It was my way of atoning for my wife’s death and my daughter’s short life…for not letting her die in peace. At the very least, I wanted to place her beside the flowers she loved…”

The Chief began shedding tears.

I see. It was mostly as I expected.

So I was going to say it.

“If you ask me, the Chief, Silas’s mother, and everyone who didn’t stop him are just as guilty.”

I stood up and looked around while speaking.

“We all know how much you care about each other, but aren’t you leaving the feelings of those who are most important to you behind?”

The Chief, realizing what I was saying, looked at Silas with surprise. Silas had a wrinkles between his eyebrows, as if very confused.

At that moment.

-Clap clap clap!-

“Lady Charlotte. Well said!!”

The sound of applause, which was not suitable for the occasion, along with an unfamiliar and distorted voice, echoed throughout the room.

“Count Myuuhen?!”

Silas shouted in surprise.

The owner of the applause was Count Myuuhen, Silas’s other grandfather.


T/N: Oof, tickle torture is honestly one of the worst punishments. How cruel!!

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