Chapter 138: My Beloved…

Chapter 138 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

We left the inn with a large group of people.

The corner of the inn where we stayed at had many high-class stores, so the streets were clean and open, but as we proceeded, the crowds and stalls increased, and the voices of the brash merchants and the noise of the crowd grew louder.

In the open space, we could see musicians singing and dancing to earn money for the day.

On the side streets were the living quarters of the merchants, the distant cries of free-range livestock could also be heard, and laundry on ropes could be seen fluttering in the alleys.

The area around my parents’ house in the imperial capital was a noble district, so there were no bustling places like this. Plus, I was always busy with study boot camp, so I had rarely ever gone out.

Even after I entered the school, I only saw the city from the window of our carriage.

As soon as I reached out into the distance to experience the life of a citizen like this, I felt a sense of otherworldly and medieval fantasy that made me even more excited than usual.

As I walked along, smiling at the bustling scenery, something caught my eye.

“Ah, what is that, Father?”

“Yes? Oh, that’s…”

As I begged my father for an explanation, Onyx-sama’s alto voice broke through from the side.

“That’s a Caro, isn’t it? It’s a demon beast whose fangs and fur are useful for materials…you haven’t seen it before?”

“Yes. Caro…It’s a Caro!”

…My father and Onyx-sama stared at each other for a moment as mysterious sparks flew out. I, on the other hand, was preoccupied with the being before me of whom I now knew the name.

“Haa, a tiger…!! A big tiger…!!!”

Several iron cages were lined up in front of a store on the main street, and inside the cages sat a tiger—or should I say a giant saber tiger, with magnificent fangs.

Incidentally, I am particularly fond of tigers among all other animals. I love cats, wolves, and hawks just as much as I love tigers, but I especially love white tigers. I could even sit in front of their cages and watch them for two hours without getting bored.

In short, I’m the kind of person who can’t help but feel giddy about beautiful and wise beasts and birds of prey.

Seeing me approaching the cage of the saber tiger Caro, my father hurriedly strengthened his grip on my hand.

I’m not sure if he was frightened by my unusually heated gaze or not, but Caro let out a huge, menacing roar.



My eardrums rang as I heard the screams of the people nearby. I glanced over to the surprised Sister Athena who was screaming and jumping towards Onyx.


Seeing me close to the roaring at point blank range from the front, my father hurriedly picked me up and evacuated me.

……But I was no longer afraid.



I let out a squealing shout, not caring about all the eyes that were looking at me with worry.

“C…Cu…Cute!!! Hahaha, look Father, do you see it’s big mouth and fangs now!? He looks so strong and it’s so cute…!!!”

“Ah, Alice…?”

I wasn’t sure who it was that muttered that in a distracted voice.

I was too fascinated by Caro-chan, who was wandering—or rather, was it cowering?—around in its cage, warily keeping an eye on me.

[Original Author’s Note] A little girl who is happy to be roared at by a fierce beast. That’s Alice for you, haha.


T/N: I predict many mofumofus in the near future…

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 138: My Beloved…

  1. Next chapter: Caro-chan’s POV
    Hum? Another human children? I’ll roar her out of hers mind and she will never come near anymore!
    What with that scary eyes?!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Next chapter: Caro-chan’s POV
    Hum? Another human children? I’ll roar her out of hers mind and she will never come near anymore!
    What with that scary eyes?!

    Liked by 1 person

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