Chapter 63: Let’s Take Revenge (3)

Chapter 63 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

“…Margrave Myuuhen!” (***T/N: He is a Count, but he can also be called a Margrave as he is the leader of a border territory. You can expect to see both Count or Margrave in these translations.)

I hurriedly took a ladylike bow.

Why is Margrave Myuuhen here?

“No, no…I should say more than that.”

Count Myuuhen held back my gratitude and deepened his smile.

When I looked closely, I could see that behind Count Myuuhen was my brother and Chris-sama.

The two of them must have anticipated this situation and brought him along.

If that’s the case…

I cleared my throat and decided to continue talking.

“It seems that the Chief has already noticed, but the biggest victim of this situation is Silas-sama.”

“Me…? Not my mother?”

Silas’s brow furrowed further.

“Yes. You were simply pushed around by the adults.”

I began to explain, hoping that Silas would understand.

As I said earlier, everything all started with the fact that neither Silas’ mother nor the Chief were thinking about him at all.

Silas’ mother wanted to keep Silas as a ‘half-breed” between herself, an elf, and the human she loved. So, if Silas chose to be an elf or a human instead of a half-breed, would Silas disappear?

The answer was ‘no.’

Whether he was an elf or a human, Silas was still Silas. There was no doubt that either would still be a child. And yet, his mother insisted on him being ‘half.’

And the Chief, on the other hand, decided on his own that Silas would be happier being a full elf, rather than a half elf. Half-elf or not, an elf is still an elf. That was not a good reason to judge Silas, and it was not something that should be forced.

They both made the same error in judgment.

They both made the same mistake in not listening to Silas’ opinion at all.

In other words, this was Silas’s life…and he should have been free to choose.

Of course, I could also understand his mother’s and grandfather’s feelings.

It was an adult’s job to guide a child who did not yet know anything, but it was not good to force them into something they don’t want.

“No matter what choice Silas makes for himself, everyone should all remain the same and help him to be happy.”

I think it was best if they had done that.

“Yes. Charlotte-sama is right. Silas’s mother and the chieftain both made a mistake.”

Count Myuuhen lowered his eyebrows sadly.

“First of all…I am sorry for the pain my son has caused your daughter. If my son hadn’t left his wife and child to die, none of this would have happened.”


After all, was Silas the grandson of Count Myuuhen?

“And you, Chief. We are in a position to guide the young. It is important to protect the old ways, but if we lose something important because of it, we are not doing ourselves any favors. Isn’t it time for us and the elves to change and not be bound by tradition?”

The Count of Myuuhen continued.

“I know it is tempting for an elder to interfere, but that is why we must keep silent and watch over them, and give a hand when it is truly needed.”

I had only met Count Myuuhen, who had a mansion on the frontier, a few times, but I had never known him to be such a loving old man.

I had never known him to be such a loving old man, but I knew that an old man who was only kind could not possibly be entrusted as a Margrave, so I still had to be on my guard.


Silas sagged near the chief.

“Silas. Isn’t it about time you called me grandfather?”

The Margrave Myuuhen smiled affectionately at Silas.


“But nothing. You are my grandson, so you should be more spoiled!”

Margrave Myuugen approached the immobile Silas and pat his silver-white head.

“It’s hard for me to say, but I’m sure it’s the same for you. It must be sad to not be considered a grandfather by such a great grandson.”

“I…I’m not qualified to be Silas’ grandfather…”

“You are as stubborn as ever.”

Count Myuuhen smiled bitterly.

“We humans have a limited lifespan, but long-lived elves are different, are they not? So I am sure you can come to terms one day. Don’t you think so, Silas?”

“…If I’m forgiven for trying to take revenge…”

“Don’t worry. This is just a child’s prank, you know.”

The Margrave looked around at the adults.

The elves smiled bitterly and nodded in reply.

“And Silas, and the Chief. I have Lilina’s last message for you.”



“Yes. She entrusted it to me after her death, in case I ever needed it.”

Count Myuuhen spoke, and took out a letter from his pocket.

The contents of the letter were as follows.

[I do not have much time left in my life. I apologize for relying on the Margrave even after my death. Although my Father and I could not understand each other, I still love him, who is the Chief.]

She expressed her joy at having been born.

And finally, there was a message to Silas.

[Live freely as you please. I love you.]

By the end of the letter, both the Chief and Silas were crying tears of joy.

“That’s why, Silas, live freely. That is what your mother…and all of us adults, want.”

The Margrave stroked Silas’ head gently and repeatedly.

“But you can help me with my work, too, right?”

Margrave Myuuhen gave a small wink.

“…Yes. Grandfather.”

Silas laughed through his tears.

I was sure that they would be fine now.

Time would take care of the rest.

At that time…

‘Thank you.’

I thought I heard a woman’s gentle voice.

But when I looked around, I did not see any other women.

…Was it my imagination?

No, I was sure it wasn’t my imagination.

I smiled.

“Hey everyone! As my apology for today, I will be throwing an ice cream party!”

I yelled, and there were shouts of joy coming from all around.

I could see that Silas and the Chief were also happy.

Alright! I’ll make it with all my heart!

Let the ice cream party begin!!!


T/N: We’ve finally wrapped up this Silas Arc! Hopefully we’ll catch up to the manga and pass it soon. 😀

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