Chapter 139: Combat in the Courtyard

Chapter 139 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

Under the clear winter sky, the sound of light sword fights echoed through the courtyard.

The current location was the chalk-white Heimer Castle. It was the home of my mother’s family, located in the center of the Heimer territory.

In the courtyard, the Virgil brothers were exchanging in battle with daggers.

Brother Will kicked off the ground with such force that his figure seemed to disappear for a moment, leaving a dent in the leaves.

The next moment, Brother Will appeared right beside Brother Oluris and raised his silver bald sharply from below.

“I got you!”

“Not yet!”

Brother Oluris flipped back with a snap and moved away. It looked a bit painful, but he seemed to be enjoying it.

He took off his usual long robe and put his hair up in a ponytail, making him look very light.

“Wow, that’s very cool.”


When I inadvertently leaked out my honest impression, my father beside me pouted his lips and made a very dissatisfied sound. My mother, who sat across from me, giggled at that.

Incidentally, the duel in front of us was not a fight. It was just a way to pass the time while having some fun.

So, after a bit of eating and watching the spectacles of the main streets of Clarus, we entered the castle town and arrived at the Heimer Castle.

However, all of the relatives were not there yet.

After greeting my mother, the Heimer family, and the Virgil family whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, I began to look bored so Uncle Oedipus suggested that I go for a walk.

That’s why I ended up going on a stroll in the garden with my mother and the group that had come to the Heimer castle, but it was a little chilly.

We decided to do some moving combat in order to keep our bodies limber after the carriage ride.

While reminiscing about all this, the duel in front of me was unfolding at a dizzying pace.

Brother Will, who was originally a speedy fighter, had recently become even more skilled, but surprisingly, Brother Oluris was no slouch.

Before he became a recluse, he and Brother Will often went hunting for magical beasts and medicinal herbs, so he could actually handle a bit of swordplay.

In addition to that, the two of them had been fighting each other whenever they had free time these days.

Brother Oluris was much taller and had a greater reach, and because of their size difference, his blows appeared to be heavier.

I wasn’t sure which one was stronger overall, but with my young girl’s kinetic vision, they both seemed to disappear from time to time…So I guess they were both amazing.

“Ah! Wait, oh no!”

When I looked away for a moment, an impatient voice rang out, and when I looked back, I saw saw that the grass had grown quickly around Brother Oluris.

Seeing this, Brother Will lowered his sword and chuckled, “You’ve lost, Brother.”

“Ah…I’ve done it again…”

Brother Will patted Brother Oluris on the back as he slumped his shoulders dejectedly. Apparently, the rule was that if Brother Oluris’ ‘automatic defense’ came out, it would result in a loss. It appeared to be a sort of control training.

Brother Oluris smiled wryly when I said good work to them as the two walked toward us.

“Hmmm, it’s still difficult to control it completely.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Brother. But you can still control it much better than before!”

After all, the two brothers were working together in front of so many people. Comparing to how it was in the past, this was a great improvement.

When I laughed and continued to praise him, a flower effect began blooming around Brother Oluris who laughed happily.

…aren’t those actual blooming flowers?!?

I noticed this and grinned at my cute Brother Oluris, who hurriedly tried to wipe them away with his hands…Fufu.

…He was getting better.

It’s a good idea to take a look at the actual information on the web.

In the courtyard, I saw Sister Thulite come in, appearing to be in a horrifyingly good mood.

[Original Author’s Note] Compared to the past, Oluris is gradually getting better at speaking more smoothly. Everyone is getting along well… However, the next episode will include the invading boot camp sergeant.


T/N: Just a nice laid-back chapter before Sister Thulite unleashes, from what I gather, the hellish boot camp 2.0. RIP. I’m kind of sad we didn’t get any more mofumofu with Caro-chan this chapter though…I assume that he’ll come back soon though!

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