Chapter 64: The Big Conclusion…?

Chapter 64 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

A lot of elves came to the chief’s house when they heard that there was going to be an ice cream party, and the inside and outside of the house was in chaos.

They wanted to know how to make the ice cream, so I had to cook it in public.

…I have a stomachache.

The ice cream I was going to make this time was for the elves, so I was not going to use eggs. (***T/N: I guess elves don’t eat eggs because they are vegetarian here)

The four ingredients were milk, cream, sugar, and Suuri juice concentrate.

Naturally, the key ingredient was the strawberry-like taste of the Suuri flower!

First, I put the cream and sugar in a very large bowl and mixed with a whisk…however…

I had to make a lot this time, so…

…This time I’m going full throttle—I was using Cheat-san right from the start!

Using magic, I moved the whisk at high speed to make the whipped cream thick and creamy, then I added the milk and Suuri juice, and stirred some more. 

Once the cream has been stirred to a certain degree, Cheat-san made its special appearance once again.

I used magic to freeze the ice cream.

Then stirred the frozen ice cream with a spoon. It’s important to make sure it stays aerated!

Then I froze it again…and so on.

The Suuri ice cream was complete!


As the ice cream was completed, some screams echoed out.

In any case…it’s time to taste it.

I took a bite of it with my spoon and put it in my mouth.

The sweet and sour taste of strawberries and the rich flavor of fresh cream spread into my mouth.

Yes. It’s delicious even without the eggs.

As I nodded my head in satisfaction…before I realized it, a huge line had formed right in front of me.

Too fast!!

I was almost taken aback by the sight, but I quickly regained my composure and faced everyone.

The person at the front of the line was…

Of course, it was my brother who was a true ice cream devotee.

The Count, Chris-sama, Silas and the Chief were following behind him.

No more…I’m not saying anything more.

“Here you go.”

I handed Brother his bowl of ice cream, and with a smile, he went back to the end of the line.

He’s going for seconds already?!?

I continued to hand out ice cream mindlessly, like a machine, to deal with the never-ending line.

Eventually, it was my brother’s turn once again…

“Charlotte…is it all gone?”

The bowl that had contained a large amount of ice cream was now empty.




Not only my brother, but also Chris-sama and all the elves looked very sad.

Yes, yes.

“I understand. I’ll make some right away.”

I smiled bitterly and started to make twice as much ice cream.

After the second batch of ice cream was completed, I left the serving to the women of the elf village, and I was finally able to leave by preparing a large amount of Suuri’s carbonated juice for a cream soda, which was necessary due to my brother’s remarks.

I’m tired…

I sat down on a vacant chair and let out a sigh.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

Silas said, handing me a cream soda.

“Thank you.”

I took it and used the straw to suck down a sip of the juice.


Ah…it’s so healing…

As I melted in relief, I heard a giggle.

When I turned my gaze towards it, I saw that Silas was laughing happily.

With the facade of ‘revenge’ now gone, the fierceness of his gaze when we first met had faded, and he now had a calm expression on his face.

…I’m glad.

Looking at Silas reminded me of Izumi’s family, whom I had left behind.

If Silas could be saved, then Izumi’s family could be saved as well. I wanted to save them too…



“…Please stop. You’ve never called me that before!”

“No…it was Charlotte-sama who saved me and my grandfather, the Chief. Thank you so much.”

I stood up in a panic and placed the cream soda on the chair that was propped up by Silas, who looked like he was about to get down on his knees.

“I didn’t do anything. I acted as I pleased. So…if you want to thank someone, please do so to Silas-sama’s mother.”

“My mother…?”

“Yes. Everything was all guided by your mother’s love for you, Silas-sama.”

I let Silas straighten his posture, then I looked up at him and smiled.

Silas, who was looking down at me, also smiled as if he were caught in something.

And then…

“Hey. You guys are just staring at each other, are you going to kiss?”

My older brother, who wouldn’t even think about reading the atmosphere, intervened.

Wh-What do you mean, kiss?!?

“We’re not!!”

When I turned red and denied it, my brother dropped yet another bombshell.

“I was wondering if you were going to switch from Ricardo to Silas.”

How dare you!!!

“I would never do that!!”

“Eh? Are you sure?”

“I’m sure!!”

“Then, can you please give me this?”

What my brother wanted was my half-finished cream soda.

Silas and Ricardo were just excuses. He was aiming for this from the start, wasn’t he…?

“…here you go.”

I handed it to him with a sigh.

“Thank you.”

Brother smiled and took it.

He happily put it in his mouth.

“Does it taste good?”

I asked, and he answered immediately, “Of course.”

Then…is it okay?

I looked around and saw not only my brother, but also everyone else in the room, eating ice cream with happy faces and talking all about it.

This scene warmed my heart.

“Charlotte’s creations make everyone happy.”

“Charlotte makes everyone happy, doesn’t she?”

“Big brother…”

“The ice cream was delicious!!”

Chris-sama laughed with all his sparkles.

“Charlotte-sama. I want you to be Silas’ wife.”

“That would be great. She doesn’t seem to be Chris-sama’s real fiancée.”

The Count of Myuuhen and the Chief seemed to be getting along well now, cream sodas in hand.

“Grandfathers, please stop!”

Silas stops them, turning brightred.

“If it’s you, Charl, you can really be my fiancée, you know?”

“No. Thank. You.”

I want them to stop making jokes that are not jokes.

I mean, these are all people…who are obviously just after ice cream!

“Well, Charlotte is my precious little sister, so I’m not giving her to anyone, okay?”

And then, a ray of light shined down.

Dear Brother (Hero)!!!

Wait…No, no, no!!!

Isn’t my brother just an ice cream fanatic?

“…I’ll give you the recipe for ice cream…so just leave me alone.”

I slumped back into my chair.

I’m tired…I’m really tired…(sobs)

“If you can give me the recipe, can I make Suuri ice cream a specialty of the Elven Village?”

The Chief asked me.


They do have the Suuri meadow, and it would be a good place to sell it.

In addition…

I glanced at my brother.

He was smiling, which meant that I could do as I pleased.

In that case…

“That’s fine. In return, can I come and visit again?”

I asked.

“Of course. Please come anytime.”

The chief smiled gently.

This was all for the purpose of liberating the closed-ff elven village to the outside world.

In this way, no matter what choices Silas made, he would be able to visit…

I would later regret my decision, but I didn’t know it at the time.

Later in the future, a banner would be hung at the entrance of the village.

<<Village of Charlotte, the Goddess of Ice Cream>>

What happened to “Village of the Elves”!?!


T/N: BAHAHAH “The Goddess or Ice Cream,” lmao. Forget about alcohol and magic, Charl’s gonna change the world one scoop at a time.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 64: The Big Conclusion…?

  1. (***T/N: I guess elves don’t eat eggs because they are vegan)

    That wouldn’t work… “vegan” excludes all animal products, including milk.

    So… no ice cream, only sorbet.


  2. In the sentence “I took a bite of it with my spoon and put it in my mouth.” I’m unable to find a good meaning for the “bite” word used here. For me, all “bite”‘s meanings are related to something like “pinch with tooth/beak/mouth”. But I can’t find how to pinch with only ONE spoon…


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