Chapter 66: Dried Fruits and Alcohol (2)

Chapter 66 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

Now then, let’s start cooking!

“First, we’ll make the dried fruits.”

For Nobu-san, who had never heard of dried fruits, I gave him a brief explanation.

Dried fruits were fresh fruits that had been dried and could be stored for a long period of time while retaining their nutritional value.

Depending on the fruit used, they were rich in polyphenols and dietary fibers, and also had a high antioxidant effect.

They could also be used as a snack to prevent wrinkles and aging, or as a dieting snack.

“Oh…that’s amazing!”

Nobu-san’s eyes were sparkling as he listened to the explanation.

Dried fruits were easy to make.

All you had to do was dry the fruit in the sun or use a microwave oven to remove the water from the fruit.

It took about two days for the fruit to dry out in the sun.

If you used a microwave oven, you could do it quickly, but this was a different world and were no microwaves here.

That’s where my cheat came in.

The fruits to be used this time were the peach-flavored ‘mosques’ in the shape of purple grapes, and the pineapple-flavored ‘repples’ in the shape of yellow lemons.

And there were also the orange apricot-shaped grape flavored ‘armas.’

The mosques and armas are cut in their original forms, while the repples were cut into thin slices with the skin on.

After laying them out on the plate, I held out my right hand and pictured the image of dried fruit.

The water draining away and the fruit becoming dry…The sweetness is concentrated. Delicious fruit…


When I muttered the chant, a band of light began tracing the fruit.

After the band of light disappeared, the fruits that had lost their moisture were left in a glossy state.

The dried fruits were ready!

Nobu-san and I decided to taste them immediately.

First, the mosques. They looked like dried grapes, but tasted like peaches…However, the taste was so rich and sweet that it was almost unfair.

Next were the repples. The sweet and sour taste of fresh pineapple was gone, and the sweetness of pineapple was now concentrated and delicious.

The last one, Armas, looked like dried apricots, but they tasted just like dried grapes.

Yes. They are all delicious.

When I glanced at Nobu-san, he was shaking with the dried fruit in his hands.

He was moving like a broken robot.


“I didn’t know dried fruit could taste so good…!!”

Oh. He was impressed, wasn’t he?

Well, I had a strong image in my head that fresh, raw food tasted better.

I laughed.

“There’s still a long way to go!”

I prepared four empty bottles that were boiled clean.

I filled the first large empty jar evenly with three kinds of dried fruits, and then fill the remaining three small empty jars with the remaining dried fruits.

“…Is dried fruit something that is stored in a jar?”

“Yes, it’s a good way to keep them fresh. And as for the large jars, you can do this!”

As I said this, I poured the ‘Mei’ liquor into the jar containing the three types of dried fruits.


Nobu-san, who was beside me, shouted in grief, but I didn’t care.

“It’s all right.”

I laughed and poured in enough Mei liquor to soak the dried fruits.

“What a waste…”

Nobu-san was disappointed.

He didn’t understand the point of adding liquid to dried fruit, but this was just the way it had to be.

“Well, I’m going to cast a spell that will make it taste even better, so just sit back and watch.”

I held out my right hand toward the large bottle of Mei liquor that I had poured.

It usually took about two days for it to soak properly. Once again, this was where Cheat-san came in.

For the sake of good alcohol food, I will never hesitate to cheat!!!

I created an image of how I wanted the alcohol to soak into the dry fruit.

Be delicious—be even more delicious!!!


I muttered, and a fluffy light covered the bottle. Once it disappears like smoke…

The long awaited ‘Rum Raisin’ was complete!

The dried fruits that had been soaked in the liquor were now moist, as if they had not been dehyrdated before. The caramelized fruits looked divine…!

My throat gulped.

…I want to eat it. I just want to eat them!!

No, no, no…

From the smell of the liquor, it seemed to have a very high alcohol content. It would be dangerous in many ways to eat it as is…best not to get drunk as a minor, you know?

It’s better to just…move on to the next step.

“…We’re not going to taste it?”

“No way!!!”

Unlike Nobu-san, who could drink alcohol with impunity, I was still a child in appearance.

I won’t let you do such an enviable thing!!

I rushed Nobu-san, who looked sad, and asked him to get the eggs, cream and other ingredients for the ice cream.

Next, I told him I was going to make ice cream, and he immediately burst into a good mood and got to work.

These devotees…

“Charlotte-sama…Is that the new ice cream?”

Two cooks, who had been looking at me distantly while working on something else up until now, had approached me.

First there was Suke-san, 35 years old, and married with a loving daughter whom he doted on. Then there was Kaku-san, 50 years old, and married with three wonderful sons. Both of them were veteran chefs who had been working for the Avi family longer than Nobu-san.

By the way, Kaku-san was the head chef.

Both of them had brown eyes and hair of the usual color. Kaku-san, the head chef, had been complaining lately that his hair was a going gray and thinning…

…Is this the time to make a hair-growing potion?

Well, let’s just set that aside.

These two were veteran cooks and fellow ice cream devotees, so I guess they had an idea of what I wanted to make with just the ingredients and couldn’t resist their curiosity, so they came here.

“Yes. It’s a grown-up ice cream. Give it a taste and let me know what you think.”

I smiled and got to work.

This time, too, I was going to use a lot of ingredients because I was afraid it would disappear in a flash.

I didn’t want to have less for me to eat. I was not going to give up!

Suke-san and Kaku-san were interested in my ice cream making, but they were also interested in the dried fruits and dried fruits soaked in mei liquor that I had just made. Their eyes were shining as they listened to Nobu-san’s explanation.

As I separated the many eggs into yolks and whites, I added on to Nobu’s explanation.

“Dried fruits soaked in mei liquor are also delicious in cakes and other baked goods. The dried fruits soaked in mei are also delicious in cakes and other baked goods because the mei keeps them moist and long-lasting. Depending on how you use it, they can also be used to flavor food.”

The process of separating the yolks from the whites was tedious, but I didn’t mind it. I was happy when the shells cracked cleanly, and it was fun to watch the egg whites fall down smoothly.

But this amount of work was just too much.

I had cracked nearly twenty eggs alone.

I finally finished separating the 20 eggs.

I wonder if I should have asked for help with this…?

…Suddenly, I looked up when I felt their gazes on me, and my eyes met with three people staring at me.

“…What’s wrong?”

The three people’s eyes were bloodshot and very scary…

“May I use that technique!?!”

The head chef, Kaku-san, stepped closer to me.

…too close

I smiled, feigning casualness as I moved away.

“…please do.”

“““Thank you very much!!”””

The three of them bowed to me at the same angle.

“Some things are better for dried fruits than others, you should try different types.”

Devotees like them could be very difficult when ice cream was involved, but…their skills, enthusiasm, and inquisitiveness as chefs were the real deal.

I didn’t hate that kind of passion.

It’s great to have something to get lost in. I hope they would continue on this path.

Now then, it was time to get back to work.

I was going to ask Cheat-san to do their best here as well, since the amount of food I was making was quite large.

Using magic, I stirred the whisk to make a stiff meringue, adding sugar to the egg whites little by little.

In a separate container, I added the sugar to the cream and whipped it while chilling it.

Then I beat the egg yolks with the sugar in a separate container.

Once the whipped cream, egg yolks, and meringue were all mixed together, it was time for the star of the day to be added.

The first thing I wanted to do was to add rum raisins, but since I had made three kinds of dried fruits soaked in mei liquor, I decided to just add them all. The mosque was left as it was, while the repples and armas were cut into small pieces and added to the ice cream mixture.

Then I froze it with magic…

“Rich Meifruit Ice Cream is complete!”

Purple, yellow, and orange colors mixed in with the creamy ice cream, making it colorful and pretty.

-Clap- -clap- -clap-

From behind me, I could hear an applause for the completion.

…It could’ve been my imagination, but I felt like there was more applause than what three chefs alone could have made.

Ahh. I don’t want to turn around, but…there’s no choice.

I made up my mind and looked back.

And there they all were, the three chefs and my brother with the mysterious smile.

And then…


There was my mother, who was looking at me with a sly expression.


T/N: Me translating this chapter while eating my dried mangoes…

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