Chapter 144: Laurier-sama’s Family

Chapter 144 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

Thinking back on it, the academy’s dormitories were for communal living, and when it came to communal living, ‘sleepover beds’ were the normal thing.

Basically, it was a little pajama party where people secretly visited each other’s beds, talked in private until they got sleepy, and then fall sleep together.

As always, the three of us—Laurier-sama and Leticia-sama’s purple and peach duo***, along with myself—had already had sleepovers before. (***T/N: Purple and peach are referring to Laurier and Leticias’ hair colors respectively)

One of the things that had come up in our private conversations was Laurie-sama’s worries about her family.

They were strict and disciplined. The father was strict with Laurier-sama, but for some reason was very lenient with the younger sister.

And the mother was loyal only to the father’s disciplinary policies.

And then there was Meryl, the younger sister who lives in the center of everything, full of selfishness.

When Laurier-sama was talking about it, she seemed to be very indifferent.

She said that because she was now busy taking care of Leticia-sama and working alongside me towards my goals, she didn’t worry about her household as much as she used to…

But even then, she had said a lot of things like, “It can’t be helped because Meryl is younger than me” or “It’s as expected because I am going to be a Margrave who defends the border.”

Laurier-sama was always very patient and mature like that.

She had been waiting for me in front of her family’s castle, all alone with her guards, her breath turning white from the cold. Looking at this situation…I could guess what she had been feeling.

Perhaps she was fine and happy when she was at school, but now that she was back home, her lack of a place in the world had come to light, and it had become even more painful.

That’s why she had been waiting for me alone in the cold.

That bearded old man, Margrave Euclid…what are you doing to make my Laurier so lonely?!? I was tempted to grab him, but there was nothing a little girl like me could do about it.

However, it had been three days since we arrived at the Eildart Frontier Castle.

I quickly lost my patience as I gazed upon the composition of the Margrave family, with a father who who spoiled Meryl, a mother who tacitly approved of it, and Laurier-sama, who was often reprimanded and scolded about her etiquette in secret so that she would better deal with us higher-ranked nobles.

“Uncle, Father. I have a request.”


I tugged on the sleeves of my father and Uncle Oedipus who had been chatting in front of the fireplace, and with a very stern face, I made a request.

[Original Author’s Note] Alice has begun to make a move. But this time, she’s going to rely on the power of adults…?


T/N: Finally. Please. Somebody help my precious little Laurier (╥﹏╥)

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