Chapter 146: The Visitors

Chapter 146 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

Well then.

Now that the raccoons were done battling for their territory…or rather, the skinship between parent and child was finally accomplished, the family’s relationship seemed to have slightly improved.

The Margrave’s education seemed to be as detailed and strict as ever, but in between, he could be seen stroking Laurier-sama’s head and holding her in his arms.

It seems that my fathers and uncle’s advice was ‘praise is not the same as pampering’ and ‘skinship is very important.’

Therefore, the strictness did not really change…but it shifted in the direction of working hard together as a family by increasing communication and interaction.

Laurier-sama herself said that she liked to work hard at her studies, so I’m sure she was happier about this rather than if things had been loosened up.

Now then,

In response to this, Laurier-sama’s expression softened dramatically in a short period of time.

The fact that she was normally cool and expressionless had not changed…but her mood softened and she appeared to be smiling more often.

Every time we discovered a new side of Laurier-sama, Leticia and I had been fangirling about her for the past few days.

And it also seemed that Laurier-sama’s mother also changed.

My mother and Sister Thulite told me that when she married the Margrave who had a lot of responsibilities, she was told not to make any trouble and to follow her husband’s policies in everything.

Apparently, she gave up and obeyed despite the difficulty with her children, thinking that it was something that could only be understood by someone with those responsibilities.

Therefore, when the Margrave’s attitude changed, she discussed it with him and began to change her own attitude toward Laurier-sama after feeling relieved.

…And what about Meryl-chan?

“Father! Hold Meryl, not my sister! Hey, hey!! Why not Meryl!?”

Margrave Euclide, who seemed to be addicted to rewarding Laurier-sama with cuddles, was poked every time he did so.


“Meryl. Stop making loud noises in front of our guests.”

When the Margrave calmly told her to do so, she was half stunned…and then repeated the pattern of running to her mother while crying.

Apparently, he had decided to be a little more serious and watch Meryl closely from now on.

The first step was for the Margrave to act as the stick, with the mother acting as the carrot. (***T/N: Basically, Margrave is the bad cop, and the mother is the good cop. The translation for this in japanese was a little different, but I used the carrot/stick reference because it makes more sense in english.)

It may not be easy for her to accept, but I’m sure it would be better for Meryl in the long run.

I wanted to believe that the Einschutt family would be fine now that they learned to communicate. Family communication is important.

I was thinking that while drinking tea with the Purple/Peach duo as Connie served us.


-Twitch twitch-


Were my eyes deceiving me?

On the tea party table set up in the courtyard, a large golden beast’s ears were twitching.

Was this a withdrawal symptom from the lack of beast children in my life…or was I finally starting to hallucinate…? I rubbed my eyes and looked once more…

This time, black animal ears sprouted up, increasing the pair of ears to two.

And they were shaking and twitching once more.

I was shocked…I touched them impulsively.

…They were fluffy, smooth, and warm.


They then released a small cry. Wow, hallucinations these days sure are realistic…huh!?!

“Did you find me?”

With that said, they came out from the table.

They were beast children from the Golden Dawn Gang…Sage from the Black Cat Tribe, and Judith from the Golden Wolf tribe.

[Original Author’s Note] And so, here we are. Ah, I couldn’t take it anymore…my hands would continue to tremble if I didn’t write in at least one beast child. -tears-


T/N: Yay!! I missed the beast-children! I predict many more mofumofus in the near future…

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