Chapter 148: The Engineer Brothers

Chapter 148 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

“That was faster than expected. I wanted to surprise Alice-sama, so I kept it a secret. I’m sorry.”

Laurier-sama gave a small laugh. Apparently, the news of their arrival had been properly sent to the Einschutt family beforehand.

“No, rather, I’m really sorry that so many of us came.”

The calm, dark-haired young man spoke, and Laurier smiled back.

Apparently, the beast-children and this new duo came here because they had business with me and the Purple and Peach duo.

While calming down the beast kids who looked like they were having fun, the young man with black ears and black hair suggested that he introduce himself.

“My name is Brave Metro. And this is my brother…”

“I’m Dav Metro! Nice to meet ya, Miss Alice!!”

-Pow!- For some reason, Dav’s brother, Brave, smacked him on the head.

“Hey, use your honorifics properly!”

“Mmm, that’s right. It’s nice to meet you!”

“I am Alice Archelaus. It’s nice to meet you…?”

While I was being overwhelmed by the momentum, Fredge-sama introduced the two of them in detail.

“The two of them are from the Black Wolf Tribe, which is close to the Gold Wolf Tribe. Dav is good at making things and is a first year Advenzia student. Brave is a graduate of the academy and works as an engineer in the beastman village. And so, I went to consult with him for Alice-sama to see if he had any good ideas about the ‘flying research’ that was assigned…”

“Right! I didn’t expect to find someone this close to me who was doing the same research as myself. I wanted to meet ya, so here I am!”

“Hey Dav! Be more respectful!”

“Right! Sorry about that!”

The boy apologized again, but I didn’t think he was listening to his brother at all.

“And so…well, that’s why Dav made a huge fuss about wanting to meet Alice-sama, and then the beast-children all started to go wild, and as a result, I ended up taking everyone here. I really apologize for the suddenness.”

Brave-san concluded apologetically.

I now understand how this happened, but what can I say…a new great character has been added.

It seems that the older brother, Brave, is the hard-working, caring type, and the younger brother, Dav, is the explosive ‘my pace’ type.

“Oh, is that you, Dav?”

“Hm? Oh, it’s Wilhelm-senpai! It’s been a long time!”

“It’s been a while…You’re still the same as ever, aren’t you?”

Brother Will, who had noticed the commotion, came down to the courtyard with a wry smile.

Well, they’re both Advenzia students, so it makes sense that they know each other.

And it seemed to be no secret that Dav was not very good at using honorifics with his theatrical tone.

“By the way, I understand that the two of you came here to see me…but why did the other children come?”

“Yes, well that’s…”

As Brave was speaking, I heard an “Eh!?!?.” Both Laurier-sama and Letitia-sama’s voices sounded out at the same time.

When I looked at them with surprise, I saw that in front of the two of them…were several beast-children kneeling down in a servile bow.

[Original Author’s Note] The gold wolf tribe is the image of fluffy, thick, big ears standing up straight, while the black wolf tribe is the image of shiny, sleek fur with droopy or erect ears. Some of them are black or brown even if they are ‘gold wolf tribe’ members, and vice versa. I’ll probably talk about the simple setting in the text soon.


T/N: It’s been a while friends (a whole week without any translating!). I apologize for the wait, but I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving/weekend depending on if you celebrated it or not!

I’ve had some medical conditions/surgeries occurring in the family which is why my posts have been coming a bit slower, so I apologize for that. However, I can assure you that I am not planning to go on any long hiatuses any time soon, so you don’t have to worry about me dropping this series or anything (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡.

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