Chapter 149: Those Whom I Wish to Be With

Chapter 149 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”



Laurier-sama and Letitia-sama were in a daze.

In front of Laurier, there was Judith, Lucia, and Lansley from the Golden Wolf tribe.

In front of Leticia, there was Sage, Tiza, Olga, and Karina.

And at almost the same time, they spoke out in unison.

“Please make us your aides!”


It was an unexpected turn of events. However, the Purple and Peach duo clearly heard the request.

…After a moment, I was delighted at the sight.

“W-Wow! Of course, by all means, please do!”

“…If…If you’re okay with me, then sure!”

Hearing those cheery replies, a blush on their cheeks, the beast-children all went into party mode.


“I’m so glad…I thought it was too late…!”

They were all jumping up and down with joy…But why now, during the vacations?

I guess that question showed on my face, as Brave answered me.

“Originally, everyone wanted to be an aide to someone from the Golden Dawn Gang. But the worry of what would happen if the positions were filled during the vacations spread, so it seems they decided to go ask for it as soon as possible.”

I see…Even so, the golden wolf tribe members and the black cat tribe members were neatly divided.

That’s right. They were neatly divided into two groups. The Golden Wolf tribe for Laurier-sama and the Black Cat Tribe for Letitia-sama. That question was answered by Fredge-sama.

“At first, both the golden wolf members and the black cat members had wanted to stay with Alice, whom they loved the most, but…Alice-sama already has aides, so they regretted that it was impossible. However, it seems that they still wished to serve those two, remembering their lives at school. Perhaps their temperaments as beast-kin were suited to each other”.

“Oh, I see.”

“By the way, if I wasn’t carrying the family household on my shoulders, I’d be on Alice’s side.”

“Ah, Frege, you’re so casually—! Me too!”

Ivan-sama was complaining to Fredge-sama about something, but for now, the mystery was solved.

Before we started studying for the exam, at the time of the first greetings, Laurier-sama’s eyes had lit up at the sight of the goldewn wolves, and Leticia’s eyes had lit up upon seeing the black cats. I’m sure that their hearts of love were conveyed to one another.

Thinking back further, Laurier often answered questions from the Golden Wolves while studying for her exams, and Leticia was often seen eating snacks surrounded by the Black Cats. I was convinced.

Now then.

There was still one child who had not participated in the festivities and did not come forward to join anyone as an aide.

I could understand Eugene, who was Ivan-sama’s aide, and Volya, who was Fredge-sama’s aide. And the free-spirited Furuda and Nirufa, who were currently chasing butterflies at the edge of the courtyard, were also understandable. However…

Faneer was looking somewhere else while squirming all on his own.


It wasn’t his usual sleepy look, but rather a sort of troubled and embarrassed look on his face.

Hmm? As I was looking at him, I saw him start to walk.

…And then, to my surprise, he stepped forward in front of Connie, who had been quietly watching the situation.



Connie was confused as Faneer was silently turning a bright shade of red.

However, he finally seemed to have made up his mind…While spreading his tail softly and tensing up, he let out a nervous voice.

“…I want to be your knight…”


Faneer desperately looked up at Connie, squeezing his hands while saying so.

Is this really that?

The rumored ‘public confession <3’ with the ‘I want to be your only knight’…?!?

The tension risen so suddenly. How would Connie respond?!?

…As I watched, Connie, who had turned bright red and wobbly, managed to find her voice.

W-Well, uh, unlike Faneer-kun, I’m not from an aristocratic family. I’m just a maid…and I’m older than Faneer-kun too, you know?”

“Y-Yes. I know…”


Connie was panicking, wondering what to do.

However, she did not refuse, and she accepted the confession of the young Faneer-kun without making a fool of him, and she was so embarrassed!

Oh dear, this was the best of love.

-Grins- I just couldn’t stop smiling…!!!

As I was looking over at them with such an enamored expression, the boy beside me, Dav, tilted his head and spoke.

“…If the reversal of status is the problem, why don’t you just honestly say that you want to be a lover, not a knight?”

“Wai—Dav! Shhh! Shhhhh!!”

I think I heard the opinion of the overly frank Dav, who may or may not have been able to read the air.

The rest of the story was put on hold for time being because Faneer-kun, who couldn’t bear it anymore, fell to the floor with his ears still steaming.

[Original Author’s Note] I really like the pairing of these two. You guys know that, don’t you? Don’t you guys like it too? Shota—Ah!…Who are you and what are you doing!? Let go of me! Waaaaaaaa!! -sound of being taken away-


T/N: Hah, that author note was pretty funny this time! Also, I realize that my updates have been a little slower these past few weeks, but that will only last during this month (maybe less) while I handle some other personal issues. I appreciate everyone’s patience and support! I will still be uploading pretty consistently though, so there’s no need to worry about long-term hiatuses or anything. Only three more chapters left in this arc!

Please continue to stay safe and happy as the Christmas season approaches (or any other holidays that others might celebrate).

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