Chapter 69: The Fallout from the Boom (1)

Chapter 69 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”

Perhaps it was because my worries and gloom had gradually been disappearing, but lately, my days have been full of life.

Although I still had the stress of not being able to drink alcohol, I had been making dried fruits as requested by my mother, and making dried fruits, also making dried fruits, and then making dried fruits…making dried fruits…

I mean…what? I don’t know why, but it seems that I’ve only been making dried fruits lately…

Apparently there was a ‘dried fruit boom’ in the town, thanks to the ladies who had spotted my mother’s lovely and healthy body.

For those who wanted to know how to make dried fruits, I had a recipe for them, and I was sure that anyone could make it. However, that was not the case.

Only the things I made had the proper effects.

What was different was the way that the products worked. It seems that the dried fruits I made had an immediate effect.

It depended on the type of fruit, but it could make someone’s skin smooth from the moment the person ate it, and once it was eaten, the effects could last for a week.

…this is all Cheat-san fault, even if it’s not a real person…

I gulped and swallowed saliva.

Mother said that she was able to keep this under control because she was doing her best to hide the manufacturer (me) from the ladies.

If this continues, there’s a good chance that I’ll be forced to make dried fruits for the rest of my life…

Women were scary…

I shuddered and hugged myself.

I felt like I had finally recognized my unorthodox abilities.

It seems that I would have to keep making a certain amount of dried fruits in order not to cause a riot among the ladies.

Thanks to Cheat-san, it wasn’t difficult, but I didn’t want to continue being inconvenienced like this.

That’s why I came here…

“What’s going on today?”

Looking up at me, Mira was at the desk in his room to develop magic tools.

“…Well, there’s something I want Mira to make.”

Mira sighed and then got up from his chair.

Seeing Mira coming towards me made me feel odd.

Just what was it?


Mira wrinkled his brow and stared at me with a grim expression.

“Mira, you’ve grown taller, haven’t you?”

We were about the same height not long ago, but before I realized it, I had lost a bit of weight.

“Of course. It’s a growth spurt.”

Mira gave me a dumbfounded look.

“I see…Mira is a boy after all.”

“What’s the matter with you? Why are you so gloomy today? It’s scary.”

That was just rude

You can’s just say it’s scary when someone is quiet.

“Hmm. It’s just that I’ve been so careless.”

“…You’re saying this just now?”

What do you mean by ‘just now’!?

“You’ve been doing whatever you wanted, so what’s different this time? Come sit on the couch so I can talk to you.”

He led me to the sofa and I sat down facing Mira.

“Would you like some tea?”

“Oh, I can get it?”

“No, it’s okay, because I will do it. If I leave it to Charlotte now, there’s going to be some crazy effect.”

Mira smiled wryly and returned with a tea set that was nearby.

“It’s little warm today, so I made some iced tea.”

Mira said, dropping ice into the glass, pouring the iced tea, and inserting the straw.


“Thank you.”

I accepted the iced tea and sucked on the straw.

The cold iced tea felt very refreshing and pleasant.


Mira asked as he tipped her glass.

Prompted to speak, I explained to Mira about the dried fruits.

“Ah…so that ‘phantom dried fruit’ was Charlotte’s work after all.”

Mira gave a bitter smile.

“…You knew about it?”

“Just from the rumors.”

I see…this is it, actually.”

I pulled out a small bottle of dried fruit of mosque from my pocket.

Mira immediately began to stare at the bottle.

I guess he was probably appraising it.

“…You’ve made something really crazy again, haven’t you?”

He looked away from the bottle and then stared at me with an exasperated smile.

“Eh? How did you…?”

“Um….[Dried Fruit from Mosque: It relieves fatigue, prevents high blood pressure, relieves constipation, and rejuvenates. If it doesn’t work, you can call us crazy***. Super fast-acting. You’ll never get old with this! Good-bye to what you have been, and hello to newborn baby’s skin!!]—???”


As always…what a surprise.

“Hey, what does it mean by ‘call us crazy’?  (***T/N: In all honesty, I changed the ‘call us crazy’ part because a confusing japanese term ‘call hotogisu’ was used and I didn’t know how to adapt it to English. I changed it so it more sense to readers)

“Yeah. That’s exactly what you would focus on…”

I looked at him distantly.

I wanted to go somewhere far away.

“Hey, don’t just run away from it, look at reality.”

Ugh!…It was a good argument that pierced my heart.

“You’re going to make something, right? Though I don’t know what it is…”

I remembered my original purpose and looked at Mira again.

Mira was looking at me properly.

“That’s right. I want to make an oven.”


“It’s like a machine that can make dried fruits…If I give shape to an image for you, can you make one with the same effect that you saw earlier?”

“Hmm…what do I think? I don’t know. I’ll have to make it to be sure.”

“I see. If we can make it, then I think the problem will be solved…”

“How big is it?”

Mira asked me and I thought about it.

At first I was thinking of something the size of an oven from Izumi’s world, but now I felt like something bigger would be better.

“Hmmm…A box shape about a meter long?”

“You want something that big…? I wonder if I have enough magic power.”

Mira scratched his head in annoyance.

“If you don’t have enough, I can give you mine!”

Mira looked at me with a blank look in his eyes.

“That’s right…Charlotte is beyond comprehension.”

“Mira is the same!”

“Please don’t lump see with you. Anyway, I’m going to be needing a lot of magic stones, is that okay?”

“Yes. I asked my mother, and my father gave me a lot.”

I got up from the sofa and in a corner of the room, out of the way, I turned over a small storage space bag that I had slung over my shoulder.

I’m not sure how large the storage space bag’s capacity is, but an unbelievable amount of magic stones were spilling out of it.

“Wai—that…is that a storage space bag!?”

Mira widened his eyes and stared at all the magic stones falling out.

“Yes. I got it recently from Margrave Myuuhen.”

It seemed that he was apologizing for being involved with he Silas situation. There also seemed to be an ulterior motive…but the best principle was  to take what you could get!!

My brother had told me, “Why don’t you take it?” So I decided to do just that.

It looked like a cute little bag with white lace on it, so I could carry it around as normal.

I was going to ask Mira to make me an storage space bag, but I ended up having one given to me from an unexpected source.

“You also know the Margrave…”

“Hmm. It just kind of happened.”

I smiled wryly at the stunned Mira.

“What do you mean it  just happened…?”

It really couldn’t be helped though.

As this continued, the last magic stone fell out.

By the way, in case one was wondering, thi  bag had a mechanism that allowed one to take out only what was wanted, so even if I turned it upside down, other things would not fall out.

“Is this enough?. Father said it was the magic stone of a [Horai Beast].” (***T/N: A Horai Beast is basically a Chinese Phoenix from Chinese mythology. It’s a giant bird that is said to transform from a fish)

A [Horai Beast] was a bird-like monster cloaked in flames. I chose this stone because I thought that a flam monster magic stone could be used for something like an oven.

Mira was stunned.

…Huh? Did I say something strange?

I tilted my head.


T/N: Yes, Charl. You said something strange, lol.

Phew, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this story so I apologize for that! I realize that my updates have been a little slower these past few weeks, but that will only last during this month (maybe less) while I handle some other personal/medical issues. I appreciate everyone’s patience and support! I will still be uploading pretty consistently though, so there’s no need to worry about long-term hiatuses or anything.

Please continue to stay safe and happy as the Christmas season approaches (or any other holidays that others might celebrate)!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!
    No, Charl… just now you recognize that your powers are troublemaker? Ehn…
    Well, better late than never, I guess…

    Also: hototogisu is a lesser cuckoo that is known about its sing. I guess that it should be about “a person that can just flatter”. I don’t know right now a way to put this into english, sorry.

    (Maybe, just maybe… toady)

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