Chapter 151: New Year’s Eve Spectacle

Chapter 151 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

It was few days after the havoc caused by the arrival of the beast-children and the Metro brothers.

We had gathered on the rooftop of the Eildart Castle, fully prepared to welcome the New Year’s Eve moment together.

“I’m sleepy…”

“Haa, that’s right.”

We, the little children, had already taken a nap after dinner.

But now, it was just before the date changed when we would normally be sound asleep. I was quite sleepy.

“So, Laurier-sama, what exactly are the good things that we can see at the moment of New Year’s Eve?”

“…Fufu. It’s something that Alice-sama loves.”

“Wow…Leticia doesn’t know either. I’m looking forward to it!”  (***T/N: I think Leticia is speaking third-person here)

While having such a casual conversation, the three of us rubbed at our eyes and waited excitedly for the moment.

The other children and adults were also gathered nearby, waiting for the New Year’s Eve moment.



Laurier-sama, suddenly excited, tugged at my hand. I looked in the direction she was pointing.

All around there was the same starry sky as before.

Twinkling stars in the dark blue night sky. The Milky Way was flowing differently than it did in my previous life, and it was certainly beautiful, but what was…huh—?

Yes, it was when my question came to mind.

“Eh…!? Laurier-sama—that!?”

Letitia-sama screamed out. I noticed it at the same time.

Someone’s voice echoed.

…I stared at it dreamily.

At first it was just a small dot.

However, as it reflected the moonlight and shimmered, it gradually grew closer and closer to me, and in the blink of an eye, I could see the whole thing.

It was a gigantic white dragon flying smoothly in the sky, as if it were swimming amongst the stars.

It had a wonderfully graceful shape. Its magnificent single horn and hard scales shone in the light of the moon and stars, making its overwhelmingly powerful body stand out in the dark night.

It had a long, slender body like those depicted in Asian paintings, but it also had several huge wings on its back. However, whether it was floating due to gravity-based magic or something else, its body flew through the air as if it were gliding without relying on those wings.

“It’s a strange dragon that comes to this area out of nowhere and flies along the border at the time of New Year’s Eve…I wanted to show you this.”

Laurier, who was very excited to show it, was a little anxious to know what I thought. Letitica was excited as well.

“Awesome…!! It’s amazing, I’ve never seen a dragon-type creature before!! Wow, it’s so cool…!!”

“Letitia thinks so too! I was surprised, but it’s beautiful!”

Looking at the reactions of the people around me, I saw that the adults were looking at it with admiration as if they had known about it beforehand.

The little ones were scared and surprised, but generally very excited.

The most excited one was Dav who was asking, “How does that thing fly?”

I had heard that dragons have been observed in this area since ancient times.

However, since they have never crossed the border and have never been seen attacking people, they seem to have become a sort of New Year’s Eve tradition to give people a little thrill.

There were some mysteries as to why other smaller dragons came, or why they came so close to here in the first place, but it appeared that they were not harmful.

While we were talking about this, one of the dragons that had come close to the castle raised its head high into the sky.

Then it roared.

-Arooooo Aooooo oooooh- letting out several huge ‘oohs and ahs.’

After that, it turned its body around and disappeared into the starry sky in the blink of an eye.

“…This is the first time I’ve ever seen it roar.”

Laurier-sama was a little surprised. It seemed to be a rather rare phenomenon.

However, she turned her head and appeared to regain her composure, turning around to face me and Letitia-sama.

And then she smiled quietly at the two of us who had been in a daze.

“…Thank you again for this year. Please continue to get along with me, Alice-sama and Letitia-sama.”


Her smile floated softly to her face, just  like a flower.

Letitia-sama and I looked at each other for a moment, and then we both returned the same words  at the same time, large smiles on our faces.

[Original Author’s Note] It was an early New Year’s Eve for Alice and the others. Probably from the next chapter, it will be the end of the winter vacation & the start of  the new school year.


T/N: Just one more chapter and we’ll finally be in the new arc back at the academy!

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