Chapter 70: The Fallout from the Boom (2)

Chapter 70 of “As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! (Part 1)”


I fluttered my hand in front of Mira’s eyes, who remained stunned and unmoving.

“Absolutely…completely out of the norm!”

Mira, who had been stunned, suddenly burst into laughter.

…Is he broken?

“I’m not broken.”

Eh? Did I say that out loud? -sweatdrops-

“Heh…that’s funny. Well, whatever. I’ll make it.”

Mira rubbed his eyes and wiped away his tears (of laughter) as he walked over to where I was.

…Did I say something so funny?

“Then, like this…pour your image of an ‘oven’ into this magic stone.”

“Ah…yes. I understand.”

I silently followed Mira’s instructions even though I felt a little awkward.

I sat down on the spot and held my right hand over the magic stone.

I grew an image of an oven in my head, and from there I pictured a structure specifically for making dried fruit.

What was necessary for dried fruits was [desiccation]. But I also thought that it would be good to have a [baking] function. Then it could be used for other dishes as well.

And from here, the next image is the most important.

I hope that the oven will produce the same effect even if I’m not the one making it…

I sincerely hoped for that.

Then, quite unusually, I felt a sudden loss of magic power.


I opened my eyes and tilted my head.

I checked my hands by squeezing and opening them, but…there was no sign of change, nor was I tired. There was still plenty of magic left in me.

Feeling a strange sensation, I finished the process of putting the image into my mind.

“Mira. Are you done?”

When I looked at Mira, he had an even stranger look on his face than I did.


“Charlotte…No, it’s nothing.”

Mira stopped talking halfway, then sat down just as I did in front of the magic stone, and held his hands over it.

“I’ll give you a signal if I’m running low on magic, so please take care of it then.”

Mira took a deep breath and closed his eyes after saying so.

I decided to stay close and keep watch.

Mira held out his hand and the magic stone began to melt and prepared to accept its new form.

After the melted magic stone formed a large lump, it moved around as if it was alive, and gradually took on the shape I had imagined.

No matter how many times I saw it, it was always fresh and fun.

I watched the process with a sense of excitement.

Then, one hour later.

As a result, the oven was completed without the loss of magic power that Mira had been worried about.

“It’s done…!?

I hugged Mira, who looked tired.

“Thank you! Mira is amazing!”

He had done exactly what I imagined.

Now it was just a matter of testing it out.

…Y-Yes. I understand, now…can you move away?”

Mira pushes me away with a dumbfounded look.

“I’m sorry~”

I apologize while sticking my tongue out a bit at him.

…I felt like Mira’s face was a little red, but was it hot in the room?

While paying some attention to Mira, I left the room to go get some fruit to test the oven’s performance.


In front of the door, there was Marianna with a tray.

“Excuse me, Charlotte-sama.”

Marianna held out the tray to me with a smile.

Right before me, the lemon-like pineapple-flavored ‘Repple’ and orange apricot-shaped grape-flavored ‘Armas’ were prepared in bite-sized pieces.


I rolled my eyes at the unexpected turn of events.

How did they know what I wanted…?

“…Thank you?:

I was confused and tried to take the tray, but Marianna walked into the room with it.

“Charlotte, that was fast…eh?”

Mira, who was curiously looking at the oven he had never seen before, was surprised at the unexpected appearance of Marianna.

She put the tray on the table and walked to the door, but did not leave the room, but stayed by the door.


I wondered what was going on.

This had never happened to me before…

“Please don’t mind me, both of you.”

No, no, no, no.

I’m curious.

When I glanced at Mira, he shrugged his shoulders and let it be.

I’m not sure if this was a good thing or not.


From what I had seen so far, I’m guessing that Marianna was outside the door listening to me and Mira’s conversation?

…For what purpose?

And why did she continue to stay in the room when I didn’t tell her to?

I had a feeling that it might have something to do with my brother and mother’s intentions, but their thoughts are difficult for me to understand.

I won’t be able to figure it out just by thinking about it…

So I just won’t think about it!!

And so, with Marianna’s help, I put the oven, which had been left directly on the floor, on the table.

Then, with Mira and Marianna watching over me, I opened the oven door and put the plate with the fruit in it. After closing the door, I turned the knob to turn on the oven.

Mira and Marianna stared at the inside of the oven.

Yes, yes. It’s fun to look at the inside of the oven!

By the way, this oven had a door with a handle that opened from top to bottom. The door had a handle and opens from the top to the bottom, reminiscent of an oven in my previous life. The color was black, and there were two knobs on the right side of the oven.

The top knob was for “desiccation” and the bottom knob was for “baking.” You could set the time by turning the knobs. The baking time was set automatically, so the oven judged when the timing was just right and baked everything for you.

Since there was no electricity in this world, I made a space in the back where I could put in the magic stone. Of course, the magic stones were from the Phoenix Beast.

Now I have an oven that doesn’t need electricity!!!

I was the one who imagined it, but…I think Mira’s ability to create this was also extraordinary.

I wasn’t going to tell him, because I’m sure he’d get mad if I did, but…


Oh, while I was thinking about this, the oven seemed to have finished.

I hurriedly opened the oven door.

I took the plate out of the oven, and out came some nice, glossy, dried fruit.

Oh. This is good, isn’t it?!?

“Mira. Will you appraise it for me?”

I held the plate out in front of Mira…


There was no response.


Mira and Marianna both stared at the dried fruit on the plate in silence.


I called out to them and waved my hand in front of them, but they didn’t respond.

I didn’t  know why, but I felt like this was the only reaction I was getting out of people today.


I put a thin slice of Repple into their mouths.

Immediately, the slice was sucked into their mouths.

Oh…They ate it.

As soon as they did, their eyes widened.


The two of them stumbled around as if in agony.

I’m scared…

Regardless of the effect, I was positive that it should taste like a normal dried fruit. I didn’t think it could be that bad…

I looked at them from a distance and put the Repple in my own mouth as well.

“Th-This is—!!”


T/N: Hello my friends! I am sorry for the late posting of this chapter. There were a bunch of private family matters that I was going through over this past month, but now into the new year, I should have more time so updates should be more frequent. I appreciate everybody’s understanding!

I also hope everybody had a Merry Christmas and soon a Happy New Years! Translating these novels wouldn’t be nearly as fun without all of you! ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

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