Chapter 152: The New Einzschutt Household

Chapter 152 of “Mastering Magic in an Otome Game Part 4 (Eildart Castle During Winter Break)”

A few days later, after enjoying the New Year’s Eve festivities and exchanging greetings, I had gotten some rest.

We decided to leave Eildart Castle and return to the royal capital ahead of the others.

Once we were leaving the castle, we were seen off by the entire Einschutt family, as well as Leticia-sama who was staying a little longer, and the two beast-children who had become part of her entourage.

Compared to the time when Laurier-sama was all alone, this was truly a large improvement. Their expressions were cheerful.

The parents’ were all saying things like, “I can’t wait for the summer social season,” and “Yes…I’ll be waiting to hear about your daughter’s progress, okay?” and “Ah…I’ll do my best.” Laurier-sama was sandwiched between her mother and Leticia-sama, holding hands and smiling.

However, there was one child who was squirming.

Of course, it was Meryl.

“Wah…the fluffy~…”

“Hey, Meryl, you can’t cry in public like this.”

It seems that Meryl was very jealous that Laurier was accompanied by Judith, Lucia, and Lansley, the golden wolf tribe aides.

When they had asked Margrave Euclid if they could become aides, Meryl had been there beside him and it was here first time seeing a beast-child up close…

Her eyes had instantly lit up and she shouted “I also want a wolf as an aide!!” as she approached the beast children…it was rejected.

In addition to the shock of this, combined with the stress of the recent changes in the family dynamics, Meryl cried at what seemed to be the loudest volume of her life.

She cried and cried and cried, to the point where she didn’t even notice that she was being hugged and comforted by her older sister, Laurier-sama, whom she had looked down upon.

Hearing the conversation between the two sisters…the Margrave Euclid was holding back the tears in his eyes.

“Meryl is more honest and charming than I am. So, if you study hard and go to the academy, you will definitely find a wonderful aide.”


“Really…But you have to learn to be patient and considerate.”

“…I understand. Meryl will definitely get a fluffy one for her entourage…!!”

“Yeah. I’m looking forward to it.”


“…Good girl, good girl.”

That’s how it was…To be honest, I cried a little too.

Somehow, it felt as if they were truly sisters. I think the words “how precious…” may have spilt from my mouth.

Laurier-sama, who evolved as an older sister, was practically at a divine level, and Meryl, who had looked down on her, was the first to see her as something that she should work hard to surpass.

It was the moment when the existence of a beast-children had saved the world.

This was how I parted ways with the Peach and Purple duo, and left with the Heimer family on the road.

The beast-children who had not become aides of the Peach and Purple duo, the Metro brothers, the Vergil brothers, and my aides and family all returned to the upper mansion of the royal capital.

I had wanted to bask in the memories of my lovely winter trip, but I quickly locked myself in my room…

To start, I began to examine the art of lettering of the tarot cards.

[Original Author’s Note] This was the first step. This was the end of Part 4, which can be considered as the ‘discovery of tarots’ and the ‘resolution of the Einschutt family.’

Next begins the new semester and new research in part five! I wish you all the best, and I hope to see you all soon!


T/N: Honestly, Laurier is a way better older sister than I ever could be. I love my younger sibling to death (we’re BFFs), but part of that is due to him being a literal angel–unlike Meryl… But that said, I’m still happy about the character progress between the two!

I am sorry for the late posting of this chapter. There were a bunch of private family matters that I was going through over this past month, but now into the new year, I should have more time so updates should be more frequent. I appreciate everybody’s understanding!

And with that, it’s a wrap for Part 4: Eildart Castle During Winter Break! The next chapter will be the start of Part 5: What I’ve Waited For All Along so I hope you’ll all enjoy it! I also hope everybody had a Happy New Year! All the best to you~

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